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Back in the day


wow what a beautiful song love the sounds and muscianship............this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and over............they the song was put together is very unique..........just love the way its sung the vocals are spot on the guitars, drums and. Both guitars were played perfectly...............can't say enough about this song ............I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.......... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village

Metal with interesting grooves


As I was listening to this track I was thinking to myself in some form of way this kind of sounds like The Police with a twist of heavy metal.I don’t know if that band was a influence to for this song but this is a good sounding song. I give this track at 4.5 out of 5

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport



Good afternoon or evening I just got to reveal your music I really like it I love the guitar very creative well put together well composed and well song I love the lyrics thank you for sharing. Continue to stay creative and never stop making great music keep on playing at guitar I keep on sharing your music with the world no matter what's going on keep on writing and singing great music. Have a wonderful day thank you again enjoy the rest of your week and God bless thank you for sharing your great song and great music to me in the world thank you peace

United States, California, Every Where

Good Groove.


I like the guitar a lot, starting out this song. Good levels on the drums and snare, and mostimportant, I can hear what the voice is saying and understand it enough to enjoy the groove. The bass could be mixed in a bit better, these crummy computer speakers we all have to deal with means the bass should be mixed in with a little more high mid, but this is a great song, keep rocking and good luck!

United States, Texas, Houston

Review of Anbaric's Back in the Days


I have been playing and listening to hard rock and blues music since the late 60's. I was probably the first kid on the block to discover hard rock and metal music and I have been an avid fan since. I have listened to numerous songs by Anbaric and they NEVER disappoint. Every aspect of their songs is well written, arranged and performed. They cover a wide range of styles within the genre's of hard rock and metal and do it very well. Each member of the band delivers the goods effectively and professionally. I always look forward to listening to another one of their songs and that says alot from an old hardnpse fan like me. Keep up the great music guys.

United States, Florida, Indian Lake Estates Florida

Sounds awesome


Love the energy and changes in the song, wich were A little unexpected at first. but fit very well together. This song " Back In The Days" Kept me engaged throughout the whole thing. Grate job

United States, California, PINON HILLS

Bop review


Anbaric-back in the days. This seems like a very interesting track starting out as this pop commercial type of song. Very cool intro it comes at you like early Black Sabbath and David lee Roth from Van Halen. The instrumentation of the band is superb and highly produced. The whole arrangement of the tune is very good and it rocks and I like that.the song grabs me as a well thought out process. So bottom line very good track.

United States, Pennsylvania, Nazareth

This arrangement makes me dream of a simpler time!


This is the second song I have reviewed for the band, ANBARIC. Again I am not disappointed. This band is tight and has a real gift for arrangement. There are times that the rhythm has a late 70's/early 80's vibe reminding me of Journey, Reo Speedwagon, and the ballad driven bands of that era. Although I would definitely not consider this a ballad. I do not mean this in a bad way. It just demonstrates the style of the great bands of a past era, but the changes of harmony driven vocals to the amazing guitar work that brings a modern touch to this song is really a lost skill that they have definitely found and brought to the forefront of this composition. But like the title says... Back in the Days... It reminded me of a time growing up where harmony and style gave a simpler enjoyment before the gateway of the wild and excess of the 80's metal scene took over. While the song is quite enjoyable... I think I prefer the first song I reviewed a bit better. Now you may say 'Why give it a favorable review and then say the other song is better?' I say this as no slight to the band in any way. It is to show that the band has a great catalog of songs that should be given a listen and appreciated! If you are looking for a solid great sounding band with a feel for interesting arrangement... look no further... you have found, ANBARIC!

United States, Kansas, Bern

EPIC recording, great songwriting!


I truly enjoyed this, the drums are crisp, the bass is tight, the guitar has a nice sound to it not too gritty. the vocals are well recorded, I can understand what is being said. the recording is well done, the production is clean. the performance is tight and well synchronized. This band should be able to climb charts and their live shows must be good too. keep on going, the sound is NICE! the songwriting is good!

United States, Florida, miami

Very Catchy!


Well recorded, and easy to understand. At first listening, I'm hearing a little bit of TNT influence...which is AWESOME! Very impressed with the control of the instruments, and clarity of recording. Good job! Great job with Lead Guitar... not too much... not too little. This is good quality Rock and Roll! Keep Going! Best Wishes. Edward Westbrook "Atomic Energy Society"

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

Good Recording


Nice sweet guitar intro. The treble is great on this recording and I can hear everything very clear. Vocals are bang on. Some gravel in the voice, but strong. I like the musical breakdown in the middle of the song. Reminds me of stuff like Saga or Harem Scarem.

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Back In The Days


The song is solid and it sounds like there was some thought and work put into it. The recording sounds pretty good too. I love the chorus! It is by far the best song that I have heard recently on this web site. You guys deserve props for your work, effort and writing. I would say this song has many different great bands and influences I can hear. I am glad I picked this song to review today. I can't really hear anything that is bad or could be changed. I am very impressed by you and your music. The only bad thing I can say and it's being extremely nit picky, so forgive me, but your picture made me believe you were going to be heavier and grittier. I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear this song because in my opinion the song is just so good it should be marketed as something mainstream rock radio should play. It's just that good! I think trying to look like your band is "heavier" is more detrimental unless this is the exception to the rule musically. If your other music is heavier and more Metallica and less Triumph then by all means disregard my critique. If most of your music sounds like this try and market yourselves as more mainstream rock and less heavy metal. Opening yourselves up to a bigger market is always a good idea. The music business is tough enough at face value so the more exposure you can get yourselves the better you will be. Remember labels like hard rock and heavy metal are marketing terms. People just listen to what they like and don't care about what genre it falls under. Musicians are the picky ones and we don't make music for other musicians we make music for the masses of people that are not musicians. You guys are awesome and your music is great! Keep writing and putting your music out to the world!

United States, Pennsylvania, Swoyersville

Anbaric-- Back in the days


ok so we have a big fat sound that is almost rockabilly with a seventies style heavy rock vocal and when the chorus comes in we get a taste of a familiar type of style and guitar work which seems to reflect the words . the vocals although good seem to be back ground compared to the instruments. after saying which a nice feel good track ad to your rock playlist. I reviewed this listening through 15 inch monitors so the beat trak moved air .. it may be quite a different experience using air pods press play and enjoy

United Kingdom, Gloucester

Rock on


"Rock on" It takes me way back to the good old days/ 80's hard rock and definitely Van Halen period of time. (Back in the days) is an energetic, melodic and catchy sing a long tune, love to see live

United Kingdom, London

Back In The Days - ANBARIC


Lighlty beginning, nice and very intensive new song from ANBARIC. It's a one of ANBARIC song which I've pleasure writing a review. Good thought composition with all needed elements, vocals, main riff, melodic solos. Kimmo Komulainen is really good composer. Hard rock is first domain of that Swedish metal head. With full of sounds. Without disturbed notes. Back In The Days - I recommend to listen this song. Greetings, Maciej ATRAPA

Poland, Poznan

Nicely done


Anbaric delivers the goods with a good dose of melodic hard rock. Properly structured for maximum absorbtion with biting vocal harmonies and tastefully placed guitar rods and solos.

United States, Texas, Irving

Nice tune


This one was a great song. Great guitarsound and good vocal and chorus. Sounds a little bit of the 80´s glam rock. You need more bass in your tune but it was great to hear your tune. A little bit more bass in my opinion. Keep on rocking

Sweden, Karlstad



I like the production sound and the vibe of the track along with the originality. I can feel the heart in this showing you've put in some dedicated work on your art. I like the guitar section and the clarity of it. More artist should study the roots of their culture of art more to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill


Great music! I really liked the ambience and the guitar tones! I hope you keep up the good work and wish you all the luck in the world! Looking forward to listening to other songs! Congratulations!


I am mad about this song.I am mad about this song.I am mad about this song.I am mad about this song.I am mad about this song.I am mad about this song.I am mad about this song.I am mad about this song.

United Kingdom, Birmingham

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