artemisio e loredana / ARTE FENDER / L'ANIMO ALPINO ( ALPINE MOOD )

i dont know italian but the singer is pretty nicec smooth and

good and on key not 100 perfect but very good the background sounds as though it is a track froma five and dime but the song is rather sexy i think thats the word it is definite not gospel but could be maybe it will put you to a nice slaeep well thats all i have to say about that now can i have a boxx of chocolates mamma

feel the view

The delay time set for L'ANIMO ALPINO is perfect for the mountains. I can feel the view as I listen. The song seems to express gratitude for this place. The bells and tympani drums express the majesty, and the slower tempo tells of respect. The orchestration reminds me of the beauty of Spring with mountain sides full of color. Personally, I enjoy winter in the mountains, and this song reminds me. Artemisio e Loredana’s music is a European Vacation, and I hope to get back there soon. In the meantime, I want to hear that view again


This is a good song which has a possibility to be a Great one..but You must found a Great Singer..I'm sorry to say that You are Trying Your Best but is way to short in Quality for today Music World..I really Think this sing You must Rerecorded and who knows what will happen.. as It is now is just a "demo" ok for Family and Friends bur Not for MajorMusic Publishing House or Radio Station.. I do hope You will make It better.. I wish You good luck wisth Recording and submissions when all is done..


This is a nice song not sure if is an Original or Cover ..but It need a young better vocal..this is a hard song to sung so the young voice will do the job.. as It is now is not on the level Music Publisher will take under consideration.. I admire You that You take challenge to record It but for Them is to short on Quality of the vocal part..I knowthis will be a GOOD Song but The vocal Must be better..again I like The Song but remember They Must LoveIt.. good luck..


The only reason I gave You 2.5 star is because i Like The Melody..I'm sorry to say but Vocal is not good.. I must say that because Singer hit to many time Wrong Notes I mean He is Off The Tune. This is no go in today Music Re Record It with Much Better Singer it is now I do Not Think It will have any chance with Music Publisher so I think the best Idea to just keep It for Yourself..I wish to write a better Review but I'm telling You The Truth.. this is one of Yours Bad Recordings and need a Lot of Work to make It better..Good Luck

Great production quality

This sounds like a really good song. I definitely can hear the emotion and transparency that the artist is putting forward. My only issue is the fact that I don't understand anything that the singer is talking about simply because I don't speak his language. I think it's an over all good production. I'm also wondering what other types of songs this artist would create after this song. I'll have to check out the profile and see. Great job though!

My Opinion

Great song,beautifully organized and well put together. One could easily find pleasure in the sound. Although I'm not Itilian, nor was I capable of understanding a single word. Feels inspirational and your cinematic sound provides epic visuals allowing a brief moment of clarity. NICE WORK...
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