Nice Melody...and not much more..for something like that You need a Great Piano Player..who will take That Melody to Next Level..so I do not think anything will happen with This song.. remember That Good Piano NEED TWO HANDS.. ok..so work on this with Great Arrangement and Fantastic Piano is possible that something good will happen..but not yet..work on It I wish You good luck..with submissions..but again.. make it better...Good Job..

Piano Music

Piano is such a beautiful instrument. It’s so expressive yet you can’t do many things like bend a note or add a little vibrato. You can add a little sustain, and piano music is hard to read because there are so many notes and rhythms played at the same time. The piano parts in artemisio e loredana’s PIANO IN THE UNIVERSE are simple and melodic. Every piano note is percussive, and piano is considered a percussion instrument. In this song the piano part is soft and soothing; and the orchestration is also relaxing and lovely. Thank God for the piano and its music, and thank you artemisio e loredana for this beautiful song.


Hello, I listened to Universe a number of times; I was very impressed with the piano work; I actually wish there had been more piano solo in the track. The use of background vocals was a nice touch to blend with your piano. The use of the synth (organ?) mellowed out the song, but I thought it was too strong at certain changes. The arrangement was good and followed a typical pattern, similar to a vocal arrangement; no surprises.The message and mood of the song based on its title came across well, kind of reaching out to the cosmos. The use of the the reverse sounds for an effect in the song was not necessary and I felt it sounded a little cheesy; like an after thought. Overall the Universe had a nice flow.

"Piano in the Universe" Takes You on a Smooth Journey

"Piano in the Universe" takes you on a smooth journey as the title suggests. The catchy piano melody sets a light, playful tone against the beautiful string chords which accompany it. Then throughout the composition the nice blend of instruments along with the strings enhances the mellow journey that the music takes you on which is very pleasing and relaxing. The only part of the song that was a let down was the ending when drums came on strong with a fanfare style but for me it jars the smooth mood that the song take you on. As the ending approached I was expecting the song to fade out or end with the beautiful string chords with no percussion. That's why, in my opinion, ending with drums jarred the mood. Even with that unexpected ending, I still rate this song 5 STARS because the musical journey was that nice. Keep up the good work.

a haunting melody

the title says it all, it's an universal trip, The melody grabs you right from the start, the elaborates into an atmospheric journey. Never gets old or boring, love the way the strings uplifts the main piano melody the second melody's great too, but i'd like to hear it with another sound, like violin or cello. keep up with te good music!
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