Aníbal Raposo / Mar de Capelo / Suponhamos (Let's suppose)

No assumptions here

The song reminds me of Pink Floyd's "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" until the singing starts and then the song moves towards BB Kings "The thrill is Gone" Or I Put a Spell on You. Just like the classic this song evolves powerful emotions through it use of the organ and lead guitar that play exactly the right notes at the right time. The musician ship is excellent and could make any singer shine on any stage., and I can't see how it wouldn't be a crowd favorite anywhere it's played

Eu Recomendo

Top!!!! Muito bom trabalho, arranjo, agradavel sinceramente gostei muito e esta entre meus favoritos. eu recomendo sim. Abraços musicais a todos sempre! Vale a pena ouvir!!! Até mais pessoal! *** Paz


Once the drums kick in and then the guitar takes on a nice sweet sound, I think the intro could almost be taken out just go for the straight blues song that it does become. Perhaps a harmony here and there as well over all very nice.

No habla Portuguese, but I speak music

Although I do not speak Portuguese, Suponhamos has a great vibe and lyrical cadence. With a fun guitar hook, obviously accompanied by great musicians, this is a fun song and I enjoyed listening to it very much.

Great music

Not so keen on the long intro but as soon as the voice kicked in! it got better and better. Excellent Eric Clapton style guitaring mixed with latin voice goes down very well. keep up the good work.. get rid of the long intros

Interesting and appealing

A nicely produced guitar sound, with a certain flavor to Pink Floyd. A nice track for relaxing and enjoying an afternoon by oneself. A very unique Voice is over a well mixed and performed instrumental. This one is a nice track.


I see this is the soundtrack for movie I love the guitar sound. To me this is the backing track for maybe when two lovers are meeting again all something has been found. To me it's like combination of meeting the end of something


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

A Classic In the Making!

A very crisp, clean, clear, professionally produced recording. The introduction was over indulgent and way, way too long! You were trying to be too clever with what sounded like backward-playing loops and sound effects. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best route. The first 45 seconds add nothing to the song and can be deleted. What comes afterwards is much better as an introduction - however, 1minute and 50 seconds is too long for an introduction, and can be cut further. The song has a cool, smooth rock rhythm with a sincerity to the genre. There is no need for gimmicks and the intro needs to be shortened as the song is long enough. The lead guitar was very Carlos Santana and Eric Claptonesque in style. Although I could not understand everything that was being said, the song was well sung and the sentiment still carried and suited the song very well. With a little more editing, this could be a classic!

Haunting and Beautiful

Haunting and Beautiful. A song that floats into the ether of your mind, stays there and lets you drift into a Pink Floyd wonderland for 8 & 1/2 minutes. This comes highly recommended as does all of Raposo's work. Enjoy!

Backwards forwards

Firstly - The intro is lovely.. those reverse guitars on the volume pedal running through delays just sets a lovely ambience that sits you right back.. inviting the bluesy guitar licks (tho the input to the reverb just causes them to break a touch as the send level is a touch high). Once the intro is done the song begins. In all honestly I could at this point have just taken a beautiful chilled instrumental carrying on in the theme of the Intro.. Its one of those where by both the song and the intro are nice - but how well they compliment each other I'm not sure.. Almost two individual writing ideas that you've thrown together. Anything in 6/8 or 12/8 works for me so once the song is in and I've forgotten about the intro I'm accepting the Song. One element that really works for me is the organ - subtly running through the whole piece just holding down that harmony and filling out the mix in the perfect way. If anything I felt the drums we a little polite - the hi hats and overheads being very thin, but that speaking very critically and objectively.. many ears may not notice or disagree.. I felt the outro instrumental was perhaps only needed to go round the changes once rather than twice.. just to keep the song tight in it's arrangement. Certainly one of my preferred songs as a whole to review on this site so far tho - Good work.

This is a kick-butt song!

Phenomenal solo-guitar work! I mean, this is some old-school classic rock guitar solo material with a flare toward blues/jazz. I will admit that I do not speak the language, but it is not hard to pick up on the emotion and roll with it. And Anibal Raposo has a good, driving voice that fits the genre well. For anyone wanting to learn how to solo on guitar, listen to this song on repeat!

Blues ...

A music that I grew up with ... a very sentimental rhythm .... a passion .... and a tough, minimal scale guitar ... lyrics that I am sure you are describing the blues emotion ... the truth ... the tradition ... ... a music that resists ... and always translates the ideal .. for sacrifice and desperate complaint ... so melodic ... and heartbreaking at the same time ... as it sometimes reminds of a swan song ... An adventurous love ... condemned to become a song ... that shines like a star in our dark musical stature ... as it does and is here ... With this amazing blues ... that has everything I said and maybe more ... Because a good blues song ... never stops offering his blues companion to any one who makes the audience hear it ... my congratulations to all the actors of this unique song !!!!!

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