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Really Good

So many sounds, so many influences...early 1970's also The Cure just to name a few. I really like your style. Good mix on the instruments. Very nice backing vocals and harmonies. This is a happy sounding song. Also, has a middle eastern under tone. Maybe, it's India influence, like George Harrison. Very interesting ending. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

la nights

The song is very mellow with very good lyrics i love the melodies they use in the song very melodic nice blending chorus as well im from la so i bet alot of people will like this blend well done ayhan i look forward to hearing more from ayhan in the future

The SRHV Reviews

I like this song !I In my opinion this song is a great mix between traditional american folk music, country music, modern pop & classic rock. Great vocals and back up harmonies . I am hearing acoustic & electric guitars , nice clean work great solos . I heard violin as well.The bass is basic but not as basic as a 1980's pop song ,(lol humor) i liked the bass because it does a little more then just the basic boom boom tonic. I really appreciate the instruments used for the arrangements. I think i m hearing a mandolin and some ethnic guitar solo (the Lute) in the middle as well which really took me by surprise. I heard a very tight rythmic section between the drums and the percussions, I m really into this song ! I have been listening to a lot of music on N1M the past few days , and I have noticed 2 things : 1 there is a lot of éléctronic music , 2 unfortunately, even if there are some great artists on N1M , there are many recordings that do not meet the basic industry standards (I am speaking of audio quality only and not musicianship) The reason why i stoped to review this artist is because I personnaly appreciate organic music and I noticed this artist took the time to produce his song by recording it properly and having it properly mixed & mastered , that made it very agreable to listen to. SRHV 's opinion dont matter , but it is

L.A Nights

This song has an easy feel about it and it takes me back to an earlier time. It is a feel good song easy to like and well recorded it would make a really good album track. So I look forward to hearing more from Ayhan Sahin

Solid Effort

Ayhan delivers an ode to the city of Los Angeles via LA Nights. The song is a cool uptempo pop/rock hybrid that delivers a big hook on the chorus. The vocals and background vocals blend seamlessly. The nylon guitar break is tasty and really doesn't need the electric behind it. The only downside of the song seems to be the production attached to it. Could use some better drums to groove the song along more.

L.A. Nights

Ayhan Sahin's song captures the mood of an evening in the City of Angels and delivers it to the listener. Excellent production provides the perfect listening condition to feel what the artist feels without distraction. The verse has a melancholy dance vibe leading into an upbeat chorus, then to a flamingo guitar solo and ultimately ending with a tape rewind on the outro. Listened to L.A. Nights it a few times and recommend you check it out. Great song! Scott...WFJ

L a

L.A. Nights is a song that is very well put together. Very noticeable is the the good sound, great mixing and mastering on the track. I liked that the structure is spiced up with a few breaks and instrumental variations (eg acoustic guitar) which keeps the song interesting while people will still be able to catch up on the chorus. For my taste the effects on the lead vocals are a bit strong and I would take out the reverse play sound effect at the end, apart from that fantastic job.

"L.A. Nights" by Ayhan Sahin

The song "L.A. Nights" by Ayhan Sahin is a well written, produced and arranged recording - initially, the dominant acoustic rhythm guitar riff reminds me of an up-tempo "Hurricane" by Bob Dylan. Both the guitar soloing and vocals (lead and backing) were very well executed.

LA Nights

nice upbeat tempo with impressive vocals,the song moves along briskly through the original verses then nice backround vocals are added to the mix.I especially liked the way the song breaks down tempo then restarts with impact.Some effective notes are added to the mix via guitar.The song has a strong mix to it adding vocals,guitar and giving it nice balance.I feel the song is very polished and has some memorable components to it. Well done,you can hear the hard work done in it

My first review.

This is a great song,it really is."L.A. Nights" is my first taste of the music of Ayhan ,and It tastes..wonderful. Great rhythm and vocals.I love how the song develops,and the harmonies and lead guitar are masterful.

Straight forward

This tune has great potentiale, and is easy on the listeners ears. The melody is well balanced, and your voice fits the instrumentation perfectly. In other straight forward as it gets. Nice tune :-)

great rock n roll

From the start this tune is straight forward rock n roll and is easy to love. Very much in the line of "the police", "REM" and "Tom Petty" and very original at the same time. Check this out, I very much recommend it!

"L.A Nights"

Hi, this is a really nice song. Very original. It has pleny of colour, light and shade. You could almost hear the influences of Maroon 5 crossed with The Scissor Sisters. So yes a really cool singalong chorus.

The city of lights...

Ayhan Sahin brings us L.A. Nights, an upbeat pop song with plenty of energy of verve. From a listener's standpoint I really like and appreciate the energy. This song has flavors of Al Stewart in it's back beat and soundscape. From a producer's perspective the only thing holding this song back is the mixing and mastering of the song. I found that the song got crushed in its mastering with excessive compression that makes the song a bit drum and bass heavy and causes the vocals and guitar to have to fight through the mix. This is a great song that with certain little tweaks could have brought out the 5th star. A half point is deducted as a result of the engineer not giving proper dynamic to the guitars and keys.

I Liked It...

Nice soft pop rock song you have here, Ayhan. I see you've worked with Melba Moore and Phobe Snow...outstanding! I like the beat on the song. It has a lot things going on, just like the song says: "L.A. Nights". The bridge was very nice. It carried into and out of it greatly with the breaks and nice guitar work. I liked it....Good Luck and have fun in your music adventure ~
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