A última noite (The last night)

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A última noite


Hello from France! This is a good pop rock song. I don't know exactly the lyrics but the arangements are great. I like the bridge at the 2/3 of the track. I have nothing more to say, The sound is really good. Good job!

France, Rennes

No idea what your singing but dig the grove


Not understanding Portuguese I don't know if that qualifies me to even write a review, however i did like the soundtrack and the emotion in the song. I actually try to sing along with English words and felt the timing of the song was really good. I like the soft start and lead guitar, singing in latin to rock beats nearly always sees the singer singing quickly each line but then that seems common in European songs. A nice inclusion of the piano too thanks for posting.

United Kingdom, Southampton

Awesome song!

That was absolutely beautiful. I read the lyrics before listening and was not expecting such a grand presentation as you delivered. The lyrics are typical but once they were set to the music they came alive through your excellent arrangement. I like the mix of this song, the vocal quality and the overall performance. The tune itself was attractive and well played. I can't think of anything to criticize. Good job!

United States, Oklahoma, Lahoma


A última noite starts in a very rhythmic way with a drum and a bass that with extreme precision hold the guitar and then the voice. I do not know the Portuguese so I do not know what the text says but from the music, from the intonation of words I perceive many sensations that are almost all positive and this is the most important thing for me because the music must convey sensations between who does it and who he listens to her.

Italy, italy



Canada, Ontario, LONDON

Beautiful song

Hello! Thank you for inviting me to listen Your music. I was listening and really liked this song. It has some mystic sense and expresses deep feelings. My best regards from Madrid, Spain.

Lithuania, Kaunas

Good work

I enjoyed the style it was very relaxing. The mix was well balanced. The 2 lead guitars complimented the the rhythm section and melody very well with nothing over powering or so busy that it took away from any thing else. I only speak English so I couldn't understand the words but they seemed to fit well with the music. Hats off to the composer and producer of this song Good work.

United States, Tennessee, camden

Very cool

It’s not the first time I hear your song that is very nice smooth nice classic pop rock I really do like your voice is very deep Thank you for your music Iwill definitely share with my friends What to say more just listen and enjoy Anton:-)

France, Paris

A Ultima Noite,(the last night)

A melodic and lyrical song that combines several genres. Blues, pop rock, with some nice sustained guitar interludes and and sung in Portuguese. It has a very melancholy feel and nice percussion and drum feel. It might be worth listening to more songs by this artist Anibal Raposo.

United States, Texas, Austin

Anibal Raposo Here is My Review


Hi I like this song it has a nice sound great music with one flaw not something that you can understand due to the fact it has been song in another language other then that this is great song not a good thing or bad thing I would release it also in english as well othe then that great job I hope I have said something that will be of use to you keep up the good work I hope to some day hear this in english from James Milligan/President CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Anima latina e mediterranea,influenzata ed evolutasi orrizzontalmente nella vastità atlantica dell'oceano

Il testo e la voce denotano chiaramente l'appartenenza latina e mediterranea della penisola iberica, il canto e gradevole e passionale anche quando si sviluppa malinconicamente nella "saudade"interiore di Anibal Raposo, musicalmente ben arrangiato, e magistralmente adeguato alla canzone,dico così perchè il brano come sound richiamerebbe più uno stile acustico con chitarra in corde di nylon"rumba,bossanova,gipsy sound",quindi bravo per come l'artista sia riuscito a fondere la canzone in stile pop rock. Angelo Stillavato


I like the slow intro with the percussion and then the soft voice, singing full of emotions and having much to tell. In a language I do not understand, but the music transports melancholy and pain with a definite "I will survive, without you". Love & light *renata

did Atlantis really sink ?

The opening of the song these smooth waving drums the straight groove that keeps you warm listening to the voice flying like a soft nightwind over the ocean... this is wonderful music which lets me wish to hang around on the beach watch the waves and dream with open eyes ... that´s honestly made music with a feeling we shouldn´t forget. Thank you for that song !

Germany, Berlin


Great vibe to the intro leading into a sweet guitar lick. Nice variance into the chorus section too. Lyrics are obviously very heartfelt, but vocally the melody is letting it dowen for me. The music itself is catchy and easy listening, but the vocals drag a little and hold back its real emphasis. Still loving that guitar lick, though! Probably one star for that alone. I'd listen to more of Anibal's music, for sure. Although this one wouldn't make my collection I'm afraid! (Nice soul outpouring at the end)

United Kingdom, London

Soulful and Melodic


The overall musicianship, composition and mood is quite good and the voice fits perfectly. The main melody is pleasant. The guitar work perfectly highlights the intro and transitions.

United States, New York, New York

Amazing and Powerful


A última noite (The last night) Aníbal Raposo The brilliance of the lyrics have me stunned. As I read through the English translation, I was drawn into and captured by the story and carried by the appropriate accompaniment and arrangement that added drama enhancing the mood of this tragic tale. The vocals are powerful and skilled. The song ends with a blast of fresh air - a different way of meeting an ending. To step from this life into eternity describing a traumatic ending instantly changing to the next beginning. Chaos and over-whelming emotion instantly changes to peace and a new life. The music grows, swelling to ultimate climax and the song ends leaving the listener to catch up and realize what has happened. Amazing and powerful.

United States, Idaho, Emmett


This is a very unique and special talent well composed and put together creative writing thank you for sharing your gift with the world and at anytime I would love to hear more of your great music and never stop creating and enjoy your upcoming week have a great day and may God bless you in all that you go to produce.

United States, California, Every Where


genial! aunque no entiendo mucho el idioma pero viniendo del latín es entendible :) voy a seguir escuchando para entender más y seguir conociendo de tu música! qué bueno es conocer distintos artistas!

Argentina, Rosario

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