Little Mountain Home by Brother Gene

In my opinion you have a unique sound here due to the background of running water which gives the song a relaxing affect and It tells a very heartfelt story that many people can relate to or wish for. Growing up with family in the mountains to me, is such a desirable way to live that many people long for but can't do. You have good solid rhythm and cool mountain sound. I think however I would shorten it to under four minutes and remove the horse neighing at the end due to the lyrics being so heartfelt and soulful. Very serious but enjoyable to listen to. Hopefully this will give you something to consider yet not be offensive. Thank you and may The Lord bless you greatly!



Living Waters can FLOW with this!

Living Waters really digs the sound of living waters in "Little Mountain Home". AND we dig music that is real 'roots music' and not an imitation! Ordinarily a song that had water flowing constantly wouldn't fit very well. But this? It's perfect! So very glad that we stopped by to have a listen this fine day. Flowing Grace of Our Lord's Loving Heart.... Peace & Love & JOY, Mark LaJOIE!

Review - Brother Gene- Little Mountain Home - By LaSueede

Nice beginning with real Nature and animals Sounds in the background. That i pretty unique and nice. Good text and lyrics to spread the word and the Gospel of Truth. Is it a banjo and guitar playing or only a banjo. I miss a bass line a some nice nature drums to keep the rythm in a real good way. The singing is deep. Maybe some times out of tune. There should be something like a pan flute in the background to keep the flow of the song or maybe some Piano soft synth there is a good beginning but somethings mising....Anyway good effort and the message is the best. God bless!! Regards LaSueede

In MY Opinion

Nov. 18 Greetings, Thank you for choosing me to review your work, I count it an honor to be included in such a task. My hat is off to you and anyone willing to step out and share their gift, talent and love of music to the public. Be it a musician, singer, song writer, actor and so-on. I myself, via 40 some years of experience in the fields, on the road, in the studio, radio, TV, video, and management, consider myself to be a seasoned musician, singer, song writer, studio-sound tech/engineer/ owner/operator, stage manager, find it sometimes hard/difficult and perhaps not even fair to sit in a seat, voicing My Opinion concerning anothers creative efforts. Especially in certain genres of music I am not all that familiar with concerning very important elements that make up and meet the required standards to justify the various levels of ratings and grades. So, in saying ALL that, I will limit myself to MY Opinion concerning the quality of the work according to My ears, and the standards I have been familiarized with thru-out the years. I hold to the old - saying " Beauty Is In The EAR of The Beholder ... LOL. The sound quality of the recording over-all is crisp and bright and clear, I really enjoyed the backing sounds of nature. Vocals are smooth and natural, sort of -down to earth as they say. The mix levels let me know who was still in charge of this song. Very easy to just sit back and listen to the complete song. I mean no offense in any part, I myself take all feedback and use it as a tool toward my next project. I pray you feel the same way. Either way, I say to you, keep doing what you do, keep kicking and enjoying what you do. I tell folks all the time for many years. When it stops being FUN, then it's time to stop, and stand back and think about what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we are doing it, what we and others are getting out it. Is it what we want, and how we want it. IF NOT. what are willing to do from there? Thank you again for asking MY OPINION. Johnny

Primordial Country-Song

Great song of Brother Gene from the homeside of Tennessee. The easy played acoustic guitar carries this wonderful recording. His voice has a characteristic traditionell south-country vocal projection. The lyrics comming from the heart and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. There´s is also a shallow water noise of a stream in the backround bringing additionally beauty into the song. I find it extremely good and the songwriter has a god given talent. But why do I tell this? Well, you might be a fan of country-music, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for good music. Listen to the song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Takes one Back to Roots

This song takes you back to the roots of music in America. This is a lovely folk ballad that tells a story, but it also shows an appreciation for what you have and where you live. Great song!

nice song

Hi. Nice song. Nice voice. Good guitar-playing. Good lyrics. It seems to me that you're singing from the heart; it's an honest story. The story is a bit christianly/ a family-story. I like that. There's also something Southern about it: I can really dig that Southern/ lush feeling... It proliferates a genuine mood or atmosphere. The composition of the song is quite good also; it is written according to the rules of the trade. I bet you you have been played on the local radiostation already, no ? If not, they should play it ! What is sometimes just a little bit overdue is the nature-sounds in the back, it's well found, but they're sometimes just a little bit too prominently present. I WILL certainly listen to more of your music, if possible, 'cause I'm definitely curious for more of your songs. Please also check out my music on N1M, search: spiceypete Greetings from Pieter B. from Ghent, Belgium


Great effects at the beginning. Nice song of the past that relates to our modern day life. The guitar is sweet and mellow. Great story line for the song. Sounds like a great song to relate to those old timers in Tennessee. DE

Buena canción

Buena canción, buena melodía y bonita voz. La mezcla es bastante buena, pero hay algo que hubiera dejado más en segundo plano, el sonido del río corriendo y los pájaros cantando suena demasiado y puede que entretenga cuando se está escuchando. El sonido es correcto, me encantaría escuchar esta canción con coros y algún instrumento más, creo que quedaría bastante bien. Good song, good melody and beautiful voice. The mix is pretty good, but there is something that would have left more in the background, the sound of the river running and the birds singing sounds too much and may entertain when you are listening. The sound is correct, I would love to hear this song with choruses and some other instrument, I think it would good.

Little Mountain Home

Hi there brother Gene. I love the trickling brook that you inserted at the beginning of your tune. Immediately I was at rest. Nice simple guitar to accompany you. There were only a couple of times where you tried to cram too many words in a phrase, but that's OK. I especially love that you are thankful to Jesus for all that you have. Keep on keepin it simple Gene. Blessings, Trev. :)
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