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Brad Kalita
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Brad Kalita

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About Brad Kalita

To make comments, etc., I can be contacted through my website: link via the contact the author link. (I'm not on Facebook.) Note: There will be new free music every few months.

Through and Beyond ... "Harbors of Light"

Now come sail away with me, on a warm scented breeze, to the soothing sway of palms, the sparkle of serene gently lapping waves and exotic sighs of enchantment … And then: … Far Beyond

- Don’t hesitate, for my “lines” …are casting

…All is awaiting, for as the sun sets, seeping into the deep blues and mauves of evening and the moon rises like a lantern in the sky - All is calm, as nature ever re-affirms …its priceless magic and wonder …longing for your compassionate appreciation in return.


… And so, if you’ve never been to France, and never seen Spain, or Rome, and if you feel you’ve never really been to “your ‘true’ home” …Walk a little slower, for there’s a little bit of Paris …and “Home” …in …ev-ery …day.

“Dreams, a hundred million miles away …but close to the heart.

”Home, not so much a space or time, but where the soul grew beyond the mind
to reach, and touch …the stars”

Excerpt from Brave is the Heart – bk

Although listening to and composing a broad variety of music on different instruments; Smooth-jazz, fusion, neo-classical, new-age, pop, folk and rock, my favorite has always been inspirational (“White Magic”) …I always wanted to fly musically …and Soar! …"through the Heavens”! …As exemplified after years of refinement my completion of the diverse 20-minute-long aspirational piece: Illuminations …into the Wonder, the Majestic; a celestial journey …A reflection of my lifelong philosophy: Goodness, beauty and happiness for their own sake, here and now, …and whatever brings about the greatest harmony to all things …without further expectation of reward - It’s hard to imagine a more self-purifying, unifying or self-affirming aspiration the masters would want followed …Or otherwise - In other words: Purification of Motive.

On the Shores…

Like someone drowning in the shallows and shoals on the shores of paradise; you feel lost unloved and unable to truly love …yet you’ve always been loved and lover of that within and without which knows you as itself …Your Higher, Greater Nature

Even now it calls you by its name, beckoning ... reminding you, awakening your finer senses and nature while ever guiding you home. So take comfort and hold fast while being tempered, for ... Only the thinnest of veils and shift of perspective separates you from your heart's desire ... a life of wonder and beauty, a knowledge and being-ness so encompassing so profound as to surpass all previous expectation and experience - For somewhere in your innermost being lie the seeds of light waiting to blossom whispering to you, what you thought ... were only sweet dreams - A simple realization, then natural attraction …then manifestation. - bk ... softlight

… On the Path to Devastating Perfection - bk

“And the truth shall be written in your heart, to set you free ... Heaven within”

…Our finer nature …Our True Home.
- Therefore; Look beyond the learning, and abyss …to :
…A Far Greater Destiny.

- "SummerLand"

I feel fortunate, in at times achieving this elevation musically and through my writings on my website: link.

Although I do not know if there can or ever will be a lasting peace for myself or anyone else in this world or even beyond, but I do know the most profound peace comes from being true to one's self, the “Heart, or Greater-Self”. Although one may falter and ultimately lose ... even life itself, it will still be a greater victory to have endured. - For perhaps the reason for so much chaos and uncertainty is so we will do what’s right in spite of it all, and thereby become ennobled and worthy of far greater things. - bk.

When faith falters and troubles persist; Rise above into the finer realms … and even through and beyond into the “The Light” …as wondrously experienced by multitudes world-wide as submissions on link (click on New Experiences).

Beginnings ...

Being the first to homestead in a little scenic valley, my grandfather, father, along with us boys, built a cabin. My 3 brothers and I slept in an open attic on a couple of sheets of plywood. Having no electricity, septic or water for a time we bathed and fished in the river while exploring and playing in the forest …a great experience and lifestyle for everyone.

Attracted to greater refinement & culture elsewhere, I left home & finished high school on my own. Upon graduation I spent time in the army. Upon release, I enrolled in college, studying a broad range of diverse subjects - holding odd jobs in between.

I played trumpet in junior high, & thereafter took up guitar and several other instruments.

At this time, I began to develop my writing abilities, largely on behalf of the environment & conservation; Doing well even though I'd received poor technical marks in writing in college.

At this time also I gave up music entirely for several years from mental exhaustion etc. Instead, I devoted myself to working on the nature retreat property, Gathering Light. Thereafter I returned to my older music with the intent of placing it online here and elsewhere as well as giving it away. While doing this, I was also refining entirely new and diverse music, hoping to place it online before long, equal to several albums as well …therefore, starting every third month new display songs and free down-loadable albums will be available.

You’re welcome to visit my website link, containing largely soothing luminous pictorial prose/poetry and otherwise, often humorous of the holistic comprehensive nature of wisdom, versus the linear limitations of intellectual knowledge.

Enlightenment?: Rather than spending decades or even lifetimes meditating etc. to achieve “enlightenment“ just stop thinking so much, seize the moment …and Just Be …”there” …Now!

So, Wake-up! …Wake-up! Unlatch your shutters and doors and shed your inhibitions and cares: As the children at play …in the shimmering summer waters

- And cross that great divide …into the mystery and wonder, the finer realms and essence of life, and majesty of; “Living Light” ... The Sublime.

… Where celestials dance and play

- And Angels Sing …and Freedom Rings.

… So, Come Soar With Me !



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