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Great county hurtin' tune


You do not automatically think of the United Kingdom as a country music kind of place, but this song is in the classic country tradition of love gone bad and a hurtin' heart. Worth the listen.

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Real Country from The UK!?!

You bet your boots it is! The Cropdusters track "My Whole World Is Turnin Blue" rolls into what I would affectionalty call a "Johnny Cash Lost Track"... it's that good. I listened to it a number of times before I wrote this. I'm from Texas and I can honestly say these guys sounded like the guys playing in Nashville, or Houston.. Kidd you not, the sounds of broken heartedness drip from the track. Any man that cannot identify with this song has not truely loved and lost. It's a beast of a song intertwining heart ache with classic country sounds that could be heard on Opry Radio. Not to mention the uncanny Johnny Cash growl in his voice...Give this track a whirl and thank God you either remember a girl who did you wrong and are past it or if you currently are with this girl.... know there is a country song here that's calling to you. SG

United States, Arizona, Tucson

Good Music


In some ways, music is a lot like literature. It can be pleasing, enlightening, even life-changing. A great song,like a great book, affects the listener in unanticipated ways and resonates long after the music has ceased. And, if done well, both music and literature have a rhythm and tone unique to their authors; you wouldn't confuse a passage from a Charles Dickens novel with one fromaHarry Potterbook, nor would you mistake a verse from "A Hard Day's Night" for one from a Lady Gaga song.But how do you describe your favorite song? How do you put its melody into words or explain the beauty of its chords? How do you begin to describe the emotions that it provokes in you?As the maxim goes, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." In other words, despite the similarities between literature and music, conveying sound through text is a challenge,even for the most talented of writers.

Jamaica, Kingston



This is a very nice and a unique song it was well put together unique sound stay creative and stay who you are I hope this been helpful for you have a great and blessed day if you have more songs I would like to hear more of your music.

United States, California, Every Where

Cool ????


I love the texture of the music. It's clear and groovy. I can relate to the music. Its like the feeling of dreaming but then you have to face reality. Almost nostalgic....I appreciate your music. Keep the hits Coming ????????????????

United States

Nice engineering


What's nopt to love about a pedal steel guitar? Nice use of arrangement ... maybe a little more six string lead ... in the chorus I would bring the background vocals up somewhere equal to the lead vocal for emphasis and contrast ... song form very conventional old school country that is all but dead today unfortunately ..... maybe a third "hook" / coda part to add a little more diversity and interest .... overall though nice recording.

United States, Florida, Clearwater



If you like your music with a "throwback" Country flavor then thsi will please you art least a bit. The musical track is very older Country flavored. fiddles, steel guitars...sounding like it just came out of Studio B at Capitol from days gone by. The Lyrics are a bit rough around the edges and could stand some polish..but they work with the melody reasonably well. The singer does not have "Country" voice and that detracts a bit from the feel of the piece as a whole package. "My Whole World Is Turning Blue" is not the greatest song to come around...but its not awful either...It has its potential audience but don't expect it on Billboard's Chart anytime soon. All-In-All....a worthwhile attempt a contemporary Country but unless "throwback" is what you love it will likely leave you flat!

United States, Florida, Fort Myers



Love it i am listening right now, at first the name alone got me buzzing, but after listening to it i love it keep up the good work and keep bringing that lovely enchantment to this wonderful sight god bless

St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Mt. St. George, Tobago

Solid Classic Country.


This is definitely classic mainstream country. Along the lines of good ol' Nelson. The tracks are basically right in there. The backup voices well done, and the oo's behind the short lead well done. If you want to "things to adjust" The transition into the 2nd lead parts are rather oddly timed and the first fill very short, look into that structure. The drums sound a bit mechanical in this part also, don't think the drum set sound really fits the song overall, a less "poppy" bass drum would better suit the song, same with the snare. However, all in all everything is right where it should be. Make sure that lead guitar is twanging and pops out a bit more. Super plus'es for the well place and sounding steel guitar and background vocals, and well sung lead vocals. One of the better classic country songs I've heard in a while.

United States, California, Santa Barbara

Some kind of Country Music from Europe


Country Music fans can be found everywhere outside of the US, especially in Great Britain - remember Albert Lee and more recently Mark Knopfler. My whole World is Turning Blue is a nice Country Music tune, with an acoustic feel, guitar, piano and pedal steel, though you can easily guess it was not recorded in Nashville. The voice sounds a little bit too lazy or tired, and the mix should not let us hear those stiff drums (sounds more like a rhythm box... ) so loud. A good song all in all, old style Country Music without a doubt, but could be treated better .

France, Paris

Acoustic joy


My whole world is turning by Charley and the Cropdusters is an utter delight. Its country at its best and is brought beautifully to life here. Its dynamic, soulful and ryhthmic in equal measure.

United Kingdom, Derby

Some wicked country music


This is a good example of classic country songwriting more retro than most of what you'd here these days...maybe more period from the 70's, like something from Urban Cowboy. The instruments are played well, but I think the mix could be a little more fine tuned if a modern sound is gonna be achieved. If there is a weaker link, it's that the lead vocal is not compelling to me. It's not bad, it just doesn't grab me as recorded. Please understand that this is just a subjective opinion from a guy based in Nashville and I'm not the do-all end-all for opinions..

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

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