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jazzy, funky, groovy good

This track is a great mixture of house with patterns in style of music with electronic textures and persistent beat. The modular syntheziser effects and tunes in this arrangemend are full of unconventional sounds what brings a futuristic feel into the music. But the composition is more varied. Excellent played blues-organ on this recording and beautiful played funky guitar chords in the backround are an extra factor what brings really feeling into the music. Industriel and ambient sounds which I´ve never heard before, creating a great space. The digital tunes are brilliant and forcing the music constantly. Very cool mixing overall professional mastered. I´m sure that this music will be soon played in much clubs because these digital recording unleashes the imagination. It´s a quintessence of electro and house music. I´m sure, you will like to add it.

Germany, Hamburg

Basically Groovy


This compilation of three tracks is quite groovy all the way through. The percussion grooves that lay the basis for them are outstanding, and the artist has a real knack for them. The production around them is sound and captivates the listener. My one complaint is that I feel the synth sounds (other than the cool wah guitar) seem to feel rather dated. I would almost like to hear real horns with stronger synth effects (or samples, depending on what is being used) around the drums. I am always a fan of vocals too, but the tracks hold their own without them. I'd love to hear bigger studio production...

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Slice of top quality Acid Jazz

Love this style of music anyway so Amoitusol is great! This tune is very west and has a great undercoat of Jazz which makes it quite intelligent as well as nice on the ears. I want to try and find some negative among the positives but it is quite hard. About 90 seconds in the Hammond organ is super superb, it reminds me of a Stevie Wonder song that bit, love it. Cool guitar in the middle section mixed with some nice keys. I think this tune would be liked by mainstream audiences if it had some weird vocals, a bit like some kind of Air song, do you know what I mean? - It could easily be on Moon Safari in my opinion. Keep it going my French friend, the world needs you.

Developing a development


A good vibe to this tune ,a beat that draws you in with atmosphere with the horns and lush fell but a sparse keyboards .Amoitusol writes a good tune,His compersiitions are remanistant of of the jazz fusion band called Weather Report .Excellent fella keep on rollin.

United Kingdom, Liverpool uk

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