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Ben Tanler
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Ben Tanler
3 months ago

Hey everyone,
Happy Summer to all and Happy 4th of July Weekend to the United States.
Here's a new song called Light Command!
It's a little different, you know, to match these different times we're in.
I hope you like it!
Peace and good times to all!

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Ben Tanler
9 months ago

Hi and thank you for being there and hanging in there with my music when I've not contributed as much lately... I do have new songs pretty ready to go, even one that's probably too much for people in these crazy times!!!

But anyway, Thank You again, and here's the announcement:

Happy New Year 2021!!!! OMG! Right!?!?
I have a new studio called The Streamer Studio and I'll be hosting live broadcasts this year!!! Yaayyy!!!

I'll send out messages each time we have a new broadcast coming up.

Here we go!
Got a feelin '21 is gonna be a good year!

Peace and more music!!!

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Ben Tanler
1 year ago

Hey good people,

I hope you are all well, doing good, even still having plenty of fun whenever you can, even in these crazy times!

So I'm just wanting to let you know I just uploaded 2 new songs. They're both definitely about love and not too pounding, but seems like they turned out pretty good as they are anyway.
I do have several more new songs that are almost done now that I'm excited about, so I'll let you all know when they drop!!!

You know, everything is so weird right now, here in Seattle, link. and most likely wherever you are in the world too.
My thoughts are that, even though there's plenty we have to deal with, just keeping a good heart and being patient and nice the best we can seems to help. I totally believe it's all going to work out great sooner or later, and we'll all be having lots more fun!!! Peace, Love & Life All

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Ben Tanler
2 years ago

Hi everyone,

Hey, I'm just wanting to let you know that I've finally added 2 new songs! "Carry Me On" and "Pleasure". These are just the first 2 songs for my new album and I'll be adding the rest of the songs for the album over the next few months.

It's been about a year, so Thank You so much for your patience and I so hope you like them!
Please let me know what you think, if you want to.

Hoping all is well with you guys!

Wishing you all Peace, Love, and Great Times with many more to come!


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Ben Tanler
3 years ago

Hey super cool guys and girls, just letting you know I added 2 new songs: Sunrise, and Where the Guitars Play. Sunrise is pretty pleasant and Where the Guitars Play is dedicated to the music scenes everywhere. I hope you like them - And I hope you're all enjoying life the best you can wherever you are in the world today! Peace!

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