Badman [Ft. Kontravasy] (Prod. D Meek)

Bless The Mastermind

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pretty nice, pretty nice


I'll start with a compliment. This is a real song. Yes finally someone used a real chord progression. great way to start fellas . the rappers are both really good and stay with the beat , allowing the entire piece to flow , the background vox come in , in all the right places . the variety and special touches in the music track actually heighten the feel of the song .So many ones i review lack that , badly needed element. And again the rappers are perfect for this , with unique , and a bit Jamaican , with an old school vibe it...

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Bad Man


Like The Track Diggin The reggae style dope stuff. Like The Track sounds Like Youd need a video for this one Good Job Keep up the Good Work xvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxbxbx

United States, Florida, orlando

Your music is great


i really listened to the words and i found interesting , i am very happy that you are had the guts to bring this kind of songs out , i really want to listen to more of your songs, its something that is great to hear this kind of music, i have been thinking about your music and i have been playing on repeat, its really something to have heard it . i feel special , please i will want to see more of your music, please tell me where i can found them , wow its great to listen to your music

United States, Maryland, Bowie

Catchy and unique


I would start off by talking about the lyrics which sound very great and microphone quality as well. The beat matches the lyrics and now the beat sounds very original, harmonic, melodic, I really like the song and the mixing and mastering sounds perfect all of which I feel you are better than me. You are yet to be discovered from what I think because your music sounds very great .I can tell you put a lot of effort and soul into this great song it sounds.

United States, California, Pomona



Nice I love it I love it I love it I love the sound I love the vibe I love the quality music to my ears I would even recommend this song to my friends and I know for sure they would love it we wanna hear more

South Africa, Three Rivers East

Loving it Fam


This Is Music Righ Here!! dope work gentlemen!!! big ups and saluuuute real spit. Dope delivery flow and cadence and most of all production on point so big ups to your engineer 2 na mean lol dope song overall

United States, New York, Bronx

Badman [Ft. Kontravasy]


Great song really love this song great piece of art work delivered beautifully guitar sounds are amazing sing great backing vocals are great while I'm writing this and im listening to this a second time......I just love it,.......the lyrics are awesome tbe arraignment are awesome's written and delivered beautifully ...the lead guitar sound as me myself a guitar player love tbe sound. I just started for the third it love it love it ........tbe musicianship is great was played vreat ..................thank you for letting me review this song I truely love it......................

United States, New York, Middle village

Five stars


"Badman" [Ft. Kontravasy] by bless the mastermind is an absolute banger that demands your attention. The rhythm and rhyme in this track are tight, delivering a captivating verse style that keeps you nodding along. The flow is on point, effortlessly gliding over the Riverland sound beat, with each breakdown adding an extra layer of intensity. The collaboration with Kontravasy brings an explosive energy, enhancing the overall cadence and creating a perfect blend of vocals. It's a stellar example of top-notch rap/hip-hop music that will have you hitting the replay button over and over. A must-listen for any fan of the genre! Regards Dogz One Kill Or Die

United States, New York, New York




United States, New York, Brooklyn

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