Antonio Prió Rivacoba / PRIORIDADES / Algo que provoca

Review by NudgeFate

This is not my type of music, but the song is well constructed, rich, very full and well produced, it’s great music for dancing too! I think you will do well in this genre. Wishing you all the best man!

Antonio Prió Rivacoba ..... Algo que provoca ... Something that provokes

A typical Latin track that has been nicely recorded and enhanced with effects and orchestration. an interesting song that makes me think of Holiday time and warmer climates. passionate vocals and feeling to the song. Like the voice and the feeling but was expecting an Acoustic track Keep up the good work Best regards Stephen

Great Music

I really like your music well written and composed and well put together. Thank you for allowing me to review and listen to your song thank you for sending unit that you have coming up I love you so all general music. Wonderful day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors God bless. Once again keep me posted music never stop creating be afraid to go to the next level I just never stop sharing you do some towns with the world.

Modern Latin sound and feel.

This is really nice... love the modern Latin sound and feel. Even though I don't speak the language, the positive message still comes through... I really liked listening to this piece of music. Buffo


It was heart warming with up beat! i am not Spanish but it got my ears to hear and i enjoyed the work that you have done. I don't know Spanish so i cant tell you when it comes to words cause i don't know what you are saying but i could feel the music

Driving on a Sunny Day!

Hi Antonio! You have a pleasant voice and your Latin Pop sound feels like driving down a sunny street in Barcelona! I hear Barcelona is a very awesome place to enjoy! Thank you so much for asking me to rate your great tune! Always a pleasure! Enjoy the sunshine for me!! Rachel :-)

Sophisticated and enjoyable with a cool, happy groove

Antonio Prio Rivacoba's recording of "Algo que provoca" (Something that provokes), begins with tight, spotless, 3-part harmony. The vocals throughout this Latin pop track are excellent. A lot of the instruments are synthetic, rather than acoustic, but the execution is tight, the percussion is wonderfully textured, the tune is enjoyable, the instrumentation is rich, the mix is well-balanced. I only wish I understood the words better. My Spanish is still at the elementary stage. I would love to have this tune playing in the background as I work around the house, and I can picture it doing well in clubs and concert halls. This is good music!

Rating your music

Nice song, keep grinding your time will come soon enough. I think your layoutis nice as well as the art work. Let me know if your interested in being on my online podcast. Check out my page and tell me what you think


Algo que provoca review. this song is a strictly Fusion piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Fusion style as I said everything recalls the Fusion genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Fusion piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

I dont speak Spanish,but this music speaks to me

Antonio Prio Rivacoba, is a consummate musician, with lovely songs, relaxing, heartfelt and easy to listen to. It is no wonder when I came across his website that I saw how highly rated his music. is. Keep on keeping the music alive Antonio!! TINA SHAFER


This is a really good song! My Spanish is limited so I can't comment on the lyrics but they sound in tune, timing and smooth. This vocalist is on point as his voice is beautiful and full. The mix is well done highlighting the vocals and this arrangements well played. The guitars are fun and energetic and the percussion are awesome. I'm loving these Latin sounds, so keep your tunes coming. Nice work gentlemen.

Remarkable song in latin style

This song grabbed me right from the start! Great latin style in contemporary music. There is immediately a great space with modulated sound effects from the keys which carries the recording. Great Samba beat with percussions and professionell orchestrated melodies make the song complete. The voice from Antonio is impressive and has a soft vocal projection. The romantic passionated lyrics comes from the heart making the meaning of the song engaging for me. Fantastic arranged chorus line with soft chamber strings brings additionally beauty into the song. Sounds really symphonic in the backround. Ambitious composition by using wonderful latin tunes bringing a deep feel into the music. The digitally mixing and mastering is professionell. Overall very creative composition and I´m sure, you will likely add it. Let others know your recommendation.


Me gustó mucho Algo que provova, linda la letra, la música y la voz. Transmite sensaciones y tiene lindo ritmo. Canción que inspira para bailar, tararear. Muy linda de verdad. Felicitaciones Suerte! Y los perros del final :D

"Algo que provoca", Antonio Prió Rivacoba - DESIROUS REVIEW

Hola Antonio .. me encanta esta cancion ... tiene mucha buena vibra .. las voces .. son graciosas .. y el ritmo y la melodía tambien .. muy bien la batida .. buen que puedo mas decir .. es un poco distinto de lo que ago, y si me gusta mucho. Si usted puede pasar en mi perfil mi ultumo trabajo es Family Affairs .. estoy seguro de que vas a disfrutar. Deseos de un feliz y animado 2018. Un gran saludo, Pedro Miguel


You have made me a fan. Thank you for opening my mind to even more great music Great job my friend. Hope you have many many great things come your way in the future Keep making great music for us all to listen to
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