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Hey Cathy, We liked the sound of your soulful voice. This could be a Eurovision hit! We've also been introduced to a new French word, 'Crepuscule'! Would like to hear you sing some jazz standards, do you have any? Steve and Jean-Pierre

United Kingdom, Chichester

Cathy Varna

I’m a sucker for a good piano introduction and this is a beauty. Great timing and emotional vocal with a sensitivity musical accompaniment, very accomplished and thought out. I really like this a lot.

United Kingdom, Bridport


very smoothy the beginning with a romantic string and piano sound. Then I hear the beautiful voice in french language. I dont understand the words but I´m impressed about the voice.The Mix of this Song is very good and I thank you for listening this beautifull Song.

Germany, Petershagen


This is a very Nice calm settling vibes for the Holidays I really enjoy listening to this. Please to check out my content An Let me know if you like it .A Happy new year to you and the family

Jamaica, Kingston

romantic piano and string sound

very smoothy the beginning with a romantic string and piano sound. Then you hear her beautiful voice in french language. It remembers in a warm summer night in Paris. Even the cover brings me to hear the song.

Germany, Berlin


The Production of this Track is Good. The Orchestration is on point. The Vocals are Great. I Feel as though it is well Mixed, And will Perform Well In Multi-Countries. Money, well spent. Thank You, Cathy. I Will add this to my Personal Collection And Give It A 4.0

United States, Texas, Houston

this is good music

I never believe what I heard honestly this is tough on time your music make the whoke scene go further it makes party drop jaw you have dine a nice work yur style yur voice count a lot keep the good work

United States, New Jersey, Industrial Hilsdale

Cathy Varna Never Disappoints!

As always, I was thrilled to see this Cathy Varna song available for review! And when I wrote "Cathy Varna Never Disappoints!", I meant every word! From the lovely piano introduction to hearing the first notes of her beautifully arranged vocal "AU CrePUSCULE D'UN MATIN" is a beautiful and intriguing song! Cathy Varna's music has one very special trait (Along with many others such as depth, wonderful arrangements, and musicianship...!) Her songs always make you want to keep hearing more Cathy Varna! There is something special in her song that lends itself to her French lyrics that I don't believe possible in any other language. But then, French is one of the true "Romance Languages", so who would quibble about that!? Varner's voice is seductive, with a touch of sweetness thrown into her song for good measure, and the backing instrumental is wonderfully there...but not overpowering. Kudos to Cathy Varna for another great one! Keep 'em coming, Cathy! Sounds like another hit!

United States, Arizona, Huachuca City

Ancient musique

This song is very elegant in the gro timesove, it seems a song of other times, a cover of old songs but with a modern perspective and a quick rhythm. Your voice is beauty and this is a good song.

Italy, Monfalcone, Trieste

Tre Magnific!

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we have a magically beautiful piano entry and a voice that is sweet as sugar. This is a wonderfully produced, mastered and mixed song. Elegant in delivery.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

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