SPELLBOUND 2015 (Official)

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Song Reviews

Tear it up Wolfman

Wish Wolfman Jack could've heard this. Having a lady sing about the Moonlight creature brings it to another level. Crunchy guitar is right there with the groove, There's a vulnerability to her voice I enjoy. Makes the wolf seem like a puppy until she belts it, Ha ha. Then the guitar rightly tears it up. You guys rock. Tear it up, Wolfie.

United States, Texas, Houston

A tension of scaring shadows in the night

Good driving guitar sound paired with a good female voice. I see me driving through the forests by night, these sounds jumping to my ear with that awesome guitar solo in the middle of the song. And it's driving on and on, trees rushing by and a howling through the air. This makes the atmosphere give a tension of scaring shadows in the night. And in the end it all has to be repeated and has to begin again.

Germany, Stuttgart

Heavy and hard

The mix is well balanced. The over all feel has blend of modern, 70's hard rock and plasmatic grunge. It is a very entertaining piece. Feminine version of cockrock metal lyrics. Keep doing what you love.

Japan, Sapporo-shi

Scary Wolfman!

Wow, that's a good sound you guys got going there. I can't say anything about production, its all good. I like the singing, a lot. Reminds me a bit of Don Dokken, who I think is great. I like a more melodic angle for HR and metal vocals, good stuff there. All instruments are played and sounding good. There's nothing to critic, you guys are really good!

United States, Oregon


I like this song and sound of music.Nice thing is that we have here singing girl with not bad voice at all.I like singing girls who can scream and have some drive in the voice.Good song and good idea.

United Kingdom, Birmingham


Really nice song with a great concept of lyrics and strong message! These guys are pretty good and the music too, it's very well played, composed and produced! Well done boys! We are really curious of how far you guys are going to go and if you are going to play at (UK) at some point give us a shout and we might play together! Check us out at facebook: October Ends. Our new EP is out on Spotify too! Peace! (Y)

United Kingdom, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hard Rocking

The beat on this song is infectious. As I sat here in the crypt I found my feet moving of their own volition. The crunching yet clean guitar reminded me slightly of old (good) Motorhead or Holocaust. Kick ass.

United States, Pennsylvania, Albrightsville

check this out!!!!

Hallo Beltane Fire! We are REMEDY from germany and we just listened to your song Wolfman. We all like it very much and we hope that you will upload some more songs!!!! Keep on rocking!!!!Greetz from ODW!!!

Germany, rimbach

Very groovy!

Great song. I'd just turn up it and drive through the desert. I hear a little megadeath and some radiohead. Keep up the great work Beltane Fire. Love to hear more. Nice guitar work by the way. :) rock on

United States, New York, New York

Rock & Roll Never dies!

It is difficult to find few words to describe this good song. It has a catchy Riff and with a lot of groove, the balance of the mix is neat and gives a great portagonismo to the main voice. Something from Bruce Dikinson, Something of Elastica (connection), something from Dave Mustaine is an outstanding, intense, direct, neat and precise voice. Well accompanied by the choirs sweetly sits over the mix. When you shake the "solo" guitar is the time to jump to the center of the scene and hit it all! It is a kick in the chest when the hottest guitar comes. Good song to tour the city when we are in a hurry. Rock makes us feel alive, Rock Never dies!

Argentina, San Isidro

Howling to the Beltane Fire

I love the vocals. Real potential to be a serious contender in this highly competitive genre. The guitars are well done but I wanted more from them perhaps concealing some explosive improvisation or taking some risk to put my ear on the edge. However they have a great raw sound and liked the overall effect. The interludes of howling should been much louder. I was pushing my earphones in to hear them. The drumming was solid and the snare was on top where it should be. It reminded of the Wheels of Steel, Saxons 2nd debut album.

Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay

Beltain Fire

Trippy 78 NWOBHM band Like Early Priest.The best part of this is the groovy hooks and chords.Metal Heads in invancy.Add the lyrics that could be used in your local Coven,Nemeton,Grove,Temple,Sacred Space,or circle or blog .You fill your lettingo to the drop and groove,Did you see her staring at you? I know you did....don't take the purple acid. Promoter Ray Williamson SR VP of US Operations of RAWK Promotions Arlington,Tx.USA (817)542-6016

United States, Texas, Arlington


Nice good work I'm not to mush in writing rreviews but im also very picky on what i like or gets my attention and this was good my friend walk in and ask me if you guy were iron Madison so I guess that's good to be compere to them but good luck hopefully one day we can share the stage your truly Emilio Miles Ledezma

United States, Texas, San Antonio

EPIC! awesomeness! great intensity to this, got beat!

I dig on dis, it got serious beat to it. I like that back beat. the guitar riff gives it a proper character and grit. the drums got pump to them, keep it goin strong, I can enjoy that, I like proper drumming. the vocal quality is good, very understandable and clear, well mixed. great lyrics, they work well. good singing. I'd record a little different, put 6 db more on the bass drum below 120, pan the guitar split chorus on each left and right so it has more of a stereo drift. I'd also pan the snare drum hard left, a splash cymbal hard right, and put the bass thru a distortion pedal too. the vocal track I'd give it a little 'verb and give it 2db more around 800hz for more presence in the mix. overall great work!

United States, Florida, miami

Beltane Fire Explodes

Very cool,down right gritty,and rough right form the first riff that fires out from their arson of in your face songs!!Wolfman grabs you from the beginning,and keeps you suspended with punky aftertones..very cool!!

United States, Pennsylvania, Lewistown

Your Song "WOLFMAN"

Let's start off by saying what an intro with the howling and the the guitars are just exploding from the start to give it a true sense of Rock and Roll while the Vocals are enhancing that captures the ears and makes me want to crank this until the speakers beg to not explode. Great recording and Cheers to all the musicians in this project. You did yourself proud on this one. Write On~~~

United States, Texas, San Antonio, Texas

Rock on

I really like your music keep on making great music most music today is not real it has lost its passion.i like all types of music Gospel jazz classic rock Christian.God bless you in all your endeavors keep on pushing.

United States, California, Every Where


Sick as Fuck. Good job boys. The guitars are raunchy yet simple and it has that classic kind of sound/feel . The vocals remind me of some kind of 80's rock band and the drums are just right for this song! (As a bassist, I like a good drummer) The bass has a killer and mean sounding low tone that compliments the song especially at the solo chorus. Keep it up guys!

United States, Florida, Boca Raton


A very cool track rock on and write more songs like this one in 2017. All the best for you, many cheers from Frankfurt Germany. Thumbs up, music is more than only noise... it´s hope Believe and magic.

Germany, Frankfurt Am Main


Wolfman has punch, it's a real underground song, a music to be played thousands and thousands of times. Keep rocking Beltane, your song Wolfman has punch! Rock & Roll forever and ever Dibih T.

Brazil, São Paulo

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