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A Youthful and Emotional Melody

Adoko's vocals exude a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion. His youthful timbre adds authenticity to the lyrics, making listeners feel like they're sharing a personal moment with the artist. The way he delivers lines like "last time we danced in the rain" or "your touch, your smile, your name" tugs at the heartstrings, evoking memories of lost love and bittersweet nostalgia. The instrumentation is intentionally sparse, allowing Adoko's voice to take center stage. A gentle acoustic guitar or piano accompanies him, emphasizing the intimacy of the song. The absence of elaborate production elements creates an intimate atmosphere, as if Adoko is singing directly to the listener. It's a refreshing departure from overly produced tracks. The melody is where "Last Time" truly shines. It weaves through highs and lows, capturing the ebb and flow of emotions. The chorus, in particular, is memorable and easy to sing along to. Adoko's ability to convey complex feelings through simple, melodic phrases is commendable. The hook stays with you long after the song ends.

Austria, Vienna


reminds me of hannah diamond. i like the recording quality, with great production and musicianship. you have a nice voice. i'd like to hear more vocal stacking/more harmonies. a touch of reverb could be cool as well.

United States, Oregon, Portland

benjy adoko "last time"

benjy adoko "last time" OK the genres listed here are pop, singer songwriter and r&b. But this is like nothing i've heard from a singer song writer at an open mic and like nothing I've heard when once working for a R & B club. On listening I was guessing is this lo-fi minimalistic? But let's take a moment to consider the pop element which is a fairy unque voice in my opion. I can't say I've heard anything like it. Which is a good thing in my book but a question does need to be asked and answered can another 10 percent be found through voice traning? I'd recomend giving book/cd "singing for the stars" seth riggs a go. Some of this can be found on youtube free. I think there are people looking for what is already here but maybe not main stream pop yet.

United Kingdom, London

Last Time : review

Pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the syncopated rhythmic composition. It starts with a simple melodic melody. The singer begins with tender lyrics complementing the melodic phrasing. As the song develops the percussion begins to build in time, matching the vocal crescendos which draws the listener in. The singer reveals his deep devotion to his amour. This is written as if were a personal letter or conversation, and the listener becomes the innocent voyeur. The best surprise is the ending where we find that as with all things, this love has come to and end. Great demo; I don't believe this is radio friendly yet. There is professional mastering that could be done that could really shape the overall track. The mix is too dry and awash in mid tones, (unless this is what the artist wanted). But I feel more highs and lows in the final EQing would make a difference. But get the song out to someone. This is a well written and composed contemporary pop song.

United States, California, Los Angeles

Professional sound recording with modern sound vocalist and high standard production

I review while I listen to your song. Modern voice, that's a hype nowadays. Nice and intimate. Professional quality recording with some nice tiny fx...maybe try some minimal reverb on the voices...just experiment. I am a computermusician with Copy and Paste...this is musical. Maybe try to get more "room/ambience" in the recording...just a matter of trying which remix works best (Billy Jean had a hundred before deciding on the first...). Maybe you like the Peter Gabriel sounds for your instrumental sound...(So/Up/Us)...filtered sounds with an African flavour...the only thing I could think of, I miss a little bit of an explosian...more difference in dynamics between intimate and full throttle (is that a right expression?)

Netherlands, Weert

Great starting point

Can hear something here, but it has yet to be harnessed and channelled. There is a uniqueness in you vocal which is you; you can capitalise on. Track needs production refinement to better establish where you want it to go: Clarity is everything until it's not what you want. A bit of pitch correction may assist you here as well until you master your vocal delivery. Not a bad tract. All the best with it.

United Kingdom, London

Last Time but not the last play

A beautiful intro allows you to slip into this chilled groove. The build piano and vocals create the energy that erupt once the drums kick in. Benjy's voice is so soft, yet full of emotion. He carries the song perfectly from start to finish. The lyrics are deep but not sad, he expresses the love without sounding like a wailing, injured lamb. The production is well balanced with subtle variants of volume and intensity. The highlights are the lovely soft piano arpeggio, like a lullaby, but able to carry the rhythm all by itself. I really enjoyed the song and am sure you will to.

United Kingdom, Jersey Channel Islands

Last Time Next Time

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song Benjy's soft vocals is such a soothing comfort to your ears. The simple musical arrangement compliments Benjy's performance. This is a song I'd expect to hear him sing at a local coffee shop on a Thursday afternoon while enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Train your intonation

Basically a nice piece of music, even though I prefer old school guitar based songs much more than these modern keyboards nd synthetic drums. But the harmonies are nice, a bit melancholic and introspective, and the drum pattern is at least interesting and special. What I noticed especially in verse 2 is that your intonation is not always proper, which is a pity. I mean, you are brave enough to sing out and even to record and issue your song, and you're neither hiding your voice behind walls of sound nor manipulating it with the usual effects. This is honorable in my eyes and ears, but on the other side your voice should be stable and precise then, otherwise I fear you won't be taken serious. Cheers, schnoed

Germany, Schweinfurt

bella voce

bella voce con pianoforte di sottofonfo l'armonia comincia a prendere piede e due voci si fondono bene canzone carina e originale ma anche la cantante ci sa fare specialmente nell'acuto arrangiamento ottimo e originale veramente pop il tutto mi. piace ed e' parte di un bel disegno creativo bravi tutti cantante compositori e musicisti pezzo originale e anche orecchiabile

Italy, dalmine bg

Soft blues

This interesting song has a good rhythm, quiet and intensive. The beauty voice has a positive balance with the sound of the piano. It seems to listen sharp too inside. A very well made song.

Italy, Monfalcone, Trieste

Last time

Great song really love this song great piece of art work delivered beautifully guitar sounds are amazing sing great backing vocals are great while I'm writing this and im listening to this a second time......I just love it,.......the lyrics are awesome tbe arraignment are awesome's written and delivered beautifully ...the lead guitar sound as me myself a guitar player love tbe sound. I just started for the third it love it love it ........tbe musicianship is great was played vreat ..................thank you for letting me review this song I truely love it......................

United States, New York, Middle village

Slightly off target

I enjoy hearing new music. I’m afraid this song was not as enjoyable as I had hoped. There’s a strange rhythm thing going on that is distracting. The vocals need some tuning and mild reverb effects added. I think songs should build in dynamic as well. And while this one did add small instruments as it went on, there wasn’t much in a rise of overall feel. In addition, the song is about one and half minutes too long for radio and to keep my attention. I like to give positive and honest reviews but this one was not one I felt I could be very positive about other than to say, good job and keep trying. 3 stars for the effort.

United States, Virginia, Danville

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