In memory of you

Illusion of the Holy

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A nostalgic song


very refreshing sound of yesteryear..... much like the immortal power ballad of the '80s and '90s era of rock. love this tune, music is fantastic, heart-felt vocals. a tad on the long side but that is also part of it's charm. will definitely be checking out more of your tunes. keep up the great work!

United States, Missouri, Brookfield



ANBARIC - IN Memory of You is a beautifully written and heart felt heavy metal power ballad. It lives up to acts like Judas Priest and Skid Row and Metallica. The production is awesome. I love the sound the classical guitar and pre chorus that builds up to the heavy parts. This song is great and awesome in so many ways in epic proportions. I gives this track a 4.7 out of 5 for its quality of song writing and production.

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

Fantastic tune !


What a great song ! Voice, guitars and production are great ! If you like power ballads you should love this song ! The ambiance is really cool ! I didn't know this band before but be sure that I'll follow it !

France, Grenoble

To discover now !

A very warm sound, very clean and professional and an incredible voice. The set and can be a traditional hard rock but it feels good! We find a style and guitar riff that we do not tire of and that we will always love and that are part of the raw culture of hard rock. Congratulations and keep going!

France, RENNES

In memory of you


Check out this nice rock song about a lost love or friend. Semi-slow but it rocks anyway in a good way :-) ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Johan Franz Lang Abstinent Dazzle

Belgium, Brussels

Beautiful acoustic


Nice introduced with the guitar. Very clear vocals. This song has an eighties sound to it. The hook is "strong as a rock" that phrase is the sticking phrase as the song ends. The lyrics were a good dedication to someone and good at getting that point across to the listener. My favorite part of this tune is the melody. Very intense and I really like the feel of the music. The vocals werepowerful and honest making for easy listening. The guitar playing was clear and smooth. Good song.

United States, Oklahoma, Lahoma



A brilliant and strong song. I cannot stress enough how good this song is. Musically and lyrically something that admire. A big thanks to the band for releasing this song. i loved every not played and sung. Well done guys. 5 STARS FROM ME.

Australia, Sydney

Prisimatically of Sentiments

This is a long song. But it does not seem to be once it carries you on it's wings of charismatic gracefulness. Its sustain of ambient sounds and rhythmic slurries seem to perpetuate the melody to a saintly ascent, soaring as angels in the clouds chanting mysteries of emotional courage. A lot of metal bands really do not slow their power drive down, but this is an example of what can be achieved when you can. Beauty...

Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay

You Rock


Hey do, hor mor do Anbaric am really honoured to say few thaughts and words about your music as i think you re one of the best hard rock acte here, verry solid and robust vocal lines with a lot of melody wich is a rare thing today sustained by powerfull guitar riffs and chords and a straight balanced ritmic section the bass and drums wich allows melody to flow, all toghether a top quality hard n metal sound original and modern You Rock guys i wich you all the best and many many albumes from now on Flo lead guitar LAST DEJA VU

Romania, Brasov

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