The little green valley - Jepther"Luciano Messenjah" McClymont OD

The little green valley - Jepther"Luciano Messenjah" McClymont OD

The little green valley

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Thank you for sharing your talent... I feel blessed to know you in this life...Keep your music alive... It sounds great and I feel your heart and soul in all that you do and share with the world.... blessings

United States, New York, New York


Thank you for sharing your music I really like this song is very unique and creative very clear vocals. I listened to all types of music growing up continue to take chances...And nev stop going to the next level .. Please keep me posted on any music that you may have.. Have a great day and please stay in touch and enjoy your weekend...And may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors..

United States, California, Every Where

The little green valley

He needed to be taken there to the little green valley where lot of things thear waiting for him he hear macking birds singingin the green valley thears lot of joy there he going to leave all that he and go to the green valley

Jamaica, Portmore

Green Valley

Listen with the ear of Nature's Love in your own Soul and you will find the essence of the Song. If you are sojourning life you should observe your own path and that of the world and identify the differences and similarities. Luciano

Jamaica, Kingston

Sounding like Luciano

I like this track it reminiscing of the good days when reggae music was music, the vocals are on point the rhythm is bouncing as it should be and I think it will do well, much respect Cedar Valley Records Jah Bless

United States, New York, Bronx

Good job

This song is catchy, good dance song however, a dance has to be created to show what different level is to the dancehall patron. The dance has to be unique, catchy and so a video has to come out with the song at the same time. The mix and rhythm is good. Just listening to the song alone, you are not getting what J-Star is conveying as to what different

Sweden, Stockholm


wow this is funky latin pop with a great reggae feeling to it this is amazing and Wonderfull tones from Sweden Stockholm it is so nice I can't wait to get the new album or at least I hope they will come out 3with some new music following up to this....great songs wow this is something I truly recommend people to listen to essi tassa

Norway, oslo

The little vreen valley

I'm listening this song for the first time and i was actually singing along wbile it was playing. It's smooth and catchy. Its a good one i rate everything about it. Big up yourself and keep on doing good music.

Jamaica, Kingston

Great Song

A Messenger flavor reggea at its height just a song that encourage you to listen. I like the mix the snare pronounce bass line yea up. Keep uo the goid work and continue to do good reggea music its a good look yes

Cedar review

A great sound song and artist. These are the sounds and standards that set the pace in the reggae music industry. Cedar valley records are among the high flyers in the music industry and will continue to produce the highest quality in reggae music with that full round sound that reggae music is. I instantly recognize the artist as he is a well known internationally. Some great tracks worthy of attention from all who listen and tune in to Cedar Valley Records.

United Kingdom, Hornchurch

I Herd A Mockingbird

This Song Was A Good Idea. J Love The Band, & The Vocalist. Reggae Ideas, & Great Back Up. Good Presintation. Good Production...It Gives Me Concelation...I Will Find Sunshine.Added To My Playlist..Good Job.

United States, Texas, Houston


Yaw mi breddah wah gwaan !! JAH LOVE PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILLY ANYWEH !! Hold on the faith and stay strong !! Haile selassie the first around the world for bring the peace and love for everyone alive and dead !!! As usual, when i pass here or buy your page, i always can listen supa nice reggae music everytime ;) It's really nice and amazing to seesome sweden people working hard in reggae music :) REGGAE MUSIC IS LIFE !!! RASTAFARAY FI DI LYFE THO !!! JAH BLESS FROM FRANCE & Wish yuh di betta tings fi di future ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 - Jah's Soldier Production

France, Paris

The Little Green Valley

I loved the track and it also got me reminiscing about the green of the valley in Jamaica. the singer also of the track sounded like Luciano. He sounded like a replica of Luciano which gave me the onus to listen to the full track, keep up the good musical and lyrical apt content of your material. You will go far, wow sounded so much like Luciano.

United Kingdom, Manchester

Green Valley review

The song is solid with great vocals. I was impressed with the production and sound quality. The singer tone reminds me of Luciano which is very unique. Reggae dub production is on point and the track can be played loud and is clean. The whisle sound fit the song great surprisingly. Least favorite element is the electric guitar lead lick could do with out it but the other guitar is awesome all twangy. In any case the track is strong and solid. Great Vocals and production.

United States, California, San Francisco


Yes!! This is that country vibe that seems to be the missing link on main stream radio air waves. This is that refreshing sound. Keep at it keep making thiss great music to share with us all.

Jamaica, Negril

nice tune

this tune the little green valley by vedar valley records is really nice with very chilled and relaxed vibes! nice one! true sunny reggae vibes brings this song! enjoyed listening it! bring us some more vibesss!

Croatia (Hrvatska), Zagreb

The little green valley

This is beautiful, love the Voice the instrumentals, love the old school vibe, the message in it, beautiful and touching, the Voice wowwww. Keep up the good work my brother will definitely support, welldone family

South Africa, Cape Town

The little green valley

Great tune!! powerful and soothing on the vocal. The mix is very good...just right to listened to while driving down the high ways or just chilling in the park. Keep up the good works... more blessings.

United States, Florida, Tampa

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