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Week 38, 2023

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  • 1
    I’m so icy - Big SHOT Shane
    Hip Hop / Rap
  • 2
    The Slicer - Disco Music - Airomee Wind - Causeway
  • 3
    Pieces Rob Thomas - Taylor Waldron
  • 4
    Things like this - Big SHOT Shane
    Hip Hop / Rap
  • 5
    We all die - Big SHOT Shane
    Hip Hop / Rap
    Signature review:

    Five star general

    Title: "(we all die)" by Big Shot Shane - A Musical Masterpiece Straight from Salt Lake City!

    With ... more
    Title: "(we all die)" by Big Shot Shane - A Musical Masterpiece Straight from Salt Lake City!

    With relentless energy, Big Shot Shane takes the rap game by storm in "(we all die)", his latest offering from the vibrant streets of Salt Lake City, Utah. This track is a true musical masterpiece, effortlessly combining captivating rhythms, impeccable rhyme schemes, and an infectious flow.

    From the moment the beat drops, the listener is engulfed in a sonic wave of pulsating bass and smooth melodic samples. The rhythm remains steady throughout, complementing Shane's flawless cadence and allowing his words to shine. The production quality is top-notch, showcasing the artistry behind the song.

    Shane's lyrical prowess shines brightly. His rhymes are cleverly crafted, painting vivid pictures of life's struggles, aspirations, and triumphs. He effortlessly weaves a compelling storyline, drawing listeners in with his relatable lyrics that explore the complexities of the human experience.

    The flow on display is unparalleled. Big Shot Shane effortlessly rides the beat with an infectious energy, expressing raw emotions and thought-provoking ideas. His mastery of internal rhymes and seamless transitions keeps listeners captivated from start to finish.

    The mix on "(we all die)" is pristine, with each element expertly balanced. The vocals are crystal clear, allowing every word to be heard and understood. The beats and instrumentals are thoughtfully mixed to create a mesmerizing soundscape that enhances the overall listening experience.

    But what truly sets this track apart is the seamless mix breakdown that showcases Big Shot Shane's versatility. The switch-ups and breaks keep listeners on their toes, revealing his ability to flow flawlessly over a variety of beats, maintaining excitement throughout the entirety of the track.

    In conclusion, "(we all die)" is an exceptional song that showcases Big Shot Shane's talent as an artist. From the infectious rhythm, masterful rhymes, engaging storyline, and dynamic cadences, every aspect of this track is carefully crafted and executed to perfection. Listeners will find themselves drawn into Shane's world, reflecting on the universal truths and embracing the powerful energy that he brings to the table.
    Regards Dogz One Kill Or Die Music less

  • 6
    Texas Bound - John Bingham
    Country Rock / Country
  • 7
    Nothing I Can Do - Sаrik Соmbо
  • 8
    Swarm - Nate Collinsworth
    Instrumental / Jazz
  • 9
    Swiss Cheese’d Up featuring YellaBoi - C.H.I.
    Hip Hop
  • 10
    Mia Goth (Shoegaze Mix) - Vybrant Kiss
    Psychedelic Rock / Indie Pop
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