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Shacka Delly

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Adebayo’s Inspiration Girl is a melodious love song about the beautiful lady who inspires him. He paints the picture of a well-mannered, reserved lady who inspires him to greatness. Adebayo is a Pop/R&B artiste. Raised in Lagos before moving to Russia, he is now based in the UK where he is making waves and getting accolades from top shots in the British Music scene. Adebayo has been fine-tuning his craft and getting better and better while making music and promoting underground. Makinde Adebayo is from Ondo State. He lists BoysIIMen, Plantashun boiz and John Legend as his musical influences. Inspiration girl is one single off his EP (Which he describes as the best thing to happen to music). He decided to share it with his fans because he believes there’s no better time to take his rightful place in the music industry.


Audio Engineer Composer DJ Mastering Mixing
The engine behind Cedar Valley Productions

Jungle Green

Cedar Valley official backing band for featured artists on live shows.

Alistaire "AlexDi1" McCalla

Songwriter Vocalist
Vocalist from TOK, the dancehall group from Kingston, Jamaica. The group consisted of Alistaire "AlexDi1" McCalla, Roshaun "Bay-C" Clarke, Craig "Craigy T" Thompson, and Xavier "Flexx" Davidson. They started their band in 1996, and announced its dissolution in 2015. T.O.K. was described as "the world's greatest dancehall-reggae boy band" by The New York Times in 2004. They were best known for such hits as "Footprints", "Gal You Ah Lead", "Eagles Cry", "Guardian Angel", "Money 2 Burn", "She's Hot", "Hey Ladies", "The Voice" and "I Believe".

Wayne Silverback

Audio Engineer
Demon Composers

Raven Reii

Dancer DJ Rapper Songwriter Vocalist
“Performing came naturally just like singing, songwriting and producing.” RAVEn Raven is not your archetypical girl next door. She comes packaged with an array of skills beyond the average. She’s a singer that commands her own band, graphically designs, an amazing pencil artist, plays instruments and shaves off her hair occasionally just for the heck of it. This 5’6 sexy blonde has a great sway for the arts. Her vocal skills are a revelation of a woman ready to come out and her look is very edgy. Her life story could be a best seller book and yet beyond the surface of her enigmatic body of tattoos , lies a kind hearted humble girl that suffers the passion of music. “At the age of 6 I already understood songs and music both Swedish and English so I knew I wanted to be an international artist...!”  She was born in a family of artists in the suburbs of Stockholm’s Southside. A musical father who spent evenings in the basement with his guitar and drums, a mother with an interior designer skill and a brother that preferred the rap game. This is the introduction of Raven to the cutthroat business we call the industry. Ready or not, she’s already set her foot in through the crack...

Barrington Gray

Business Manager Music Publishing Record Label
I am the Artist/Business manager for Cedar Valley Records I will listen to some of your material and see how we can go forward. My number is +46 70 488 5504

Michael Paul Palmer

Songwriter Vocalist
Michael Palmer (born 1960), also known as Palma Dog, is a Jamaican reggae musician who released several albums in the 1980s. Biography Born in the Maxfield Park area of Kingston in 1960,[1] Palmer began his career performing with sound systems such as Stereophonic Sound with General Echo in the late 1970s, taking inspiration from the success of his neighbour Leroy Smart.[2] The shooting death of Echo and Stereophonic's owner Big John in 1980 was a blow to Palmer's career.[3] His debut single, "Mr Landlord" (1975), recorded for producer Oswald Thomas was not successful, and it was not until a couple of years later when he found success with "Smoke the Weed", recorded at Channel One, and with producer Jah Thomas on tracks such as "Ghetto Dance" and "Different Love".[2] He went on to work with a variety of producers including George Phang, Sugar Minott, Prince Jammy, and Joseph Hoo Kim, and enjoyed a number one single in Jamaica in 1984 with the Phang-produced "Lick Shot".[2][3] He also performed at the Reggae Sunsplash festival that year.[4] His recordings led to a series of mid-1980s albums, including split albums with Frankie Jones, Frankie Paul, Johnny Osbourne, and Kelly Ranks. Palmer moved into production, achieving success with Neville Brown's "Haul and Pull Up", and returned to recording himself in the early 1990s, with singles such as "Juggling" and "Everyone Makes Love".[2] After being advised to give up singing due to vocal problems, Palmer moved to the United States and was out of the music industry for almost 20 years.[5] Palmer returned to music in the 21st century, performing in the US, and released new music in 2017.[5]. Michael Palmer has teamed up with his new manager Barrington Gray, Cedar Valley Records (Sweden) and producer/engineer Andre "Tripple T" Daley (Jamaica) the magician behind some of the Exterminator Label most memorable mixes, a number of new tracks will be released in 2018 by this team. Discography Lickshot (1982), Power House Star Performer (1984), Tonos Pull It Up Now (1985), Greensleeves Angella (1984), Vista Sounds Showdown vol. 4 (1984), Hitbound/Empire - with Frankie Jones Double Trouble (1985), Greensleeves - with Frankie Paul Ghetto Living (1985), Bebo's I'm So Attractive (1985), Jammy's Sweet Daddy (1985), Black Scorpio We Rule (1985), Power House Michael Palmer Meets Kelly Ranks at Channel One (1985), Dancefloor Wicked (1985), Vibes & Vibes - with Johnny Osbourne Showcase - I'm Still Dancing (198?), Midnight Rock Joint Favourites (1986), Greensleeves - with Half Pint Where Is That Love (2018), Cedar Valley Records

Owen"Juggler Knibbs

Songwriter Vocalist
If there is one thing that has remained constant in the life of Owen Knibbs, it is his passionate love affair with music. One could say it was inevitable that he would fall in love as his mother initiated him through the many parties she hosted in her backyard. Growing up in Mount Salem, Montego Bay with his three sisters and nine brothers there was no time for boredom, not with Mama Granty’s music to entertain! His love and appreciation for music were finally put to the test in 1974 when he got his first taste of the stage. He gave a powerful rendition of Tinga Stewart’s winning festival song 'Play Di Music' …and at that moment he found his calling after hearing the mad applause. From then on Knibbs never missed an opportunity to showcase his talent whether, at church concerts, community shows or at school events. It is said that birds of a feather flock together and that proved true when Knibbs met Martin Reid while attending St James High. With both sharing the same passion for music, they started performing as the duo Ista and Billy Dread. Knibbs got a chance to showcase his talent on a bigger level when his classmate brother promoted a dance with several top named artists, including Sister Nancy and Early B. Knowing every performance count, Knibbs put his all in it. It resulted in him earning Early B’s respect. Early B was so impressed with his Knibbs talent he tried to get permission to take him to Kingston. His mother would have none of it, but that didn’t stop Knibbs from performing in and around St James until in 1982 when fortune again smiled on him. A school friend, Leon, heard the cassette playing with himself, Early B and Bruck Back and thought it sounded good. He made a copy and took it back to Kingston with a promise to send back for him. A few months later Knibbs was finally in Kingston - in Havanna, Arnett Gardens. It was there he met artists such as Eek-A-Mouse and Squidley Ranks, along with influential promoters and producers whose networking saw him linking with Barrington Levy among others. Things never worked out the way Knibbs had hope so he returned to St James. That experience set the foundation for some of the other breaks that would come later. After completing school, the more mature and even more determined, Knibbs returned to Kingston in 1985. Two years later Knibbs hit the jackpot through his first and only single produced by his friend Virgo at Aquarius Studio in Half-Way Tree, entitled "Juggler". He penned the song while in school with the inspiration coming from the struggles of poor people around him. Juggler proved more prophetic than he knew as others tried to ‘juggle’ from his and Virgo’s creative work. This resulted in him and Virgo throwing in the towel and walking away from the recording scene. Knibbs migrated in the early 90s and although he discontinued recording, he kept in touch with the music through shows promotions and sound systems, until one night he played his own recording 'Juggler' and Jah Mikey asked him who sang it. When he realized it was Knibbs' own recording, he encouraged him to go back in the studio. Knibbs, however, ignored the request, but Jah Mikey persisted. Intending to go in the studio and prove to him that he didn’t “have it" anymore, he recorded a song, but as fate would have it, the song turned out great and people liked it. The result – he is now working with several production labels such as Dygon, Hi Dawg, Hazematic, Interrupt and Lambsbread, who he has rerecorded Juggler for. After recording and putting out songs and videos on YouTube and Soundcloud, he caught the attention of Jamwax Records out of France, a vinyl distributor that specializes in rare and hard to find music. After 29 years, they wanted to re-press the Juggler and make it available to buyers as it was still enjoying purchasing powers from music lovers – a fact which had Knibbs in shock. Since it released in late 2014, he is finally starting to see his journey on the move again. He recorded 'Juggler' in dup-plate style for sounds in Japan and Europe. He has also released his seven-track EP titled 'Last Call' and it is now available on digital outlets including iTunes.

Wayne Wade

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Wade attended Excelsior High School from 1972 to 1976. His career began in the mid-1970s, working with Yabby You, 1976's "Black Is Our Colour" immediately achieving success in Jamaica.[1] His debut album, Black Is Our Colour was released in 1976 and was followed by further hits with cover versions of The Paragons' "Happy Go Lucky Girl" and "On The Beach". This was followed by further albums Evil Woman (1978), Dancing Time, and Fire Fire (both 1979), before Wade moved on to work with Dillinger, recording "Five Man Army" together with Dillinger, The Tamlins, Al Campbell, and Trinity.[1] He recorded for Joe Gibbs, hitting the UK reggae chart in 1980 with "After You" and "Natty Contractor".[2] In 1981, Wade worked with Linval Thompson, releasing a string of singles including "Round The World", "Tell Me What's Going On", "Poor and Humble", and "Down In Iran".[1] He then emigrated to The Netherlands and signed a deal with Epic Records.[1] He scored a hit in 1992 with "Love You Too Much"[3] In 2011, Wade performed at the One Love Peace Festival in London with other artists including Sean Paul, Busta Rhymes, Shaggy, Gyptian, Aswad, Third World, Etana, King Sounds and John Holt.

Shawn Raynard Pennington

Songwriter Vocalist
Roi Danz (French translation King Within) Born Shawn Raynard Pennington August 05, 1992 Roi Danz hails from the Jamaican rural community of Point Hill St Catherine. Danz fell in love with poetry at an early age and started writing rhymes from as early as age 10. He describes himself as an ambassador of authenticity who doesn’t like copycats, “I used to see my classmates write love letters to each other and all of them started with roses are red violets are blue, I hated the lack of creativity as I thought we were young potent minds”. He attended the St Catherine High School located in the inner city area of St Johns Road Spanish Town. At this time he was introduced to a different style of poetry as there was a heated high school dancehall clash. Being around an artist by the name Vehnom Danz learned how to lay his rhymes on beats so he opted to venture his creativity into this lyrical battle. Teaming with the St Catherine High’s Form 5ive Empire he did diss tracks throwing jabs at artists from other schools. Every Friday these artists would meet in the bus terminus for face to face lyrical battles. Danz not being a lover of the public spotlight shied away and never showed hence throwing away the opportunity of early exposure. “I have always loved poetry not popularity I would prefer to be a writer but my style is purposeful poetry, not the hype”. After high school, Danz went straight into the world of work doing construction which stemmed from his love of architecture. “I never like the 9 to 5 thing, always want to be my own boss why I love architecture”. Not being able to finance the course of his dreams he went on to using other jobs as stepping stones. During his spare time, he met up with his Form 5ive brothers and would write rhymes to beats and did very little recordings. “I don’t like hearing my own voice” during this time he recorded the single Spendaz Party, “that song is just a reality of how some people go to parties just to look, the promoter’s dream is always to have spenders so I have to lend my voice to that”. After losing two close friends within six months Danz recorded his second song Tattoo Tears for Form 5ive Records. “If you listen to that song the pain is heard, and everyone who lost someone close will feel it”. A lot of people liked the song and that encouraged Danz to do more with what he describes as his natural talent. Danz was then introduced to Barrington Gray of Cedar Valley Records a Sweden based recording company. This new affiliation saw Danz venturing into the Reggae genre as he did the single “Why” a social commentary song highlighting injustice in social classes. Danz started doing performances at restaurants, bars, and parties or just about anywhere there was an audience he could share his poetic ideas with. He hopes to use his music to bring across a positive message of change. “I am against oppression and I will always try to be the voice of those treated unfairly because we are less fortunate, I am the type of person who will switch on the tv see a match playing 2-1 and say come on we can win”. Danz wishes for his music to be there for people in their darkest times. ”I believe there should be a song by me that people will listen, during break-ups, job loss, social pressures, loss of a loved one and any other form of hardship or hard times”. To date, Danz is working on his first album R.O.A.R (Reality On A Rhythm) on which there promise to be some awesome tracks. “As I said there will be some tracks for every situation so you won’t need to listen to Adele through your break-ups there will be a Roi Danz s
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