Vibez [Bless & Ace The Artist] (Prod. Aymix x Z3na)

Alpha Mindz

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Good Vibez


One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song I like the singers pattern in his vocals. The simple music production let's us actually hear what they are singing about. Well produced and mixed. I'd listen again.

United States, California, Huntington Beach


Bless the Mastermind's "Vibes" is a captivating fusion of rap and hip-hop that delivers an infectious energy from start to finish. The track's production is top-notch, with a beat that hits hard and elevates the entire listening experience. Bless's rap style is both smooth and captivating, effortlessly riding the rhythm with a confident cadence that keeps you hooked throughout. The lyrics are clever and showcase Bliss's skillful wordplay, adding depth to the track. "Vibes" is a five star hip-hop masterpiece that is sure to leave listeners craving more from Bless the Mastermind. Regards Dogz One Kill Or Die music

United States, New York, New York



Nice I love it I love it I love it I love the sound I love the vibe I love the quality music to my ears I would even recommend this song to my friends and I know for sure they would love it we wanna hear more

South Africa, Three Rivers East

Muy buena música


Siempre es bueno navegar en esta plataforma NumberOneMusic porque puedes encontrar muy buenas propuestas musicales, así encontré la propuesta musical de Bless The Mastermind, realmente me gustó mucho, la música de este artista me agrada, es ideal para esos momentos en que te quieres aislar del bullicio de la ciudad, de las personas y de todo lo que te rodea. Me agrada mucho, los beats son muy rítmicos y la voz es muy grata al oído. A mi me hace recordar la música rap de la década de los 90´s; por esta razón recomiendo ampliamente el trabajo de Bless The Mastermind, deseo que más personas pueden conocer su trabajo y disfrutar de su buena música. ¡Felicidades por la propuesta musical! Sigue creando buena música, buenas mezclas. Me encantará seguir escuchando más de tu buen trabajo. ¡Saludos desde Puebla, México! ¡Mucho éxito en todo!

Mexico, Puebla De Zaragoza

Vibez [Bless & Ace The


Great song really love this song great piece of art work delivered beautifully guitar sounds are amazing sing great backing vocals are great while I'm writing this and im listening to this a second time......I just love it,.......the lyrics are awesome tbe arraignment are awesome's written and delivered beautifully ...the lead guitar sound as me myself a guitar player love tbe sound. I just started for the third it love it love it ........tbe musicianship is great was played vreat ..................thank you for letting me review this song I truely love it......................

United States, New York, Middle village



United States, New York, Brooklyn

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