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I SING VOCALS FOR THE BAD ASS BAND BERDOO FROM SAN BERNARDINO CALIFORNIA USA ON THE 8TH ALBUM AMERICAN SCARS AND A MADE IN USA METAL TOUR AND. I'm from L.A. love music ,animals, intelligent beings,I like to be around friends, family, and positive energy always. MUSIC IS FUKN LIFE..


Guitarist Production Management Songwriter Touring Artist Vocalist
JC Berdoo Jedi Guitarist for BERDOO an American bad ass Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer never signed endorsed or sponsored ever Self Promoting still broke of the number #1 Hardrock Metal band BERDOO from San Bernardino Ca since 1985 and the original creator of the Motley Cruefest and the Space Force Rocks Concert Tour and Alien-Aid.


HI I AM THE DRUMMER FOR BERDOO AMERICAN HARDROCK & ROLL HEAVY METAL BIKER BAND FROM SAN BERNARDINO CA USA PLUS THE NEW MADE IN USA METAL TOUR. I Live in Las Vegas and dig playing drums loud as hell touring the world with my band buds and wrestleing, cold beer, cool waves, tasty buds and bad ass bikes and hot rod cars.


i'm the bassist for the kick ass Hardrock and Roll Heavy Metal Biker Band BERDOO from San Bernardino California USA. I live in Las Vegas and like rocking out loud as hell, harley davidson bikes, fast cars, crazy chicks and touring with my brothers all over the would, life is a garden dig it.
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