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Sad Song

Nice acoustic sound.The lyrics are very relatable for just about everyone. I think we have all taken pictures down at least once maybe twice in our lives. I like the simple sound and vocals good job.

Take The Pictures Down

"Take The Pictures Down" is a singer/ songwriter composition stripped down to an acoustic guitar and vocal track written in a Country - Western Folk style approach. The focus of this song is on the lyrics which tell of the principal singer coming to a place of acceptance that his relationship with his significant other has come to an end and that she won't be returning as she is in a new relationship. The story line has been done countless times but the trick is to add a new dimension to the telling which I don't find here. Although the song holds up, it is too predictable verse to verse and I feel the songwriter is missing a great opportunity. If you look at a song like Willie Nelson's "Hello Walls", you find yourself in the singer's shoes as the very home itself mourns the ending of the relationship, very clever writing, or Vince Gill's "When I Call Your Name", which there again cleverly crafted as the singer calls out throughout the song evoking the depth of his sorrow, then coming to a full coalescence in the very title's refrain. I name these two songs specifically because the chord structures are simple formulas as well as the melodies but when the lyrics are strong, they captivate you. The stories you will find are in the title's and vice-versa. So here is my point; you have a "great" title of a song and the direction is gold. Where I would encourage you to take it is to sing about the pictures themselves as they are being removed from the wall and how they will tell the story of the break up. For ex: "In this picture I held her, but how could I know, my best friend beside us, his arm on her shoulder, but then I left to work so he drove her home, Lord I couldn't see what the photographed showed, It's time to "Take The Pictures Down, Take The Pictures Down". Do you see, this associates the painful breakup with the actual pictures and brings to life this great title within the song. You have a skill in writing and accompaniment, I believe that if you go in this direction and plum every idea you could have a classic. This for me at this time is a work in progress. Also, I would have more "effect" on the singer's voice and double the guitar track to fatten it up with a hint of delay to give the overall mix richness. Right now for me the sound is thin and it doesn't have the audio quality like it would if it had been mixed and mastered properly. Please give this song another go, woodshed it and you could really have something to sell, overall a very good beginning.

country nostrano

country nostrano con la voce precisa e adatta al genere la canzone. si sviluppa come deve essere orecchiabile e carina. con strofa e ritornello cantata bene e voce 'e chitarra e' piu' difficile. grazie per avermi chiesto la revisione

Beautifully Acoustic

Very intimate and touching, just a guitar and a voice. How pure and sincere. Wonderful. Something in your voice reminds me of James Taylor. Love the chord changes at the end and can imagine how sweet this song would sound with a light, acoustic country band backing you up, a fiddle following your melody for example. But then again, it doesn't need more than what it is right here. Good job. Well done. Thanks for sharing!

Simply lovely

Nice tune, with country sounds that I personally love because they relax me and take me away to a better place! The sound of the guitar is great and so is the voice: don't miss the opportunity to listen to a fantastic artist!

Good vocals and a good song

This is a good song well delivered with a clear production, however if you decide to pitch the song i recommend a good full production. You present the song well though. This song is different and may have some potential

A great country song

Hearing the song " Take the pictures down" for the first time really made an impact. Not often a song grab me like this. It has a really good recorded sound on the acoustic guitar and especially the vocal has a wonderful close and warm feel. It´s a story told here of course and it´s the theme of lost love that most people can relate to. The songs structure could have gone in many directions with a bridge or a M8 built in and I also can hear a hole band playing this song with steel guitar or a fiddle. But it works great as it is and for me at least thats a sign of great songwriting. Take a listen folks -it sure made my day:) -Kris

Review of take the picture down

Nice simple tune with guitar Clear message and vocal is strong might fit better in acoustic ,it is country but with just a guitar might fit better there in the acoustic genre, I have many tunes on here that just have me and guitar and they get a lot of plays but in order to make money a little dress up will probably be required! That out of the way I will say the vocals are good no sound alike and you can hear the words , The arraignment of the tune is fine for a set down and enjoy some new tunes but commercially you will have to do some adds and maybe a little harmony! Best of luck and thanks for chance to listen , thanks for asking.

Take The Picture Down

Hi Brian, what a great tune! I like the lyrics and your vocals are really good. I love the traditional feeling to this song. The song really carries itself well with just good old fashion acoustic guitar. Keep on with the great tunes.

Take the pictures down review

This is a good song all in all. I really like the verses. They tell a good story and seem very believable in their flow through the song. With only an acoustic guitar backing you in the song, it leaves it up to the vocals to really carry the whole thing. You do this with each verse. If I can suggest one thing it would be to work on a stronger chorus. Time to take the pictures down is a good hook but try to build on it in the same amount of space by reworking the other lines in it and leave the hook (time to take the pictures down...) as the last line. You will be happy when you see where the chorus goes and what else you say in your song. Good luck and keep writing good songs like this one!




Brian, This is and excellent song! The lyrics are fantastic and the guitar playing is solid and in time. Your vocal performance is fantastic. It reminds me of a cross between Steve Earl and Eric Church. The structure of the song is good because you added a bridge/chorus. The recording is also excellent! Clean, crisp and clear. I would love to hear this with a full band. Keep on writing and creating great music.

Very meaningful

I Listened to your song Brian. It is really nice. You have some very meaningful words in there. I could just picture a crying steel guitar, and fiddle in certain spots, and harmony on the chorus, and maybe some pretty oowwws, and ahhhsss toward the end, when you are singing/talking softly. Keep up the good work, I really enjoyed it. Sincerely, Anne Marie

Subtle Guitar

Wow! What a real Nashville voice. That soft and pleasing opening verse leads to a thunderous chorus, and your talent for vocals really shine. Time to take the pictures down is a stroke of genius and you can really deliver the emotion and set that strong, sad mood of the song story. I really enjoyed this one, Brian Beecher. Great job!

Wow this is good

This is so good such a lovely song and so meaningful thank you so much for sharing this . I look forward to hearing more from you i the future I hope you are keeping safe in these uncertain times
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