Shut Up

I think I'd never give a title like that to a song like this. This song has great potential, but the mix is a bit of a blur: everything swallows itself. A cleaner mix would improve a lot! I did like listening to it though, actual emotion is good ;)


interesting tune with a good production...

Review of "SHUT UP" by Franka

I don't like the keyboards ! Too sad, but not dark enough ! I stay nice and don't say "shut up" ! What a name...

review by DJs Unique Sound

I like the overall feel of the song. It reminds me of something from the 80's (in a good way). I like the guitar solo at the beginning, it set the pace for the song.


Enjoyed the beginning guitar solo. I would loved to have heard some more strings during the chorus. Lyrics are well thought out and planned, along with a fresh melody that was played with good execution. Maybe use more circular dampers on the cymbals to round out the crashes on the cymbals. The bridge was the best part of the song for me and I love the crescendo towards the end. A very heartfelt song, elicits a strong but firm mood that is relate-able.


the guitarist has nice control in the bends and the lines are cleanly played with good tone. The vox kicks serious ass with a good deal of power. The song is very evocative. I think it would be a good soundtrack, as one conjures up a good deal of images and such.


This is a great song!! Love the production!!

Very Good song, needs some work though

Shut up is a great song overall, I actually enjoyed it a lot. I don't know if I really dig the guitar solo in the beginning, part of me wishes the piano would start and then the vocals not long after. Overall, the dynamics of the song are good. When I hear the vocals, i hear a lot of emotion and I wish the instruments would match that emotion more. Instruments need to be a little bit more aggressive. The dynamics on the bridge need help, sounds that you build up the song well till the bridge, but then suddenly the sound drops on the bridge killing the momentum of the song. Besides all this, the song is great!
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