artemisio e loredana / instrumental dream / THE MOST ROMANTIC CITY


I loved the idea and the execution of the different melodies however I felt the instruments could have sounded better. If you was given those tools I think you would have executed it properly. I would definately say invest more into your sound bank to elevate the overall sound of your music because you already know how to execute properly. Good luck to you and keep going.

Its melodic & catchy. Its pretty much good for what it is

The title of the track is very fitting for the music. It has the sound of romance in its atmosphere. Listening to it puts you in a good mood. Its easy listening music. Its melodic & catchy. Its pretty much good for what it is. I give this track a 4.5 out of 5.

Bop review

Nice mellow ballad let's jump right into it, very nice intro with the bass and drums I'm also digging the keyboard effects. This song almost has an early Chicago to it. Must be the arrangements it also reminds me of in the navy by the village people. I really enjoyed the arrangements as well as final mix down.i swear I hear a French horn in there. My overall opinion of this song is it's a very easy song to listen too.


nice Melody..but this is a working demo not ready to be hear by Music Publisher or be played on The Radio Station..I think this recording was done using a keyboard and computer also I'm hearing a Drum again this is just a demo which need to be worked on..I'm sorry but the truth is that in Today Music World Everybody asking for Final Product not a until You will make a Radio Ready RecordingI do not think anybody will gave You a chance..yes Melody is nice this is why I gave You 3 Stars..Good Luck..


This is not Your best Tune..with a Good Instrumentation possible a Nice Tune for a Marching Band.. but that need a complex very expensive Recording.. so what is left to play It for Friends with hope that One Day You will Hit The Lottery Jack at this Point is not Important if I Like or Not.. but You will do with It..the ONLY way is to make a Whole Instrumentation on Paper.. ( Partytura ) and when is finish try to send a Written Copy to Classical Music Publishers..and let's see what will happen..I wish You a GOOD Luck..


I like The Melody but You Must work on Arrangement..It Must be Much better.. specially if is an todayMusic World Music Publishers and Radio Stations looking for a Perfect Radio Ready Recording ..and Yours is not in That Category yet..I know cost money to do that but this is the Only Way..well try to send It to Them and I think You will found out ..They will agree with me..I wish You good luck with submissions..Keep writing..


I like the changes in the intro. It’s like a twelve bar but with an eight bar turn around. Nice. Your music is so Italian, with contemporary western surprises. It’s simple, relaxing and changes instruments and mood to remain exiting. If I close my eyes I see waves crashing into small rocky islands. No one around for miles, yet I’m not alone. It’s still hot, and maybe I can climb down there for a swim. The bridge to “THE MOST ROMANTIC CITY” reminds me not to try. I remember that city, but I think it was in Wisconsin. Thanks again for your music artemisioeloredana, and the free therapy.
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