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Good demo. Curious for more!

Relaxed and easy start. Sounds familiar with a logical chord sequence. Nice guitar and strings backing. Very open arrangement. Good voice. Well sung. Halfway I feel I'm waiting for more to happen.Maybe just a rimshot -drum, whatever, but not too much. I hear a possibility for great harmonizing in the chorus to enrich the song. All in all thanks for a good listen. If you follow my suggestion of more production, I wish you succes with it. Thanks.

romantica atmosfera

romantica atmosfera che fa sognare e ti fa volare nel pianeta dell'amore per il genere il cantante e' bravo e' l'inciso di fa lievitare con i violini o simili canzone bella e gradevole. bravo!

Lady of the Books

Nice song I do have a certain person I'll certainly recommend this song to. Nice song, Brian has a good singing voice. The back up music is excellent. This tune has the coffee house style that I have grown particularly fond of.


Brian this song is very refreshing from the most tracks you are asked to review when I first saw the title though i was not taken in however when i played it the vocals and melody are class and the Production is good I don't in my opinion see it as a single but a Album track that is very Radio friendly and would get lots of airtime.I would also say it would be a good entry into a Major Songwriting Contest as it has a good story line matched with some great singing,look forward to hear more songs from you.

Belle chanson

Introduction à la guitare avec un narrateur. Ravi d'entendre un parolier aussi doué avec un talent vocal qui correspond à n'importe quelle légende du pays. Je pense que vous avez un bon chemin avec vos paroles qui sont très actuelles. Un peu comme Bob Dylan et Tambourine Man. J'ai beaucoup aimé ces superbes images. Il était une fois ... "il y avait une dame des livres ..." grand titre. J'espère que vous continuerez à écrire, vous montrez de l'empathie pour vos sujets. Votre musique raconte des histoires de vie et de vrais voyages que les gens peuvent raconter. Joli pour le premier morceau de l'album. J'espère que vous serez bientôt publié et que votre album sera prêt pour la vente. Veuillez ajouter des paroles si vous ne l'avez pas déjà fait.

Brian Beecher ..Lady of the books ...

A real quality track great guitar and strings with a good story. Well worth adding to your easy listening play list. Wonderful vocals so natural and well sung. The story of the lady of the books who has now retired but is not sure what life will bring as she moves away from the security and familiar life that she has held for may years. Brian jumps in to his version of her life to tell the the tail press play you won’t be disappointed

Great Track

Hi Brian The intro acoustics guitar is what got me right a way being a guitarist myself, 'lady of the books' lyrics very moving indeed, Then when I heard your voice I thought you must be highly gifted or you've been doing this a very along time and I've got a good hear for talent. You've pull it of superbly just vocals and guitar tells me you've got what it takes and its only a matter of time keep up the good work my friend JAH BLESS LeRoi

Lady of the Books Reviewed

This song is the jewel in the crown of Brian Beecher. A classical sounding acoustic guitar ballad with violin or cello in the mix that sounds good together. Great song and vibes in the composition. It's an easy listening song that evokes the feelings of rememberance and changes. I would say this is big people's music. I loved the lyrics and it's expression in this song. Well worth the listen. Brian has produced a number of songs that sound professionally mixed and mastered but I think his easy listening songs similar to Lady of the books, enable his musical abilities and skills glisten and shine into the creation of sounds into his art. Great work.


I liked the music and the lyrics were genuine and heartfelt..nice dedication to a librarian you obviously knew for many years. Lyrics like that can only come from bonds formed from your own memories...


A lovely clean opening introduction an uncomplicated and infused musical welcome. A lovely vocally sympathetic guitar too. Great storytelling, just a little too wordy in a very few places meaning it just becomes a little hurried in those moments but I’m being picky about something very trivial. On the whole a beautiful piece of work which has been mastered amazingly well, really well put together and pleasing to listen to the vocalists gentle tones. I wonder what some female vocals alongside it would have been like, but your voice stands alone really confidently anyway. I really really like it and commend it, hopefully I will get to hear a load more from you. Artey

The Lady of the Books deserves a first and second look...

What a wonderfully designed introduction. The acoustic guitar with string accompaniment compliments each other in a balanced manner that sets the tone for a beautiful story to follow. It was mixed well and spaced appropriately. The tempo selection was a good match to the pulse of the story. As we turn our attention to the structure it is easy to see that the songwriter has a good grasp on the important aspects of musical composition and development. The introduction was of proper length, not too long to become awkward or boring and not too short as to not allow time to lay a perfect foundation for a mild breakdown to segue into the vocal contribution. Vocally, the artist is in his own right is flawless. His interpretation of the musical style is spot on. His pitch and pace are in concert with his ability to add clarity to the lyrics. He brings a welcomed honesty in the phrasing and expression of the actual words that make up such a beautifully arranged composition. The hook of the song or the chorus is perfect. It drives home the intent of the title and the compassion that builds each time it revolves around. I equally was pleased to see how you allowed time at the conclusion to allow the well chosen chord / arpeggio selection to bring things to a pleasant and peaceful end which fades into the palate of our hearts by way of our ears. I truly appreciate your contribution to Linda. This song tells her story in a way that will be remembered for many years to come. I listened with great pleasure and enjoyment. The Lady of the Books deserves a first and second look... I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review.

Lady of the Books

Gentle guitar introduction with a storytelling lyricist. Lovely to hear such a gifted lyricist with a vocal talent to match any country legend. I think you have a nice way with your lyrics which are very current. A bit like Bob Dylan and Tambourine Man. I enjoyed it very much such great imagery. Once upon a time...."there was a lady of the books...." great title. I hope you will keep writing you show empathy for your subjects. Your music tells stories of life and true journeys that people can relate. Nice one for the album first track. I hope you get published soon and get your album ready for sale. Please add lyrics if you have not already to the track information.

My review of the song.

It is a very sweet song, full of sensitivity in each verse, excellently sung, the voice is clear and tuned, when you enter a different verse and enter the other sentence, no cut is noticed. The sound of the guitars and their interpretation is exquisite. The instrumentation and orchestral arrangements are excellent. The mixture is very good and well balanced. Maybe the song is a bit extensive, which takes away some possibility of radio broadcasting, but it is not made to be heard all day but to be enjoyed. Congratulations !!

Country Sweet Melody

thank you for sending me the song I really like it I listen to all types of music even country music this is a sweet song Sweet Melody I love the guitar. Well put together continue to send me great music continue to share your gifts and talents with the world and never stop being unique and never be afraid to go to the next level. Hope you have a wonderful holiday saints season and be blessed and is your lesson going to the New year blessed God bless you keep on making great music.
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