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You can have a miracle today in your life if you just turn everything over to Jesus and begin to expect it. Keep grinding God got u God going to bless u through your music don't give up .Ok.ok

United States, Louisiana, baton rouge

Analog Souls "I Believe"

Analog Soul hail from California, they are a very emotive band with influences spanning several styles of music. "I Believe" contains some excellent guitar and synthesizer work supporting some excellent vocalization. The track is nicely constructed beginning and ending with an acoustic guitar motif and reaching a crescendo on the choruses. Quite Gothic in atmosphere and cinematic in feel I will be listening out for more from this band.

United States, New York, New York

Untapped Potential

I like the clarity of each component of the mix, but the overall mix needs work. The vocals are a little high. The back ground rhythm guitar needs a boost. The vocalist's tone has its moments of greatness. Sounds a little like Geoff Tate. The song has a lot of potential, but I just can't get over the mix. I did listen more than once, if that says anything.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

nice song

hi analog soul ,beautiful strings u got here,i play this a couple of times and i i like the guitar, tone and melodic voice, i will recomend this to my friends, keep doing good music, stay tune crystal veil

Portugal, setúbal

Solid as a rock

This piece of music is really haunting, and will probably linger in my head for a long time. The production is very well executed indeed, and the voice and the music goes hand in hand throuighout the whole track. The arpeggiated synth during the chorus saws it all together nicely, and 5 minutes and 17 seconds goes by in a svosj! Hats off, gentlemen.

Norway, Tønsberg

i believe

it touches your soul very inspirational got a good beat and its prose so make you wanna believe, i would so recommend a listen it stills you, haunting. you will enjoy the background beat its trendy and catchy, I enjoyed this song immensley

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

Alternative Rock with more silent parts

Analog Soul sounds very tight in what they do. The accoustic guitar gives a solid basic to the song. The rythm part is constructed with hihat patterns which lead to floating drums and a very dreamy refrain part. The voice is beautiful fitting and has a touch of an infinite desire. This is an alternative rock song with a high potential to be air played in several radio stations!

Germany, Stuttgart

Smooth but not quite climax

Talented singer! Bass and guitar have a good quality tone. Guitar Solo was great! acoustic guitar has a descent echo/reverb effect to keep the song mysterious. skilled work on the symbols and hi-hat. backup vocals were spot on too. the wammy bar was a nice touch as well. it adds to the ambiance. improvements: the kick drum needs to be more prominent. the drums definitely need to kick it up a notch to help bring this song to a full climax. also there is a electric piano or synthesizer that is playing 8th notes in certain area's. i love what is being played, but it sounds like a cheap sound. maybe consider different instrumentation to play that part. the notes being played are great, but the tone sounds off somehow. it makes it stand out ... but in a bad way. overall this song is nice and mellow. its very chill and pleasant. its up to the artist if they want to keep it mellow throughout the song, or to add a climax that gives it a "rise and fall" experience. that might just be my personal taste

United States, Kansas, Wichita

I Believe great song

Nice intro, great guitar tone and playing specially the solos, the vocals are perfect with the right amount of effects, some of the song reminds me of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and has a good vibe to it, the mix is spot on you can hear everything clearly, I think you have done an excellent job with this song, 5 stars from me, good luck.

United Kingdom, Limboland

Anolog Soul

Excellent production on "I believe." Beautiful song with all the instruments fitting together well. Great lead guitar breaks! At times the vocal is perfect, however a little higher ratio of compression would sit the vocal in the track better without reducing the volume. Overall an impressive song with lots of feel and texture. Enjoyed listening to I believe...Scott WFJ

United States, Colorado, Denver

I a review

At first I thought this song sounded quite like a demo track from early Depeche Mode, the voice is very similar but as it goes on it becomes more guitar based and a bit more rock than them. A simple but effective arrangement, recorded well and nicely written. I'm not sure about the guitar solo, it seems a bit simplistic but that's a small detail. The rest of the track works well. The back guitar is very nice and the keyboard riff fits in well. I would have liked to hear the drums a little louder and clearer in the mix too. Pretty good though.

Italy, Calcinaia


Interestingly melancholy overall easy to listen to very relaxing,makes me feel at peace,nice guitar work and the harmonies are nicely done sounds very American and seeking and end to searching.

United States, Florida, Tampa

An underground band and who knows a lot of music .

An underground band and who knows a lot of music pop mixed with pscodelismo with an optimal placement of vocals making the music gets even better guitar melodies estremo taste. Uma banda underground e que sabe muito de música mistura de pop com pscodelismo com uma otima colocação dos vocais fazendo com que a musica fique ainda melhor , melodias de guitarra de estremo bom gosto .

Brazil, Catanduva

I Believe

I was looking to earn a few BC and came across Analog Soul. Let me tell you that I was very impressed and I am sure you will be too by the quality of the song writing on I Believe. The melody is supported by fine musical background and a guitar solo that excels. I can not say enough positive about the quality of this cut. I sure hope the band has success because they sound ready for it!

United States, Rhode Island, Narragansett


Great guitar work guides the listener along as the Queensryche caliber singer sends pleasing waves of lyrics and melody. A mysterious but welcoming vibe creates an atmosphere of enlightenment throughout this tune. A must listen here on N1M !!!!

United States, Colorado, Denver

This is real Analog soul ! Great!

I was very fascinated by this artist name very much at first time. It is in the ordinary times, and anyone already has already used the digital things on these days without the question having it. The heart of people seems to have been digitized little by little also. While I was listening to his music, I was reminded of it by lost important things. He says " I believe" . An important thing and person? Anyway this sound is real analog sound. His voice is so natural and singing from heart. So I like this song .

Japan, Sapporo

Great voice

I like his voice, very deep and intense. I would work a little more on the synths and the mix in general, but overall a good track. I like the guitar solo, but I'd like to hear more of the background synths.

United States, California, Los Angeles

Take note of the flow.

I really enjoyed this one it has a nice flare and I love the minatory feel about it, The singer has a nice tone to his voice and this seems to fit well within the mix. My only downfall with this track is... The dynamics. I would have liked to hear dead stops by all the instruments and rolls by the drums where needed, instead it felt like the drums just dropped out in places and where a dead silence was needed the guitar's etc kept going from verse to chorus, There for, Loosing its flow and feeling some what lost and for me the out-throw felt out of time when it came back in. Other than that its a very nice song and I Most definitely would be into its style if those few changes were made.

Ireland, Dublin

Analog Soul -I Believe

Analog Soul's I Believe is somber sounding song. I love the production & the musicality of this song. Its like Alice in Chains meets Pink Floyd. I give this song 5 stars

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport


The music I hear with this song, By "Analog Soul", "I BELIEVE", Is 'VERY' well performed. It is music that will not appeal to everyone. Others may find it too deep and even depressing. All depending on the mood your in, and your musical back ground of listening through out your life. The song reminds me of the United States sounds from the 1970's that you would hear where there were 'Love in Peace movements around the camp fire'. That is to say, the song has a retro' 'Moody Blues', or 'The doors' sound to it. The bottom line is this: The song is very well performed, and if you are into the music style that it represents, then you will enjoy it. It is not my choice or style of music; but I do have enough 'MUSICAL SAVY' to know a good performance when I hear it. Listen up, it might be yours!

United States, Missouri, Buffalo

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