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Charity of a Smile ~ Fel D. review


Well, Caywama, You are so refreshing! This song needs to be on all the radio stations this Christmas. You have certainly made For Life Family smile with this song. Your voice is something that touch the happy spot in the hearts of many. I am willing to bet that Whitney Houston would have loved to hear someone that can match her intensity on a song. You have it and everybody needs to listen just to smile this Christmas! Fel D.

United States, Texas, Houston

The True Meaning of Christmas


The words of this song are so powerful. Angels are among us ad this song proves that without a doubt. Caywama has the voice of an angel. She gave me the goosies. Her tone is beautiful and her range is superb. The music is uplifting and sounds very inviting. I love this song very much. God bless you Cayama keep praising His name it's all about The Kingdom of God.

United States, Arkansas, Clinton

Beautifully Christmas


Charity of a smile! Such an inspiration Christmas heart piece! What a beautiful and perfect song for this holiday season. Thanks for putting it out there! Blessings over you and your family this season.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

My Review


Hello Caywama: I like it. It is original and the production and recording is top notch. It sounds like you have an orchestra of sound behind the singing. I am no professional at reviewing songs but I would say pitch it and pitch in the right places. Good Luck!!!

United States, Texas, Houston

Amazing! Just Beautiful!!!


As soon as this song began, I new it would be amazing. Today, music can miss the mark when one doesn't focus on all the inputs necessary to produce a quality song. The music, arrangement, lyrics, powerful vocal delivery, and content are critical in producing a sound that moves the listener. Caywama has achieved this goal. I recommend that anyone interested in quality, positive music that moves your soul listen to this wonderful Christmas song. Heartfelt, moving and shares the message of Christ.

United States, Maryland, Baltimore

Great track


I love this track. You have a very anointed ministry. Please continue to let God use you. And draw his people through you talent of music. Continue to create new content and allow god to be known through you

United States, Delaware, Greenwood

Wonderful music!

Your song is amazing! Is complete, the letter, your beautiful Voice.( What a wonderful voicecyou haver) I loved your song. I wish vou all the best with all my heart.Congratulations for your music!

Brazil, São Paulo

Charity of a smile


I love this song. So true our greatest gift is to smile and make someone else feel better. God gave us the most precious gift and through Him we should spread the love of God through our smiles. God bless

South Africa, Bredasdorp

Powerful Vocalist


Caywama really made my head warm with this Christmas song! Her lead vocals are very powerful and heartfelt! I loved the harmonies and the orchestration as the collective sounds like something straight from a movie! Loved it!!

United States, Texas, Houston

Charity of a Smile


i want to thank you for the opportunity to review your song it is BRILLIANT FANTASTIC VOICE .........Your Christmas Gospel song "CHARITY OF A SMILE" which may i say that i found your song Pure from your heart it' is pure tranquility with outstanding musicianship Fantastic vocals and harmonies and a very up lifting melody with heart warming lyrics...............this will be one of my favorite Gospel Christmas songs on my play list. It comes across very well, ................the whole production was produced to a very professional to a top standard and i truly enjoyed listening to your Song I just Love it. The tone is simply outstanding and the control top quality...........God gave you a gift that millions would love to have a pure greatness amazing voice............i want to wish you the very best in your music career you deserve it.......i want to thank yo again for allowing me to review your song thank you.............this is steve from voodoo dancer........ be well and stay safe god bless you Caywana.

United States, New York, Middle village

Pure Tranquillity


A very good afternoon to you and thank you for the kind invite to review your Christmas Gospel song "CHARITY OF A SMILE" which may i say that i found your song in my personal music opinion to be pure tranquillity with outstanding strong vocals and harmonies and a very up lifting melody with heart warming lyrics that got your Gospel message of the Christmas season across very well,the whole production has been produced to a very professional standard and i truly enjoyed listening to your track.

United Kingdom, Belfast

Great job

Nice range and delivery very polished most definitely star quality Performance...liked the spirit of the song Well done classic sounds and emotions This song was unique because it was well mixed and very dynamic.

United States, Nevada, Las vegas nv

Really Nice

Ok, so your vocals are beautiful and I love how they carry the first part of the song. I was looking for the bass to come in a little earlier, but when it did, it was really nice. Then ending made me want to hear it just a little more. The words flowed along with music, and overall this is different sound and I love Christmas songs. Thanks for sharing!

United States, North Carolina, Greenville

Review song

.. Hey Y'all! You need check out the sound and style of Ms. Caywama She as a smooth sound similar I think to Whitney .. She has a great sound track with her music So you need to give a listen .. Thank you .. Parrish Nichols

United States, Tennessee, East Tennessee

cool song

Really good composition. Its a Song with a deep message behind, that touches something by the listener. Keep on doing you' re Kind of music, expression you want to. I wish you really all the best for the new beginning year - 2022- Stay healthy and happy as well! Hope you'll get in a creative process to create more songs, music can heal and gives us hope all over the planet! That is what I think about it. Hope you'll understand the mean conetent ?! Greets, Judith M, Germany

Germany, Schwerin

Charity of a Smile

Girl what a voice you have there, amazing! and I love the bongo type drum going on in the background, you sound great you should be on the worldwide stage where you belong, your range is so vast and also it penetrates into one's very soul, well it is certainly doing that for me, you have a beautiful voice maybe you should also be on a television show in fact why not try America's Got Talent ?

United Kingdom, Maghera

grande voce

una grande voce si riconosce subito dalle prime note e qui siamo di fronte a una cantante vera ben supportata da coriste che cantano la gloria del signore mi sembra di capire anche un bel pezzo scorre nell'ugola della cantante e di sicuro con questa voce può' cantare tutto gran bel finale finito co pianissimo perfetto quindi cosa dire se tutto e' bellissimo solamente onore a questi artisti

Italy, dalmine bg

Heartfelt singing!


Very emotional and heartfelt singing about giving to those in need. Beautiful singing, beautiful message and lovely background choir. I really just miss one thing and that is a hook or something that sticks, so I can join the song or keep singing it even though I’m not listening. Still love it!

Sweden, Stockholm

Look for me

Looking to network with you outside of this Platform my Name yrs is Brother AL even outside this platform on all social media I’m in savannah ga or just Google me 4 stars because it has general appeal for this who celebrate this Holiday in catholic form your voice is great it’s your transitions are interesting.

United States, Georgia, Savannah

Wow! Great song!


Great voice! Great song! Holiday music is hard to create at times, but you’ve done a great job with the lyrics! Keep up the amazing work and keep writing songs from your heart!! May God’s bless you!

United States, Tennessee, Drummonds

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