Bill Champitto / Various / You Are Everything (pre-release)

you are

very good atmosphere; great jazz song and players; great instruments and arrangement;mixing is good and production too; pity jazz songs could not be hits,but this is great music!

Cool as the other side of a pillow

This is a super chill and enjoyable number. The only thing I can say that is off about this is not much, but the vocals sort of seem like they have an effect that’s slightly inconsistence. Maybe the vocals were dubbed over the instruments, I don’t know, but the instruments sound like they were recorded live and I don’t feel like the vocals were. That’s not too say that an untrained ear would notice such a thing or even care. I can picture this piece being performed in a poorly lit room. Gentleman, if you want to set the mood with your woman this is a perfect song. The tempo is just right to sway to while the lyrics suggest to your love one there is no other person you would rather be with. Pore a glass of wine or champagne, dim the lights, and play this song, and you will set the tone of charm that is irresistible. Fantastic work! Keep it cool.

LaWanda Lee's review

This song is inviting , refreshing , warming , comforting , classic , vocals , smooth tones , just the right input put into the song , Great job , Im a fan !

You are Everything

Musicians are out of time. Vocals need WORK! (They're WEAK and inconsistent!) Sounds like Lou Rawls but someone fell asleep! Not sure WHERE to place this track - jazz or contemporary R&B. Your pianist is KILLER, though! You get points for that.

you are everything

Goog God !

This song is god for health !

smooth jazz

..the emotional vocals are perfectly guided by a mellow but cool and swinging piano,Bass,and tight drums..It´s not overproduced,just that what is neccessery to keep all in balance.for my taste a very nice song. @Bill,you don´t need to write your own reviews here ,please! This makes this a little false,somehow. Best wishes:Vic


I'm not sure about this one. It is really nice to listen to but the vocals seem like they could give me more. The quality is rough. I love the instruments oh so nice. I think that will more push or even a female singing this would make it oh so nice. No more words though they way you did that made it perfect. As I have said before "less is more" and you hit it right on the nose. Good song.

Kicked-back and Easy

Great soulful song!!

Slow Burn.

This song says what it needs to say without too many lyrics. I kept the bluesy progression minimal as well. There is no bridge or chorus, no layered tracks, stringed orchestra, gospel chorus... this is just a piano/vocal trio, leaving as much room as possible for the performance to bring out the emotion and message.
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