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My review of Brian Beecher's "Jeannie, I Didn't Mean To Hurt You"

Brian is an excellent singer, and this is a very good song.. I like the expression he puts into his delivery,, The accompaniment is sparse, but adequate, and it's an excellent demo of the song and his delivery.. I would have liked to hear Bass & drums give it that Neal Young 'Old Man' half time feel, but I got the idea without it.. Very Good !! Bravo Brian

Review for Brian by Billy Jay, King of BluesABilly

A very clean, clear recording, I can hear and understand every word. Instrumental accompaniment very good, reminds me of Bluegrass. Bill Monroe would be proud of you. This is a pretty damn good story, follow and enjoy!

Brian Beecher's song, "Jeanie"

Overall, I love the song. Nice feel with the guitar and mandolin. I think the vocal is great and would love to hear some harmonies along with it. Good writing and lyrics flow well. Would also love to hear a full production of this song. Great work and can't wait to hear more from Artist!

Jeannie ....I didn't mean to hurt you.

I love the gentle melody of this guitar which has a folk ballad tone like the old songs of June Carter and Johnny Cash. I loved the soulful vocal talent. I thin you have a great voice Brian and you are a talented lyricist because you tells stories of the heart. Akin to many of the greats you have the ability to render your song with heartfelt tones in your voice like you really mean your words and you own them. So I give you a 5 stars. Your instrumental is top of the class! And your lyrics minister to many in the word trap of the foot in mouth problems of human communications. If you put this in the Folk Gere I am sure it would top the charts there too!


Cool song. Voice needs a bit improvement. You are doing good. You have a lot of talent. Keep writing those tracks keep singing. Go for it and soon you will make a hit out there. I been trying 30 years.


A clean stripped down presentation. A track like this can be presented to interested parties seeking Country music. This is not in itself radio friendly. The mastering could be more complete. There is no bottom and radio music have lower decibels to carry any realistic presence. Listen to Pure Prairie League's stripped down music or Clapton's Unplugged music tracks and you will hear how the engineer and mastering process really brought out the fullness of the acoustic instrumentation and depth of vocals, hence "radio friendly". This is more of a personal song. A standard c/w song would be tighter with the lyrics. The writing is fine but not really tight like a Willie Nelson song or Jimmy Webb piece. For breaking out music I encourage you to write songs that will knock the listener out. This is very wordsy, predictable rhymes and melody; more conversational, and although that may work it would need a stronger melody. Listen to the simplicity of Hank Williams Sr.'s music and how he nailed it with less words, tight, smart, strong songs. He was concise and a great song wants to be concise, clever, and unique in popular music unless you have a name, an agent, or management. I encourage you to take this song to a song writing workshop and see what your local fellow songwriter critics come up with, not your family or friends. But people truly striving for similar goals. The sentiment is good, honest, from the heart, but you could write this in 2nd or 3rd person and it could be stronger. Don't settle for anything but excellence. Be your hardest critic. I never really know what you did exactly to hurt Jeannie or why you really hurt her. You need a line like" I was feeling insecure, - didn't feel worthy of you, - Broke your heart - 'cause I feared my love'd let you down". Just try more lyrically oriented writing. Read and study some poetry. You'll see. Best to you. Good work.

So lovely

Yeah I like this really easy to listen to and I love the sound it’s great. It’s nice to hear what’s going on in a minds mind. I would like to hear more . Will definitely be adding this to my play list

Great Emotion

I can feel the emotion and I really enjoyed listening to the song. The music is awesome too. I think when you can get the listener to feel the emotion you have accomplished something. Keep on singing and good luck with your music.

very good

Jeannie (I Didn't Mean to Hurt You) review. this song is a strictly Country piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Country style as I said everything recalls the Country genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Country piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Gosto muito, muito original, bom para meditar.

Tal como nós em Portugal fazemos musica popular, contamos nossas aventuras nossos amores, o titulo da musica diz "eu não quis feri-la " mas são pequenas coisas como essas palavras que sempre que gostamos de alguem temos de as dizer , para nos sentirmos bem connosco, e o Brian soube compor isso e escrever boa musica , por nós Onda 5 adorámos - obrigado


This song has a great country sound/a ballard and is easy listening material. I can just imagine people slow dancing. Even though the lyrics are all about hurting, musically it has a good feel to it.The vocals are smooth and clear. Thank you Brian for this song it's a pleasure to review...Cheers Johnny

Jeannie (I Didn't Mean to Hurt You)

I have reviewed this song. It appears the song written lyrics is coming straight from the heart of the artist. I believe that the song could use a little more instrumental music to it. It is a real nice song. I would recommend to other fans. Keep up the good work Brian. You have the great talent as a singer.


Excellent lyrics, arrangement, and performance, with spot-on vocals. Refreshing to hear it before today's Nashville machine sound alters it to their liking to the point where it's non-distinguishable from the previous and next song on the radio.


I really like the song I listened to all types of music even country growing up in Chicago during long Winters and slept with my radio I thank you for sharing your music with me and the world this song is very creative and unique I like the message and lyrics and at anytime keep me posted on any new music that you have coming out the song is just I really like the guitar most music nowadays is so different but yet unique and this generation is moving fast I hope I been helpful have a great day and may a God continue to bless you in all your endeavors


This is Nice Song ..It need some work but is nice.. If You will make a Full Band Arrangement It will be something Very It is now is a Working Demo with good potential but remember that Music Publishers are very Hard to please so if You are sending something to Them has to be Radio Ready Recording Quality..If You will do a Final Recording make sure to put more energy in to vocal and all will be It is now is good to Perform It life but not ready yet for Radio or Publishing Consideration..I wish You good luck..
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