Good song

This song is good! But it seems as if your only influence was Nickelback. Try broadening your tastes to come up with something new. I really like it though; just wish it was more original


Great start to get the person in & throughout the song to. Great Solo to brake up the song come see what you think of Laziest Man Alive keep up those songs good work.

nice one

nice one family you should sumbit this to a movie or somthing


Great sound musically I see something progressing here keep up the good work make more music is all that I can say.

keeping it real

sound good for rock music


real cool song love the track and the vibe really make you want to sit back smoke a fat Kush blunt and enjoy the sound so keep up the good work. follow me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM and like me on FACEBOOK....

Save us from ourselves

Good song overall.Nothing special but good song. Vocal guitar drums and bass making a goos beat.

Review of "SAVE US FROM OURSELVES" by rbbassman

Good song good band over all you need a good producer in the studio to help mix the song from one persons veiw of where to take the song.Sounds like the mix didn't like the guitar or something in the final mix but good job on the music front,could be a tune that gets airplay if really done up right.

great song

I loved the song but I think the lead guitar needs to be louder and more fuller other than that I think it is a good song the singing was good and on key the mix was good but as I said the lead needed to be louder


I love the music and your vocals but need a better mix.

Save us from ourselves

Great tune. Definitely radio ready. The song, not the mix. Not a bad mix, but the vocals and guitar solo could be brought out much more. I like the opening riff a lot. The chorus riff is a little blah, but the vocals pick up the slack. Your singer is really good. Great tone for this style. Nice guitar solo, too. One of the better songs I've heard on N1M. Keep up the good work.

save us from outselves

nice job - could work on the mix - vocals need to come forward - a little mud, not much - arrangement could use some dynamic variety - solid though


I love your vocals. I would listen to more of your tracks if it promised to be as good. I was blown away by your vocals I love the beat, I love the story of the song. It's just a good song. I love the melody, I love the tone. I didn't have any complaints. It sounds like a hit. Next track, just make the hook a little more catchy and unforgettable :). Good job

Review of "Save Us From Ourselves" by bilaal muhammad

Guitar over powers the vocals, I do love the story, Save Us From Ourselves" hell yeah. Yes I would buy this. Production needs some work. Georgia, United States 03.25.13

taboo smoke

intro 2nd guitar totally drowned out the 1st guitar vocals mixed too low like the vibe nicely arranged toon all in all the mix is a bit mushy prob from too distorted guitars lead solo just totally buried great toon held back by mediocre production
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