Checking out working

I think it was a good song for the people it has that good energy that will make you feel the words an the beat and melody was very catchy i think with some good promo this song would be a good one

Review of Workin'

Production is flawless - great live instrumentation. Mixing and mastering are great at well. I liked the vocal melody, but would have liked to hear the melody nailed a little better as opposed to more spoken. Lyrically, the words were a little too direct - I can hear more metaphors in there. Other than that, very well put together song - big fan of Billy! Waiting for that #1 hit man!!

Keep working

Good Music keep it up I'm listening and you can check out my music as well. It's party music and there's more to come so stay making them hits. My music is a Planetary party... It's about living life, enjoying money, women, and the feeling of enjoying good music that I call Hip-Pop... its a mixture of Pop with HipHop a new vibe for me to exploit... So keep doing what you doing and I will too...

So Kristofferson

This is as close as it gets to the honesty many artists always strive for .As a Producer, I would take the more emotional and honest performance over perfect notes and over produced tracks. Nice job... Thx for sharing :-)


Está bien la canción, tanto la interpretación vocal con una voz profunda y muy bonita, como instrumental muy correcta y sin abusos de instrumentos ni nada que destaque sobre otro, solo de guitarra simple y sobrio pero muy efectivo, aunque el nivel sobre la otra guitarra está por debajo. En general muy buena canción. The song is good, both the vocal performance with a deep and very beautiful voice, as well as very correct instrumental and without instrument abuses or anything that stands out from other, just simple and sober guitar but very effective, although the level on the other guitar it's below. In general very good song.

Bella musica

La voce e ottima e un ottimo suono spero di sentire altre tue canzoni che sono curioso e ve lo consiglio vivamente se ti fa piacere ascolta anche la mia musica e mi fai sapere cosa ne pensi ciao Lorenzo Puma

Great Song From The Heart

Great song from the heart of Billy Ray Deiz. Singing it how he feels it. Workin' is delivered honestly as it was written. Great recording with a live feel. You can feel the emotion of all the musicians. Great real life vibe.

Impressive Country-Pop original!

Great studio recording where all instruments really there, where they should be on a track of this quality. An impressive arrangement much more creative than others influenced by Country and Pop-music in perfect orchestration. The introducing starts of with acoustic guitar sound in the backround. The accompaining e-guitar is an extra factor and brings additionally beauty into the music. The intro feels like a story. The lyrics shows a different side of the American Dream. The song going hand in hand with questions about hard work to earn enough for the family and touches the soul. Melankolic song from Billy Ray Deiz as vocalist and brilliant instrumentalist. But the whole song is more various. The imaginative transitions from the stanza to the chorus making the song lively and creative. Nice played e-guitar solo in the bridge increases this tune and is another extra factor. This song is from a musician, who understand what good music is about. Also the mixing and mastering is professionell. This in Nashville produced originalsong could be a radio hit and it´s original and I´m sure, you will also like add to your collection.

Rather pleasant to listen to

Hello! Here is the voice, the singer that has of the personality: he does not whisper, he has of the "chest". We like or we like not! As regards the orchestration, it is very American, it reminds me in the music Texan ... Maybe because of the use of electric guitars? In any case it rings well. I am not "a fan" of this music kind, but the set is realized well and recorded well. All the best to you, and full of good musics!

Hello from Jerzy

This is just my opinion... first be nice if You re write to lyric...way to may time "working"...the whole song is to static..are You using a drum nice if The Drummer did "some work" on drums...and be Great if You rerecord the song with a better vocalist.... any haw... the song is ok for a life performance.. but will be hard to play on the Radio...Jerzy..

Working' Review

I like the idea of the song. The lyric content is good. The musical performance is missing inspiration. The guitar is the right sound, but needs more tasty licks to support the vocals. It feels slow ONLY because if feels uninspired. The lead guitar solo is good but I think if the supporting band mates were more inspired it would allow for a more inspired solo. Now to the vocals. There are times when an artist works so hard to get the music ideas together, not enough time is devoted to the vocals. I feel like this is the case here. I love the IDEA of the song, but I don't FEEL it, and it has everything to do with vocal performance. I would love to see you re do the vocals. I think it would lift the track.

I Feel YOur Pain

One of the things that I like the most about Country music is that It always seems to dig real deep into the heart and soul of life and it seems to paint an enduring picture..." so your kids can eat". That line there was very poignant as you painted a very good photo of a hard working man trying to make a dollar out fifteen cents. Another thing that I enjoyed about your your good song that paints such a good picture is the voice. I love the sound that truly makes the listener envision the concerned look and feel of the working man that is trying to make things happen. So please accept my props, my friend on a job well don. Ours is a challenge of painting a vivid picture in 3-5 minutes with music and you did n a good job at that.

Gsulu response

You mixing and mastering was good man , the engineer got some skill , but it sound country lol I couldn’t imagine listening to this on the normal but it could be a song to a car commercial or a promotion commercial.

Keep Workin...

I have no clue how this song is listed for a Pop song when it comes time to review. It's country. As a native of Salem, it's good to see a singer from Portland on here. With that said, the song composition is interesting. The vocals (backing vocals) don't seem to resonate quite the way I'd hope. The production/mixing sound like it could use adjustment to focus on some of the instrumentation - it all sounds fairly equal on the levels and that's not necessarily a good thing. Wishing you much success!


A great production for a very cheerful song, with a contagious melody and rhythm that impels us to shake the head :)). I think it's really a song that should be in the top of Pop music of Number One Music. I also really liked the other themes available on the page. I think is on the right way, and in terms of music production is really well done and I have to congratulate you on it. I'm waiting for new themes, with the same quality. Best wishes !! JB
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