your song

hi there Bronski, thank you so much for sending me your song to review it, very nice pop song, your voice is very nice and warm, it goes great with the song, the choirs are also great for the song. The melodies of the song are very ear catchy, I could repeat it right away, it stayed in my ears for hours, even after I stopped listening. Very nice instrumentals inside the song, the lyrics are very nice written, I like the story as well, the drum sound is very good, congratulations on such great music production, keep that work up, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo


this song makes me feel good. a clever dittie that has all the elements of a great song. keeps me listening and great harmonies. Wondering what it would sound like an octave lower with a slower tempo?

Back to the 80´s

In my opinion is a track out of decade. Sounds good but not actual. The song is well interpreted, 80´s music fans must know these guys because is absolutely a tune for them. For me is missing new sounds or changes to make it original.

Awesome ????

Thank you for sending me this song to you I live by really like trying to worry you need will put together very clever song. Continue to share your gifts with the world no stance I move on keep on making ring music even doing this time. I hope you having a wonderful week so far cugini's dragon eyes in your gifts and your talents take it to the next level never be afraid to grow. Once again thank you so much for sharing your music with me please keep me posted in the near future have a wonderful day and God bless you and all that you want to do and

very nice and cheerful

it has a very positive vibe, interesting performance, the interesting song has a nice tempo, good vocals, and performance. good luck with your music , very nice. it has a style of old-style rock n roll that combines modern style- which is interesting.

nice song

nice song that makes the listener dreaming and wanting to hear more , keep it up the good work and i am looking forward for the next invitation , hope its soon !! i like the style of your music and the kind you create your songs . If you want to connect in other social medias please feel free to write me anyway and/or invite me as follower/friendship , kind regards, Peter Lang - der Sampleschlosser

Bronski You

When I heard the first couple of lyrics I could barely believe my ears was Bronski really saying this and wanting to go off into a direction of limited understanding and then I thought is Bronski from London? Checked on the profile and sure enough from London OK that makes a bit more sense. When you're in London especially the entertainment sector the straight guy like me is the minority but move outside this overpriced city and life becomes normal again that is most guys are straight you know guys like girls. "You" is everything you would fully expect to hear in a gay bar in london's soho on rotation and if it's not there already it's time to ask why not? But sadly it's no This is Jinsy.


Hi Bronski,When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor...Some people don't like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster...If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal. I hope you got it. Thanks of your song and good luck

That's the Truth

This composition is more of pop song than Electronica and it follows that genre's Verse/Chorus formulation. The backing vocals are well done, but the lead vocal needs to be recorded with a more aggressive compression ratio and would also benefit from the "Jeff Lynne" treatment where the vocal is duplicated multiple times and slightly varied. The reverb is also overly aggressive for modern recording making the song sound artificial. The musical instruments are obviously MIDI and that is an instant killer most listeners. It's just no longer allowed, sorry :( The composition and arrangement themselves are all solid, but the other elements are negatives. Please rerecord with real sounding instrumentation. Good Luck!


A Well Arranged Track. This is a good song, which has the potential to do well. The Rhythm is good, The Lyrics are acceptable. The Artist Does a Fair Job, The choice of background vocals was correct.I think That The Choyce of Lead vocals was incorrect. The Overall Ballance of the track, shows that the engineer was dissatisfied with the artist.s presentation of the work. The Artist can sing...But, no enthusiasm for the work....This Track Needs a Producer, who can push it to it's potential. This should be corrected....It Could Be A Hit.

Kind of Rhumba

Firstly it begins with a sound of brass in the intro, maybe a bit like in the 90s, but then appears his warm voice, which sounds really nice. His vocals fit really good to the mood of the song. The Chord pattern I really like, it shows the rise of the tune. But the best is the Rhumba rhythm which you can here there in this song, that means 3 - 3 - 2. So it seems really like a dance. Well done Bronski, go on with your nice work and I will looking forward to your next song. Solvig

Falling over you!!

Hi Bronski! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give your tune a listen! So I think its put together pretty well. I like how your back up vocals give such an open feel to the music. I think the composition is great. My main issue is that I am unable to make out the lead vocal completely. I think its just because its mixed into the instrumental instead of sitting on top of them. I think this was a prevalent way of mixing rock music in the 80s and 90s, so if that was your intention I think you nailed it. If not though, I would recommend adding some compression to the vocal, or possibly a side chain situation that allows it to stick out over the track so your lyrics can be heard fully. Either way the song is pretty good :) Thanks!! - Rashon Medlock

good music bro

I have to listen to these music more.and.more why because it gain my attention I taught is not gonna hoove the leg but now i can dance and feel the passion I have for the song I will say bro keep the good job you worth a star

Yes, You

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we get a retro 80's song that you'd expect to hear in a movie like Pretty in Pink or Breakfast Club. The vocals are actually nice, but a little less prominent than I'd like, and kinda "echoy" that's not the right word, but I'd like less effect on them and more in the front.

Cool 80’s feel

First of all the voice is great and the harmonies is great as well. This song reminded of the movie Greese. It brought me back to the 80’s it gave me a happy relaxed feeling, the instruments was not Overbearing it was simple and uncomplicated, i think is a really good song. Great job
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