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good evening thank you so much for allowing me to review your music I like your style of music I grew up listen to All general music makes it Mexican music salsa house music gospel jazz just to name a few continue state-created never be afraid to go to the next level never stop sharing your gifts so she doing this day and time. The most music today it's so different song anyway that's so many styles of music that you can really have fun with it. Thank you again for allowing me to give your music please keep me posted in the near future what you may have coming out God bless your wonderful day at the office joint your week enjoy the rest of your weekend y'all coming weekend God bless continue to stay

Tito Puente had nothing on this guys. Very good music.

Fantastic Latin. It reminds me of growing up in New York City and West Side Story and all the gangs that were around at that time and being Italians and eating pizza and menudo and drinking beer.


MAMBO LATINO review. this song is a strictly Country Pop piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Country Pop style as I said everything recalls the Country Pop genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Country Pop piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


Samba.. Rumba..for sure a South American Music..something like that be good to send to Spanish Language Publishers..Music Market for something like that is big..I know that this is not a Radio Ready Recording..but try to send It out and let's see what will happen..This is a nice song and a Vocal is also Ok..Try to pitch it to some Radio DJ"s I like I listen this song 2 times..and I must say It is one of Your best I hear so far..Good Luck..


Good Job..I really like It...not sure if is an Original or Cover Tune but You make It really sound like a Cuban Music..Samba..well now the problem is what to do with It..I'm thinking to send It to some Music Publishers in S. America ..and also play It life in Spain..I do like It.. not to many People write songs in this Category which are full of Energy and having Nice Melodies to Dance..( Many Do not know haw to Dance.. Tango.. Samba.. Waltz Good Job.. I like It..

Chord Change Dynamic

No one could deny the Spanish influence in “MAMBO LATINO”. How can a song have such drive and rhythmic flow if it’s not from Spain? Of course you not only anticipate the downbeat, but anticipate every beat, and presto; Artemisioeloredana creates another Masterpiece. The vocal parts are perfect with mysterious soothing harmonies. The half-step modulation is not only a chord change, it’s also a dynamic, and sets the tone for the rhythm to carry us to the end, and what a fun ride it is. You might want to slip “MAMBO LATINO” on to your playlist.


It was a Great Pleasure to hear This Tune..yes It need some work done but It is a Happy..Up Lifted Song..great for Life Performance and Dance..You bring back a Good Times...I Love That Latin Touch..If You bring up a Quality of The Recording I do think It will played on The Radio..This is Kind of Song which make People Happy and at this point.." who care what Music Insiders say"..You put the Smile on Many People Faces..Good Job..I wish You all The Best...
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