Young Pals Music / Pop / "Love Everybody" by A2B

Positive Feeling

Good Song, lots of hooks and riffs. Very positive feeling and the over all arrangement is good.I would almost call this electric pop, a little hint of the eighties sound and style yet lyrical for a younger audience , Good job

Review of Love Everybody

Off to a good start - very happy melodic. Very happy song! Nice poppy bass line, drums, synths. Has a Cyndi Lauper feel, Girls Just wanna have fun. I hear some skipping in the audio, don't know if that's the website or the song. Hard to tell. I'll listen to another song to see if it's my computer......Not my computer. So I would give you 5 stars, but the audio quality is skipping - check your audio, and maybe remaster.

Well done

Nice melody, nice words. I can hear the fun they had, when they recorded the song. It is worth it. Goodchoir, good singers and also good musicians and programming I suppose. You can hear the good production. With regards, Maurizio

Diggin' that Happy Vibe...

Diggin' that Happy Vibe... In the Lives we live today, it's always great to hear a happy song. Fun club vibe. This song is well thought out , recorded well and captures and carries that same feel good vibe... I LIKE IT ! Thx for sharing :-)

Very catchy song with a good messsage :)

The tune is catchy and has a nice rhythm and rhyming pattern to it, which is probably perfect for a children's song. But the vocals are pretty hard to hear, at least with the headphones I'm using. Although I'm not a huge fan of the bass in this song (it sounded dissonant at the beginning to me), I think the overall mix is kind of light on the low end of the spectrum and could do with some boosting. I found the chorus annoying, to be honest...but maybe that's just because I'm an adult? Idk lol. Overall I love the message of the song, though! And the sort of rap/spoken part of the around the bridge area...was really nice :) I'm giving this five stars because my criticisms are mainly just personal opinions lol. Anyhow this song will probably be stuck in my head for the next few that's a good sign, I guess, lol ;)


It's good MUSIC love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone love everyone

"Feel Good for a purpose"

"Love Everybody" is a happy feel good tune but with a purpose. The tune seriously gets you asking "Is it naive to believe that its possible to love everybody?" This song confirms with an absolute NO. In these ever-changing times, a tune like this gets the listener dancing and jumping around not to forget the difficult times we live in, but to rejoice because it is possible to "Love Everybody" Professionally put together, this is one of those tunes where after listening to it, one can't wait to watch the video to the song. A melodious track which grabs the listeners ears and then unexpectedly, the rap shows up and ties everything together in a joyous sound of love. Great tune, great delivery with a great message. I recommend this song to "Everybody" with Love.

Like AbbA is back.

The intro started beautifully,and one begins to wonder what follows next, but then the voices come in explosively bringing one immmediately into thinking if ABBA of the 80s from Sweden are back again. And the rythm goes on in a swing with the Rap from another angle directing the music to the modern generation style. I like this song because it's special due to its mixture of the ABBA style of singing and the Rap which adds the attitude of the modern pop scene. This song gives a sign of the return of a new ABBA. Yeah guys check it out, you are on the right direction. Keep it up. I wisch you best of luck.

Love Everybody Review

A very catchy old school type of groove. I can definitely see it as a song to be used for kids music. I hope you are marketing it that way. It will be great for programs like kindermusik that teaches kids to sing and dance. Great work!


It has a fun and happy sound but for a children's song it's too complex because I can only hear some of the words. The rapping throws it off and will go over a lot of children's heads but all in all I like it. Good job!

Good job!

Hello! Very nice this small song... Well that is not of a crazy originality but... It is pleasant because the rhythm is furious, the major mode is well to him! The voices are " young " and full of life! This song a little reminds me a contine for children!!! It is joyful, cheerful, very dynamic; The set(group) is recorded well, it rings well; while waiting for other compositions from you; See you soon!


Divertida canción sobre el amor fraterno. Aman a todos, la canción parece más dirigida a niños, aunque los adultos también la pueden disfrutar. Con ritmo, buenas voces, buenos coros, música dinámica. Una canción alegre para todos los públicos. Fun song about fraternal love. They love everyone, the song seems more directed to children, although adults can also enjoy it. With rhythm, good voices, good choirs, dynamic music. A happy song for all audiences.

love everybody

very nice production job that immediately has appeal to young childen network. I could definitely hear this as a intro to a childs programming. it has a childlike quality to it that would play well to the younger set with a catchy little melody.T he words jive nicely with the melody,playful and unassuming yet interesting enough to keep your attention.All in all a very nice effort in a niche market.well done

Love Everybody

This is one more amazing production for a very cheerful song, with a contagious rhythm that impels us to dance. I think it's really a song that should be in the top of Pop music of Number One Music. I also really liked the other themes available on the page, like I said before. I think is on the right way, and in terms of music production is really, really well done and I have to congratulate you on it again. I'm waiting for new themes, with the same quality. Best wishes !! JB

Hello from Jerzy...

I guess I hear somewhere a parts of Your song. ( not sure about that )...It is nice to hear sometime some nice Melody .. I feel like a Kid Again ( the song has some Kids Elements)... did You try to found a Kids Music Publishers.. just an is good for life performance and dance and YES Kids Play... I Love that..Jerzy...
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