Take Me Home

Dreadnaught EP

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Catching the roots of Thrash!


"Take Me Home" captures the roots of where Thrash Metal came from. It has a powerful message about war, the aggression behind Thrash, and contains the overall attitude of of where Thrash derived... Punk. For those out there that love more of a raw sound to a studio recording, "Take Me Home" captures that essence. I give it 4 out of 5 stars and will be interested in seeing who else can deliver some brutal tunes from Massachusetts. Boston Kronik... you are a force to be reckoned with!

United States, New Jersey, Lakewood

Whoa...Nice :)


Today we will be looking at Boston Kronik's "Take Me Home"... This track bashes down the door like a home invasion gone horribly wrong and that's just the start of the mayhem. This straight ahead, raging slab of punk/hardcore madness deliver the goods on so many levels. The recording is perfect for this type of music...lofi and angry. There are no frills here, just a relentless bludgeoning of audio violence. The riffs are snappy and played with a rapid fire accuracy that really impressed me. Rhythmically, it's tight, vocally it conveys the message with truth and conviction, growled out in perfect syncopation to the music. Overall, this is a killer track....I listened to it three times in a row and it never once lost it's edge or ferocity. Killer metal, I absolutely loved it... Christopher Carrion xxx

Canada, Ontario, Kingston

Your Song "Take Me Home"


Sounds like a live recording full of mosh with Motorhead influenced driven by steamroller. I can definitely fell the power of the guitar, bass and drums with the vocals leading the pack. This is one Hell of a party and who's ever house your going to best be ready for Boston Kronik. This song is gonna fill the House Up In Smoke. Hellofadeal, Write On~~~

United States, Texas, San Antonio, Texas


This is war......nuff said! Metal is war in its heart but war against bad. And this is for sure war that´s metal is all about. You keep on playing and we will be listening! Keep it up and dont you ever change!

Sweden, Stockholm


About the first second of the song i just think at Motorhead. Sounds to similar in guitars in particular. About drum seems not clear at all. Maybe the vocals are too low, but the genre is good! Greetings from Italy

Song review

Cool guitar work on this one... Vocals have the effect of making this song metal style with a punk feel to it, but that's only my opinion... At one point, the song reminded me of the Motorhead uptempo style, some of the chords used with the fast pace drumming pushed me towards hearing this. Hard to comment on the song structure since it's a short 2 minutes, to me, it was one verse and the bridge, which i felt needed a guitar solo on top, then the ending part, not so a verse or a chorus, more like a vamp ending i would say... Nonetheless, a cool and original song in its format... Keep up the driving songwriting, the world always needs more metal...

Canada, Quebec, Montreal



Great vibe rythem and guitar parts.I really like the vocls and how they are collating with the guitars, bass and drums. Everything fits perfectly togeather. Great job on this peice thank you.

United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque

PUNK all the WAY!!

Great sound and song structure is cool. I was reminded of Back Flag a little maybe some Agnostic Front. However well done. The sound is good. Drums could be a little louder in the mix but that is a matter of opinion. Thank you

United States, New Mexico, Rio Rancho

violence uber alles

-take me home- is a very agressive song, with a strong background from metal, punk. it can remember something of the exploited production, lyrics are real good. mixing and mastering looks like homemade and this song would be better with a superior mixing. anyway there is a lot of violence, vocals are good. i reccomend this song!

Yeah!!! \m/

A very nice song to hear. The energy she spends is indescribable. All this accompanied by a Rock weather and a really nice throaty vocals. The guitar is a musical based on keeping all the music expression. Too much weight mixed with a quick battery, giving energy and strength to song !!!!Real metal!!! Yeah!!!

Brazil, Guarujá

Heavy Punk!

Fast paced in your face music. It's hard to still still while listening to this genre of music. Perfect for the gym, or any other activities. I personally love this type of music to get me motivated and moving.

STELLAR!! love the energy, great vibe, this ROCKS!


I dig the sounds in this, the drums are all over the place and keeping it cooking, the bass has energy to it, the guitar has character and attitude to it, the vocal tracks have good grit to them. I'm a fan of panning drum mikes around the stereo image so listeners can feel as the drummer moves around. The bass and the drums are on slight collision solved easy with 2db down on the drum and two up on the bass around 180hz or so on the eq. I'd pan the bass to one side and put a slight delayed version on the other side of the pan,it will creep as it plays like a slow river. The vocals I like more imminent, so I'd eq the rest of the tracks DOWN from 800 to 1500 hz by 2db, then eq the voice up by 2db in that range. pre-emphasis technically speaking so the voice has a level above the rest so it can be intelligible. THEN run a sidechain to special effects like a detuner, distortion, amp simulation by a vintage tube amp, etc etc; then cut it by verses, some verses run both channels (left and right) the same, for a couple detune one channel and it takes an ominous tone that can be controlled. At the end eq overall then run normalization set to 97%. HUGE wrap around sound! great work!

United States, Florida, miami


What a great band! Very heavy and so tense. I love it.

United States, New Hampshire, Manchester

Boston Kronik -Take me home review

Boston Kronik -Take me home review. If you love raw metal and punk music mixing together to make hardcore greatness this band and this song is for you my friend.

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport


has Queens of the stone age sound with Motorhead or clutch type vocals. not sure what you'd call this genrre but i wouldn't call it all out metal or punk...

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

My opinion. Not gospel

firstIy, 'm not a writer by any measure except for music, but I will say this. I listened to this song start to finish and that is a start considering my attention span, requiring something to instantly grab me before clicking on the next thing that excites me. I like how there's a fusion of old school guitaring mixed with a new growl style of vocals. I haven't heard that sort of thing before. the drumming is also exceptional, but my only "complaint" would be the sound quality. Other than that I expect this would be a sick band to hear live!

Australia, Blaxland

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