artemisio e loredana / instrumental dream / MAND0LINS IN THE WIND

let’s go to Naples

Dinner on the bay at my friend Massimo’s and fresh homemade Gamberetti with wine, beer, Baily’s and coffee. We played some of artemisio e loredana’s work and Massimo liked MAND0LINS IN THE WIND the best. Massimo is from Naples and he said it reminded him of home. Ok Naples sounds beautiful but I’ve never been there. Join us; let’s go to Naples with MAND0LINS IN THE WIND at our back.


Very nice relaxing composition - very well performed - For a instrumental composition the music style is kind of special - sophisticated but popular - Solo instruments are very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticate well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be promoted internationally- So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy...


It is a nice melody..kind off Relaxation Music..but need some work done in arrangement..Inotes that You using keyboards and computer a lot.. this is no go in today music..because of that I have to grade Your tune on low end..Please start using Real will sound much better trust it is now I do not hear anything me Real Instruments always will put The composition on the next leve...good luck...

Digital production is the new frontier

Ciao mio caro amico: È difficile per me fare una recensione della musica di altri artisti, ti prego di capire che ho un modo molto particolare di creare la mia musica, quindi non fraintendermi, non ti sto dando una recensione negativa; Esprimo solo ciò che nel mio modo personale di creare, noterei e proverei a cambiare. Di solito distruggo le mie canzoni molte volte finché non mi sembrano organiche. Dividerò questa recensione in 3 parti: Performance musicale, missaggio e produzione: 1-Esecuzione: Artemisio, sei un artista di grande esperienza e talento e non vedo alcun problema nella tua esecuzione; La melodia è buona e il nome della canzone ha senso nell'idea musicale. Ottimo lavoro lì. 2- Mix: il livello di introduzione è troppo basso e potrebbe essere perso in un normale lettore di auto durante la guida. Non c'è avventura nella linea di mix, siamo seduti per 3:02 minuti senza alcun cambiamento nel mix principale, il che ti fa sentire la musica di sottofondo in un ascensore mentre potrebbe essere una canzone memorabile. 3- Produzione: la differenza tra una performance e una registrazione è che qualunque cosa tu stia pensando e sentendo in quel momento diventa una capsula del tempo e rimane per sempre come un timbro delle tue idee artistiche e musicali. Eri avventuroso? Stavi cambiando qualcosa? Quali sono state le tue sfide allo stesso tempo? Trova un buon produttore con diversi background e idee, prova ad adattarti e ad imparare (questa è la parte importante per te). Questa è una canzone perfetta per iniziare a produrre una canzone di successo. Grazie per avermelo chiesto, spero che non mi deluderai con il mio modesto contributo. Saluti dal freddo del Minnesota. Hello my good friend: It's hard for me to do a review of the music of other artists, please understand that I have a very peculiar way of creating my music, so don't get me wrong, I'm not giving you a bad review; I only express what in my personal way of creating, I would notice and try to change. I usually destroy my songs many times until they feel organic. I will divide this review into 3 parts: Musical performance, mixing and production: 1-Execution: Artemisio, you are a very experienced and talented artist and I don't see any problem in your execution; The melody is good, and the name of the song makes sense in the musical idea. Good job there. 2- Mix: the level of introduction is too low and could be lost in a normal car player while driving. There is no adventure in the mix line, we are sitting for 3:02 minutes without any change in the main mix, which makes you feel like background music in an elevator while it could be a memorable song. 3- Production: The difference between a performance and a recording is that whatever you were thinking and feeling at that moment becomes a time capsule and remains forever as a stamp of your artistic and musical ideas. Were you adventurous? Were you changing something? What were your challenges at the same time? Find a good producer with different backgrounds and ideas, try to fit in and learn (that's the important part for you). This is a perfect song to start producing a successful song. Thank you for asking me, I hope you do not disappoint with my humble contribution. Greetings from the cold of Minnesota.

Like dancing on a star!

This instrumental music is so romantic! It is like the feeling of falling in love with a very special person, but a love story told in musical sounds instead of words. Listening to it for the first time, I was sent on a journey up into the night sky... I felt just like I was dancing on a beautiful, diamond-glistening star! And then dancing in weightless joy all across the starry skies... a lovely dream, yes! That is the best way I can describe the experience of hearing this peaceful and tranquil musical piece. Thank-You!
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