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Finnest House from Africa ;)

About CHELLAS STUDIOS Name Alex Dx MANAGER AT CHELLAS STUDIOS. We bring you the nice Music that you never had in your life. MALEVELS album it's ready for you world ???? to play thank you for your support will soon add the link to buy the music here stay tune on Music we Trust.

your song

Hi Chellas Studios Team, thank you so much for sending me your song for review, wow, what a groovy song, what a power! I like the song, very unusual way for that type of dancing music. Great percussions and synths grooves which makes of the song a great dancing tune, I have a feeling though that there is a type of distortion in the recording but that makes my opinion of the song to change, I find your music production very well done and very powerful, keep it up. Alfredo from King Mambo, Germany


Great start to this song and a great word description of dancing is Squiggling fantastic rhythm and percussion to start the involuntary movement of the head fingers and thumbs clicking in anticipation of someone jogging across the ballroom to invite you on to the dance floor. With this beat in your body how could turn that invitation down. Two brilliant vocals maybe three synchronised to the heat and certainly the rhythm of the dance. Great for a workout and gymnasium routine. Fabulous

Awesome ????

the two reason why I asked you to give me your music thank you for sending us I want to thank you for sharing. Jeans they created keep on Blessing other people doing the stand time. Hope you had a wonderful week. Paul mechanic near listen to Narita freestyle

I like the beat.

Nice Disco flavour tune. I even enjoy the beat production, arrangement is great. I should listen to the song direct in studio for quality purpose, now I'm using my mobile phone to listen. I'll send a message after listening to the quality of the song but I like the production.
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