Citizen Joe / Various / Rollin'

Rollin smooth

Flows real nice. Get images of driving up the california coast along side the ocean on highway 1. Very nice. Put this song on and head on down the road. Good luck with all you guys do. Really good tune.


Your music is great and is deep keep it up and you'll be going places you never really thought you would be going and i dont think it will take you anytime at all because the music/product speaks for itself so all you really need to do is stay focused and consistent and all that you strive for will come ten fold in no time but i really dig the tracks so ill appreciate it if you keep me posted for any future songs/videos you put out but all in all man keep it up and im liking what im hearing

Good Driving Tune!

Great sounding guitar and a high energy tune! This would be a good live tune as well I think! Nice harmony work win the chorus, as well as moving guitar line getting out of the chorus to! Nice Guitar solo!

hi !

I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!! I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!!

Let's not be Petty

Sounds a lot like a Tom Petty song. The vocals were good but drowned out by the music. The lyrics fit this song style and loved the harmonica spots in the song. The music was very good and to me was the highlight. You might want to consider doing like a Tom Petty tribute band. I thought you were that close to Petty's voice and his mannerisms. All in all I really liked this song and give you a good job Sponge Bob~

nice ballad

hello , this is a nice ballad that you have here ! , it s well produced well played , its just maybee few weelness in the lead guitar from time to time but i'm not shure this is very relevant , its just as i am a guitar player myself i noticed . Anyway good song keep goin !

Es un buen tema

Me ha gustado mucho este tema. Es un rock fresco. El sonido y la producción están muy bien. Me ha gustado la introdución con armónica y guitarras acústicas. También está muy bien la voz del vocalista perfectamente acompañada por los coros. Genial el solo de guitarra eléctrica a mitad de la canción. El tema tiene fuerza y vitalidad y termina de nuevo con la armónica. Mucha suerte!

Rollin and Toe Tappin

I love harmonica so this is right up my alley. A nice alt-country vibe. Simple production showcases the songwriting. Drums have a nice sound to them. Unique vocal sound for this genre. Definitely a toe-tapper. This is a track I'd definitely listen to again. My one criticism is that it's maybe a bit long. The bridge "woah" part could be cut in half. Overall I think it's a really good track.


Love Love their sound.. mix of Country Rock A Billy for sure... Gets my mind frizzled and happy. Good sound and would definitely stay for hours listening to these guys. Fun sound and keeps my blood pumping


This is a very catchy song. It's a great catch putting the harmonica early. It's my favorite hook of the song. Great solo on guitar in the middle of the song. Great song writing! I feel like either driving or chillin on a patio and sipping sweet tea while I listen to this joint!

Country Rock with a Twist tells a Story

This song begins with a tasty harmonica intro, great acoustic guitar and gripping vocals. More of a country rock song similar to early Eagles and Lynrd Skynrd, Citizen Joe fuses country rock with traditional country lyrics. Nice, fun blend of music with a twist that will appeal to all ages. Nice arrangement, tasty guitar licks and good story. Citizen Joe is a winner. Nice guitar solo, very much like Joe Walsh and Gary Rossington.


Nice tune. I really enjoyed the acoustic vibe. Nice mix on the recording and as a guitar player I enjoyed the acoustic work and the tasty guitar solo. I look forward to hearing more from you guys. Good work!

Keep it Rollin

Love the start with that harmonica. It's got overtones of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Really good electric guitar solo too. Piano and drums keep that rhythm going. Also like the yeah yeah yeah placed with the bridge. Good sound for sure.

Review of Rollin'

"Tom Petty"-sounding voice. :). Well produced song and an easy to remember hook. The playing is well done and the guitar solo is Perfect for the song. It sounds as if this song has a hit-potential.

Take Me Back Rollin

First, let me say I really, really like this song, If I could put it in perspective, it reminds of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Allman Brothers Band all wrap in one. CJ Band, there's no question you are right up there with the best of the best. This song has a very easy feeling, going thru life's trials, one day at a time and rolling down life's mountain, as one picking up speed from the lessons learned. The lead vocals, harmonica, lead guitar and all the rest play together and fit just like a glove.
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