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'Broken' by Andy Luv


This is a fabulous, catchy, well constructed and well-produced song. The first verses lead into a great middle 8 which then resumes gloriously back into the last verse and a superbly-performed ad lib section to finish. The singer has a wonderful voice! This is indie pop at its finest. Decent songs are increasingly rare these days, this one proves that all is not lost.

United Kingdom, North Tawton, Devon

Amazing song!!!


I enjoyed this song and all of the instruments used in the song in the introduction. I love the vocal arrangement and I definitely LOVE the harmonies in the arrangement as well. I am thoroughly impressed by what I have heard with this song. You did an amazing job and I definitely look forward to hearing more of your music to come. Please feel free to check out my music as well. Cheers!!!

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte

bravissima complimenti

bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti

Italy, Bologna

Super Glue It

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song the music is just a tad higher in post-production than the vocals which is lovely for the music but disappointing for Andy's talents. Smooth and well performed - a bit of a Sam Harris vibe going on. Not sure how this song gets a category of Classical and Blues along with Indie Pop, but I'll go with it. Nice vibe.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Love it!!


Beautiful song! I loved the beat, the bass line, piano, vocals and everything overall.. but most of all I loved the saxophone solo and intro! I played it multiple times and enjoyed the solo more each time :) Best of luck

Jordan, Amman

Not Quite Broken

Okay, so we were asked to comment on the production - so here it is... In short, whilst I am no George Martin (please don't say "Who?"), I thought that it very well put together. Every instrument has its place, and can be heard. My only complaint, if that is the right word, is hopefully a compliment: the vocals need to be more prominent. For me, there are elements of John Lennon at times. I think it's a good song, and can see it doing well. It definitely wouldn't be out if place on mainstream radio. A really good song. Well done.

United Kingdom, Derby



We like the way song starts it was produced and mixed well we like the voice of singer we would like to hear from this artist and band more thank you for allowing us to review your music look forward to hearing more

United States, Georgia, Decatur

buona partenza

buona partenza con voci fenmminili in duetto con un pezzo che sembra un po stramo ma ha una buona orecchiabilita' e fa anche venire voglia di ascoltarlo fino alla fine piu' va avanti e a me piace sempre di piu' e le voci belle e intonate nel finale salgono molto in alto con note acute e ben cantate il mio parere mi trova all'improvviso un po spiazzato ma il tutto mi piace e consiglio di ascoltare

Italy, dalmine bg


Ciao sono Lorenzo Puma sto ascoltando in questo momento la tua musica e perfetta come suono e buono anche gli strumenti musicali sono buoni e la voce anche hai fatto un bel lavoro sono qui per farti una recensione e come stelle ti metto 5 perché te lo meriti e continua così se ti va puoi sentire le mie canzoni sono anche su YouTube e su altri canali se te sei su Spotify e su YouTube mi iscriverò e se vuoi e ti fa piacere lo puoi fare anche te

Italy, Torino



United States, New York, Brooklyn



Great song really love this song great piece of art work delivered beautifully guitar sounds are amazing sing great backing vocals are great while I'm writing this and im listening to this a second time......I just love it,.......the lyrics are awesome tbe arraignment are awesome's written and delivered beautifully ...the lead guitar sound as me myself a guitar player love tbe sound. I just started for the third it love it love it ........tbe musicianship is great was played vreat ..................thank you for letting me review this song I truely love it......................

United States, New York, Middle village

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