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Good Concept

Firstly let me start by saying this had me intrigued...overall it gave me a kind of a laid back version Nirvana style with the vocals which kept me listening...however, the music (keyboards/violin mainly) is way to loud for the mix drowning out the vocals to the point in parts where you cannot hear clearly what is being sung, the effect on your voice is good but there is still some key issues (haven't quite hit the key) that are still predominant over the music, re-singing the vocals could fix this, Keep at it, there is definitely a good song in the making here. #SkiesTheLimit #MusicNeverDies

Just 1 Take

Thanks for sharing your track with me and looking forward toward my thoughts about your track wether positive or negative. First, this is definitely not the type of music I would listen to. I don't know if I enjoy this or not cause its unique sound.I'm just a single person & don't let my negatives keep you from doing what you do. Just look on the positive side that theres an audience out there somewhere for what you are trying to accomplish.

There's a clear influence of Syd Barrett in your music

Very 60's,it's reminds me a Syd Barrett Song. I liked the effect in your voice,but i think the keyboards must stay at background. They are overlapping the acoustic guitar.


It reminded me of Syd Barret, real psychedelic rock. As the title says it's realy hypnotic. Liked it. Thank you..........................

as requested. just an opinion

Hello Andrew, thank you very much for asking me to review your song. Keep in mind that it is just my opinion, and that it is very difficult to write one, and harder for someone I do not know. I like your song, it is very interesting. A resource is something very powerful, but if you use it too much, it looses the effect. The violins sound you are using are great, but I would only use it for the second part of the song. Also, I would low down the volume, for your guitar and your voice to be heard better. Same for the mixsound of your voice. It seems like it has some reverb. Do not use it for the entire song. About the chords. I would go to an F7 after you do A#, instead to go back to G. And when you sing "We follow together", I would play G# and C. I wasn´t able to hear all chords properly, but when you go to C#, it´s really great. The song is lack of sorprises. Imagine a song as it would be a movie. Something has to happen so it is interesting to wath it, in our case to listen to it. Make it simpler. Remember: less is more. Try to imagine the person to whom you wrote the song, sitting besides you, and then use your deep perception to realize the emotions that your body goes through. With that, you create an intention, so your voice will say the words with a particulary content. Ok. I hope it is usefull. Thank you and best regards, Chris

vocals were not legible

Sorry but I could not understand or hear the vocals clearly. Music could have been served better if there was more movement , with more chord changes but since song lost sound well before things got started on the file I reviewed I am not sure what happened with regards to the the song file, yet I could see much more of the song wav file on the timeline but no sound came after the first minute or so ? If there was a glitch on file I would verify for it stopped giving sound while file kept on going, showing it was playing and possibly this review then would not be fair for I only had a small snippet of the file to judge by.

The Hypnotised

I found this to be an interesting take on rock music. I think it is more in the alternative category. I didn't care for the mix because the vocals were being over taken by the music and it was hard to understand them. I do believe that there is some good quality in the music itself but the length of the song left me anxious for the end.


I love this style! You managed to follow it very precisely! Like I'm listening to Spiritualized, awesome! But I think the Vocal should be a bit louder than that.and maybe to put on the vocal an effect, a little reverb maybe! But otherwise the song is great! I'll look you up to check more of your music! Keep Rockin' and Good Luck! Cheers' Donnie Donkov

Still needs some work!

This song needs to be picked up tempo wise, it is dragging, It needs more guitar with effects and much less of the keyboard sound. I think if you add some drums and some bass it would give it some life. Vocals need more effects on them and a backup singer would work too. The song overall needs more dynamics to catch the listeners ear, Anyway I hope this helped, Andrew,have a blessed day.

Good concept

Concept is good. That's about it. Everything else needs work. The vocals are off and lack emotional timber. The guitar is stark and that I suppose is what you are shooting for. It needs to be clesr maybe mor of an electric sound. The drone rhythm is ok but dynamics and maybe a chorus would hold the listener's attention more. The mix is very low and flat. A boost or upgrade in the recording signal is much needed. These are all things we shoot for so keep on polishing your craft I hope this helps.

The hipnotised

Well unfortunately this songs not my cup of tea,not sure what happening here.voice not the best I've heard. Doesn't hipnotise me into listening again and that's the idea of writing music to capture your audience sorry never happened to me , good luck, peter Brady x


I can hear echoes of The Beatles and Crowded House in this. Unfortunately there are lots of technical issues in this which means that as it's not perfect it sounds amateurish. The guitar in parts needs work as does the vocal. I would be inclined also to add some kind of rhythm section to drive it a bit more. At the moment it's an idea but it needs more work and a lot of polishing.

Oh Andrew

Listen man. This is gonna sound harsh, but it's real. I've been in your shoes before, except we didn't have affordable home recording back in my day! You really need to take some vocal lessons. Save your cash, quite smoking, drinking, drugs, quite eating! Do whatever you have to and take some lessons. Also take some guitar lessons! Get on forums, meetups, find people to jam with! Don't sleep play the guitar. And another thing, try to focus on 1 instrument or just your voice if you wanna be a singer! I see it all the time, people will try and play a shitton of instruments and do everything and they can play those instruments....all of them. BUT,,,,they are not any good at any of them. They can just play them. Focus on 1 thing and do it all the time, $hit it, eat it, breath it, *uck it, until you are awesome at it! Until you can either sing like Freddy Mercury, or Chris Cornnell, or play guitar like Steve Vai, or Stevie Ray Vaughn...whoever floats your boat. But aim high! Being OK is not good enough. Also take some songwriting classes...they have them on Coursea for FREE! This is the best advice you will ever get with music. Start immediately and don't give up! Stop doing any drugs too. They #uck up your learning process...I didn't figure that out till I was older so it took me forever to be as good as I am today. When I get off stage, I have at least 20 people tell me I am a the best bass player they have ever seen, that I play better than Flea. I had what I am telling you, told to me. Now I'm in a band with the same dude who told me that 16 years later.
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