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Wow, what a classic rock song


Today I was listening to 'Living The Lie ' by ANBARIC. A very dynamic well structured and crisply played song. Cool vocals, nice mix with the guitars. But you have to listen for yourself. I highly recommend it

Switzerland, Richterswil

Brilliantly Written, Authentic and Original


Crisp Guitars, Velvety Powerful Vocals, Solid and Comprehensive Rhythms and Completely Original Driven Hard Rock! Love this Band Absolutely Brilliant, Truly Authentic Pro Artist

United States, Texas, San Antonio

cool song


This song sounds amazing the v................ the guitars amazing the tone of the singers voice wow wow..... this song sounds to so good it's put together extremely well. Iove the melody and the chorus.... this song is far from boring I canister to this song over and over....I want to thank for letting me review your beautiful song just amsxing......I want to wish you the very best of luck with this song and your amazing arrangement and vocals all the best.................Many Greetings from Judith M, northern Germany

Germany, Schwerin

Very good song


The primary objective of musical analysis is to understand, as completely as possible, why a work is made "as it is made". That is, what the composer thought to create it, what materials he used, what shape he gave them, or what stylistic and functional characteristics conditioned it. Musical analysis is the way to understand music in all its dimensions, and it is also the gateway to composition, since the only way to really learn to compose is to assimilate the techniques and motivations of those who have preceded us. your song is very good, my congratulations. Keep making good music. Greetings.

Peru, Lima

Release the Rock!


great track right from the intro. Very creative straight through to the end. Love the vocals & the lyrics, great melody as well. The dynamics throughout keep you focused on the song. Being a guitarist I'm critical of the guitar work & the guitar parts are killer. Lots of imagination and great execution and production.

United States, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

Great song


I was requested ro review this song a while ago and finally did and i dont regret it. the vocals are excellent , the arrangement is surprising. I like the guitar work too. Not just the chords but a lot of guitar picking underneath the vocals. The production is very good too, all instruments are very clear. Nice solo. Good work.

Netherlands, Bilthoven

classic sound from a far...


It definitely had a solid old school feel along with a Progressive sound.. I am always interested in hearing other music from across the pond.. it's intriguing to hear the differences between other countries and it is always interesting to hear the transitions and structuring of the cords I would have to say the influence of who they listen to as they grow up as musicians can definitely shape the sound of a band keep up the good work sounds awesome

United States, California, cold springs

Living The Lie


Fresh and original entry, great production, porgy arrangement, interesting and unique. Traditional voice arrangement, routined. Arrangement reminds of Dream Theater, up till the part around min. 2, nice rising of tension, harmonically interesting. The next verse is varied, but I'm waiting for another increasement which comes within a variation of the chorus /bridge. Then the tensions slows down again, too often for me. Solid guitar solo followed by a folky arrangement. Unexpected way of finishing the song. Bottom line: an interesting arrangement, well executed and produced. The voice starts out a bit forced, but it comes to its clue in the middle of the song. As usual in prog arrangements the entire structure and dynamic suffers a bit, too many ups and downs, but well, that's me and my personal problem with a lot of prog material :-).

Amazing real metal music


As soon as the song started you could tell this band was so talented. From the introduction to the end you had my full attention. I thought the songwriting and performance of this band was incredible.

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Riff based Metal


This is a fine metal performance by the Swedish Band - Anbaric. The tune is professionally performed. I would say the tune is “riff based.” There’s an intro riff played then repeated in a lower register. The vocal are well performed with some nice harmonies. The soloing is sensible, interesting and fit the tune. Overall, a fine performance by a professional band that hopefully is able gig regularly. This ain’t no Lars Gullin stuff. Nice job.

United States, Florida, Orlando

Good Song


Hi there hope all are good with you, just listen your song and I must say is a good one,nice composition,sound and the mix. I like that voice ,and the sound off the guitars, to bad the solo guitars part is to simple. i wanted something more agresive...just my simple opinion. Keep up the good work & Stay Metal !!!

Romania, Bucharest

Powerful Intro


I like the drums and the bass lines pushing the power of the guitars. Nice little guitar riffs. The vocals sound good and the harmonies came out well. The backing vocal in spots could be up a little louder almost buried. The delay on the vocals in spots is nice.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

Sounds Good


Musicianship and performance is top notch in my opinion. Mix is very good, sound is great bass drums and guitars.(perfect mix) Vocals are performed very well, however, I would suggest to move them out front slightly, so that the listener can understand them a little more clearly for this particular track, as it seems that the vocals and gutars are going against each other as overall presence. As far as writing goes, I would shorten the main verses in the entirety, try not to exceed 4 minutes on any song, as this may be too repetitive to the listener. The average commercial hit is 3 1/2 minutes. Beleive me, in all of my experience, my biggest problem in writing was making the song a bit too long. Other than that, great job Gentlemen.

United States, Oregon, Roseburg

Out of this World!


When the song first started I was pleasantly surprised. The guitar work kept my attention throughout the entire song and the vocals were spot on in harmony with the rest of the music. I really enjoyed this Swedish metal and will be adding them to my favorites to keep listening to!

United States, Texas, Houston

Rock to this!!


Ahh! Feels like I am at an out door concert held in a ball park or open space venue. This is great music from ANBARIC . I have listened to them before and they know how to Rock you! I recommend this song to all of you Hard Rock/Metal heads. Rock On! D.W.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Great Track!!


This is a great track that reminds me of Uriah Heap the mystical heavy band from the 1970's. This is really well produced, has a great lead guitar and pounding bass and drums. Great voice and another seventies effect not used so much today the sound shifting from one speaker to the other.

United Kingdom, Oxford, England

Wow! Awesome!


Hey guys! Wicked tune! I am a lover of good rock n roll, and i gotta say, i really like what you guys are doin here! Lots of dynamics throughout the song, which is nice. You do keep that same melody going thru most of it, which is cool, but then slow it down and add a new dimension which is super cool! I always like adding a good bridge or solo section to change up the song a bit, and you guys do an excellent job of doing that here! I just found you guys here, so I'll check out some more stuff you have!

Canada, British Columbia, Kamloops

Living the Lie song review by Jimmy bean Clagghorn


I am a long time fan of hard rock and heavy metal - probably one of the earliest fans - listening since the late 60's. Anbaric impresses me with every song I listen to. Living the Lie is no exception. Clean hard metal in a vintage fashion, very refreshing especially with the intelligible vocals and intricacies of all the instruments prominent. The song has strong unique vocals, a great lead riff and tasteful solo breaks. The band capitalizes on the use of, and for the lack of a better term, what used to be known as hooks. Great song, great band that capitalizes on their maturity and good taste in metal.

United States, Florida, Indian Lake Estates Florida

Powerful song to listen to while driving


The first thing that struck me was the sound and the cleanliness of the guitar! The overall sound is full and well balanced and the powerful vocals fit in well. Personally I listen to much more extreme genres and this could invalidate my review, however, ANBARIC are a good band, powerful with a nice feeling! Living the Lie is well recorded, the sounds are right for the genre, but I can't be a pimp and not try to find some criticism ... I haven't found it yet!

Italy, UDINE




Mexico, torreon

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