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The Message

Today, music can miss the mark when one doesn't focus on all the inputs necessary to produce a quality song. The music, arrangement, lyrics, vocal delivery, and content are critical in producing a sound that moves the listener. Angel has achieved this goal. I recommend that anyone interested in quality, positive music that moves your soul listen to this release.

Work to be done!

Hi, The song itself is not bad. Although in honesty it is not my cup a tea, the lyrics are okay and I get them. The recording is somewhat too simple, although getting better during the song. The vocals I am sorry to say, that's it is off key a lot of times and lacks a bit of 'power'. When singing easy and lower it's okay most of the times, but when raising the volume it appears to be getting harder. As a producer I would definitely have asked the singer to give it another go (or three). With all due respect, I'm sorry I can't be more positive, but would rather give straight and honest feedback that just a positive note. Wish you all the best on the next version of this song. Succes!

carina come canzone

carina come canzone ma il miglioramento si ha se non per offendere la cantante se la fai cantare a una professionista ,belli i cori infatti la cantante va meglio quando e' sostenuta dal coro anche l'arrangiamento può' essere migliorato ma la canzone mi piace diciamo che questo e' un provino!

God will make this trial

Love your voice- very clear and very spiritual, the words in the song send a great message of God’s blessings, the backgrounds singers blends very well with yours Keep up the great work - enjoyed the song

Angel Eve

I like really enjoyed your song. I can see it being placed in some type of inspirational TV program. It seems like it would do really well on a Children's TV program or series. Its not to heavy nor to light for a child's understanding. Great song!!

Nice song

Nice vocals and nice track. The lyrics were on point. I liked the hook. The hook is catchy and rememberable. Get the tracked mixed and mastered and it will sound even better. Take out the echos they are too loud. Keep up the good work keep grinding for God


I love the words of this song. We all indeed go through trials. Only the other side through we are stronger. Thank you for sharing your gift and encouraging us in song. Continued blessings to you!

Great Song

Overall...I thought the song was solid. The first verse was kinda where it didn't seemed to flow as easy as the second verse. The key change added movement which was good. Also by the time the Hook/Chorus came around a second time...I was singing it......THUMBS UP!!! That's definitely what you want. Make your Band Sound fuller. Solid Song!!!!!

God will make this trial a blessing.

Angel, you have a nice voice and the song is very timely however production could a little work. At times the background vocals overwhelm the recording words get hard to understand to.

Needs A Little Work

Needs a better mixing some spots were loud and the music over powered the vocals but overall not bad nice voice nice harmony I felt her emotion in the song . I think she should do it over for a better mix.

Hard but Lovely Sentiment

Angel, I enjoyed your song. The structure and lyrics are heartfelt and although tough - they are encouraging. Your production was really well done with the music and background vocals. Good job. I liked it. Keep up the good work.

Review of Angel's Song

I love the song and love the lyrics to it, but the background singers and yourself I felt like we're not exactly in tune with each other. You seemed like you were really nervous through the whole song though! This is just my opinion, so don't give up or stop singing because of my review. Please continue to "Sing for Jesus". Have a Blessed Day!


I would first like to say you have great vocal skills and the words are so true because god is our blessing and will turn around the unpleasant things in our lives for our good. He is an awesome god all you have to do is give yourself to him fully and wholeheartedly. There is no other like him.

Please don't be too quick

Please don't be too quick to sling out a song. The writer of this song Sheryl Farris is a friend of mine and this is one of my favorite songs. I didn't get much technique or control that complimented the song. First and foremost, I felt like you were just saying words. Didn't really get any emotion at all. I do hope you are not passing this song off as something you have written either. I think you need some training and see if anything unfolds for you.

Throwback sound

I love the sound of this song. It reminds me of the early 80s Christian music prevelant when i was first saved. The gentle melody is relaxing and meditative. Good harmonies in the chorus. I look forward to hearing more of your songs
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