Toe-tapping beat but lyrics overpowered by it

Catchy beat! I would suggest raising the volume of the voice over the beat. It's difficult to understand what is being sung in the first half of the song. Listeners want to sing along but can't fully hear the lyrics. Fix that one element and it's a great song! Love the use of the word "now" in the hook.

Nice beats.

I listened throughout the whole song and the beats and effects are pretty much off the hook. The repetition of the drum pop-style effects fits the vocal tones which was purposefully recorded. Engineering work as for laying down the mixing and mastering sounds professionally done. Good job on that end. I would suggest keep writing and mix it up on the other recordings to keep your audience engaged. Roger W.

Really good

Hello, first of all, thank you for a song to listen to and evaluate. The song is excellent, with very interesting variations and a sound that is always well balanced and very strong. The production and the mix are very careful, the guitar solo is very good and in general Both the melody and the harmony accompanied by good lyrics make this a very good song. Congratulations on your great work

Choose life

Dighing this song! Techno dance rhythm makes me wanna dance dance dance! Good changes happening throughout and all around! Can't get enough of this song! Like the rhymes and the beat! I would definitely recommend this song for everyone who likes to dance! Including myself. A definite save!

Choose LIFE

This could be a new genre Bruce. Christian Electronica. Percussion really makes this song. Great bridge and good vibes. Upbeat and danceable too for concerts. I like your lyrics that are for this season of Awakening & Restoration. Timely message. Please could you post the Lyrics on your song page dashboard? Inventive and new sound in Christian Pop Rock. What is the name of your website? Please post soon. Just one suggestion to increase the volume on the vocal track a bit.

Choose Life

Bruce, I really like the music and the hook and beat, the panning of the sounds, and some really great synth sounds, a couple things got a bit muddy on the vocals on what part. I think your vocals do need to come up a bit in volume. I read that you want to use this to promote your site and with that in mind I would need to know what is your site about or promoting ,,,,,music, God, a church ??? that makes a difference

Better your voice

Thanks for this opportunity to review your music actually your music touches the soul but what you need more is to better your voice. Your music is good and you can send it for promotion.


I love da vocals n concept of it How the beat tempo plays it rolls N how it changes It can be played in nyt clubs for dancers Keep up all da gud work u do For real i respect music n love it like u do

Nice groove!!

First off, I’m a huge Batman fan so when I noticed bruce wayne I had to review your tune. I like the whole techno feel, very moving and instantly makes you wanna dance! I could totally hear this in a club cranked up to 11. I did however miss a chorus to the song to break up the verses a little but overall it was a very upbeat energetic tune!! Keep it up my friend!! By the way what keyboard are you using for your sounds? They’re pretty cool!!

Choose life

Can recommend listening to this music. Well balanced song that gives feeling and talent. The singer sings in an interesting way that gives the song both color and character. The instrument is also good with just a few instruments, neither too much nor too little. The songwriter has chosen a form of the song that is well thought out and adds both the intensity and the energy of the music. This arrtist has found a sound that is peculiar and thus becomes a unique feature of the range of music as for the listener to unexplored areas. Recommend to listen to this. Take the chance. An opportunity to find something unique that enriches the soul and music ear. Wishing you a pleasant and interesting music experience.


This a great song I really like it and the title choose life I like the music I grew up listening to all types of music Gospel rock Christian Rock jazz just to name a few thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world the song is very creative and unique and we'll put together I love Gospel music and Christian Rock the lyrics are clear and the music is just right

A New Sound in Christian Pop..

After listening to, "Choose Life" I could still hear the beat playing in my head. This is a good thing because it means it was favorable to me. I've also noticed the Techno or I would even say Club Vibe that it produces. I wish there was a little more volume on the lyrics, to me they blend in with the back ground and I had a hard time understanding what exactly the song was about. If I didn't know the title, I wouldn't have picked up on it through the verses. Overall, I think this is a nice song.

Choose life

Choose life is a great song by Bruce Wayne. Electronic beat in this song tends to make you want to move your feet without even realizing it and the lyrics were very powerful and meaningful. Excellent job!

Delights the ear

Right from the top, this electronic pop song is genuinely joyful. The musicianship is strong, on keys and drums, and the vocal is clean, pitch-true, and well sung. The lyrics are a little hard to understand, need to be mixed a little farther forward so as not to be drowned in the busy band. Until the phrase "Take your brother's hand. Together we will stand." I couldn't make out any of the lyrics. The lyrics I did understand call to mind the book of Deuteronomy, where God says, "I have set before you life and death. Choose life . . ." There is a lot here to delight the ear.

Necessary Material.

Not enough artists working in Christian EDM and this a notable effort. I like the grove and the lyric. For me it's still missing something, perhaps a chorus which takes the energy up a notch with fuller production. Predictability is not a negative in EDM but it needs to be lifted a bit in sections to make it fly. I'm not criticizing what's been done, just asking for a bit more to finish it. Close Bruce. Keep up the good work.
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