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"Heaven" is well worth the wait

When I first came to Number One Music I found a number of musicians with a lot of talent here. However, only a precious few truly captivated me. Chazz Wesley was one of those artists. His songs are old school and his vocal delivery is classic Country Western all the way. Chazz hasn't been very active on this site in recent months and I noticed that. I didn't know if he was working on something new or was just busy with life. Well, now we know exactly what he's been up to and this new song of his, "I know You've Gone to Heaven" is well worth the wait. From the honey sweet and slow tempo, to the soft piano melody, the sincere heart felt lyrics about love and redemption are what this song is all about. The predominant undertone of this song is as if Chazz has somehow channeled George Jones and Merle Haggard simultaneously, but made it all his own. The smooth honkey tonk melody with that lonesome pedal steel paints a solemn tableau about a man who has changed his ways, but just a li'l too late for the love of his life to witness it. But then again, it's never too late in God's world for forgiveness and Chazz Wesley reminds us of this in the most beautiful way with his song.

I Know You've Gone to Heaven

Hi Chazz..Finally got around to listening to the songs on N1M. Came upon yours, and wow what a beautiful song. Love the musical instruments, and their blending, and the words to the song are absolutely beautiful. Good luck with things, and I look very much forward to listening to more of your music. Cheers

i Know You've Gone to Heaven

WOWL!! when I first heard the beginning of this song I said sounds like Merle Haggard.. and brought some good old country memories and feelings I felt from Virginia. This song is a true country song which we don't hear a lot any more.. seems like folks are tying to change the country twang to more pop and not true country. How refreshing to hear this beautiful song Chazz.

Kenneth Warner

KEEP up the great work and keep the songs coming I really enjoyed your song and keep on reaching for the stars and never give up on your dreams and check out my single Love that lasts a lifetime and our Band Suthern Accent Band

A true country song

Wow. What an awesome country song. Very well written and the delivery was spot on Chazz absolutely owns this song. I a world full of pop country and country rap its refreshing to hear someone actually write and and sing a true country song. Give this one a listen, you'll be glas you did

Heart In Heaven

What a song to reach heaven! In many ways this song is so current even with the country vibe it causes listeners to sit up and hear the lyrics because it touches the hearts of all who greive the loss of a Beloved of His Own Ones. Certanily this son will take a place in the Chart of Great Hits in The Country Christian Music Genre. The music rendered by the string instruments is what plucks the heartstrings! The low chords on the keyboard/harmonium bring it all to a heady mix that stirs my Spirit to be set alight with enduring Hope that I will see my Beloved Ones again. Stunning in it's simplicity!

I Know You've Gone to Heaven

I'm not really a (real country music fan) but you have some neat lyrics the chorus and verses are (really heartfelt)...enjoyed them , made me feel like you're feeling remorseful after soul searching !

Nice song

Nice song good vocals very nice real country.its good to hear great music and something thats real not just about beaches and drinking! keep on going with great music you should buy this track!


Very Original Voice.. I like it...a Great Country Sound.. It was a nice surprise and starts My Day on positive note..I got a feeling that You put "a piece of Your Heart to the Vocal"..the problem is that what a "Big People" in the Music industry will say..try to pitch it to AM / FM Radio and Music Publishers and let's see what They Will say..I will listen more of Your songs something tells me that You have something better.. I wish You Good Luck.. Great Job...

a great song by a super voiced singer and music that never misses a beat

The second time around I hear a Johnny Paycheck hint of something special coming in the next line and it keeps the listner craving for more. It is one of those songs you don't want to end. The music is right on time and adds to the song as it builds up the story. Form the first note to the end you can tell it certainly is a professional singing this song, and a professionally cut tune. The message in the song is clear and builds up to a great ending. I would certainly reccomend this song without reservation. It is a good overall great country tune more in the line of country traditional than most tunes you hear today. Great job, and I am wondering if the artist wrote this tune? It is sang with that true to life heart felt feeling.

Traditional with a strong voice.

I like the acoustic intro and accompianment. A heartfelt song and a good payoff in the chorus. It put a smile on my face because who hasn't felt similar feelings. Nice modulation after the first chorus. In verse two I was waiting for examples of what she went through. Hard times, cheating, a lost child or job? Just some examples, it's always better to show than tell. Try to draw pictures in our minds that lead us to the payoff. Anyway, good effort, great title, work on showing not telling in the verses.

I Know You've Gone to Heaven

Hi Chazz. Very nice song bro. About the only thing I would have issue with is purely theological. I don't allow myself to write songs that are theologically wrong even if they sound nice and warm fuzzy. The Bible says that there is only one way to get to heaven; and that is to trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour AND Lord. If one is concerned about what Jesus thinks about our creations, I believe that they must reflect the truth of Jesus. I think it is an awesome classical country song full of "good stuff." Well played instrumentals, great country voice, appropriate vocal harmonies, good flowing story line, and great mixing. Keep making our craft look and sound great. :) Blessings, Trev :)

Classic Country

This is a well produced, well crafted classic Country Song. For me it's a bit too classic. There is nothing new or surprising about this song, nor the melody neither the lyric. I'm also missing a bit more emotional depth in the lyric, there is not much more than the typical funeral cliches. In my opinion you have to reduce your audience to tears when singing about funerals. I also was asking myself who is he singing about, who's the one who died? I only can assume that it is an ex-wife or ex girl friend, but it is somehow vague. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad song, it's a nice song and will have an audience, but for me it's not outstanding.

The "Real Deal" country and what it needs to come back to.

AWESOME SONG! Country the way it needs to come back to. This 'kid" delivers it, too! I say "kid" simply because I've known him for 25+ years and played bass for him many times. All I can say is if you like real country music "DAMN THIS IS GOOD STUFF!" Good stuff, Chazz!

I Know You've Gone to Heaven by Chazz Wesley

I Know You've Gone to Heaven by Chazz Wesley is a well written '90's style country ballad with a good story and great hook. The story develops well and draws you in to wanting to hear where it's going. It takes a nice twist once you've been drawn in. The song touches emotions that most folks can easily identify with. Chazz delivers this song in a classic country baritone voice that carries authentic emotion without excessive ornamentation. The production is professional and the arrangement supporting the story very well designed providing an effective backdrop without getting in the way of the story. Chazz hits the bullseye on this one.
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