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Very Good


A party number, Good use of vocals, and very nice drum percussion backing the track. Nice mixing,and cheerful to listen to. It would certainly be appreciated a lot by youngsters , compels body to move to beats..

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Making Music


So what drew me to review this song was your name. Much honor and respect needs to be given to the art form of African drumming and that you remembered this MUST be acknowledged. Thank U! That being said, while the song does not move me as a commercial song, I love the message and I love the drums. I think you should unite with another musician to bring your vision more depth. I am reminded of Maurice White when I hear your song. His energy and surrounding himself with other talented musicians brought forth Earth, Wind and Fire. You can do the same. I hear the drums mixed into the middle of the mix. You might experiment with using several different drum types and spread them around the mix pan left, pan right, 11:00 and 1:00 as well. Bring some definition to the mix. These are only suggestions to make your song stronger BUT thank you for continuing the tradition. We need your vision!

United States, New York, Uniondale

Real rap


Dope bars with a bouncy flow. I can hear this song on a movie or a dance battle. I am a percussionist so I really like the drums on the instrumental. Bring the vocals out a little more so you can be heard!

United States, Oregon, Portland

Funky Drummer


Drum Pattern Is Real Funky, Gives Me A Classic Music Feel, And I Dig The Okd School Flow, Ties In Perfectly With The Beat, I Love The Percussion Instruments, Compared To Todays Music, I Plus It For Creativity

United States, New York, Far Rockaway



Cut is a decent one. From jump I was both intrigued and entertained simultaneously that is the mark of a great recording to captivate the audience within the first few chords it's hard and simple congrats on your release

United States, New York, NYC


I like it. Sound pretty good. like your style. You have a nice rap voice. Just continue to push and keep on putting out. You sound good compared to all this bullshit ass music that's out here now. Keep pushing. Luv boss I like it. Sound pretty good. like your style. You have a nice rap voice. Just continue to push and keep on putting out. You sound good compared to all this bullshit ass music that's out here now. Keep pushing. Luv boss

United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Thumbs up


I love that you weren't afraid to put your heritage to the test. Most would've left the drums out and made something that sounds like the popular music. I listen to the message of a song and I love the positivity and direction in your lyrics. I'm all for uplifting and I think music need more of that these days. That's was a good combo, keep it up and I give you thumbs up.

United States, Florida, Miami

That's dope !


Your style is your greatest asset. The track is appealing and assertive. It features a good collection of vocals layered with some cool backing vocals, showcasing all your skills one by one over a funky old school groove boogie of a beat. With nice delivery on the hook, in which not flaunting a gold chain is akin to the effortless cool of a musician being one with self. Were you not so cool about it, it might be obvious that you are attempting to up-end the R&B world. A bit of reverb, delay, and EQ to the vocal tracks would enhance your awesome vocal skills. You are doing all the right things and creating some great songs with good lyrical content. Keep that up and somebody’s going to notice.

United States, Texas, San Antonio

good vibe


Good vibe and rhythmic drumming show sophistication and originality, authenticity . i like the style he plays fantastic ,I know this kind of drummer pure African from the root and source of African bit from the hart of Africa.The music only make sens when it comes from life experiences events and social expressions be it oppression, happiness sadness , revolt love separation and desperation ... while drumming adds to the rhythm the notes and directions a drummer can only be a good one when he go with the flow and create his own vibrations and tunes that gives to the other musicians the space and a vast options to perform there music with a high tension and precision.

United States, California, Santa clara

For the people.

I like that hook.its real catchy.where you gettin your beats from? You do know i make and sell bangers right? Holla at me if you need beats.if you wanna buy a beat hit my messages..... I like the sound tho.......

United States, Kentucky, LEXINGTON

Nice "Music~Vision"


You got the formula down. All the different drum sounds are hot together. The lyrics are on point! You also have a good mix on the entire song. Everything is clear and you don't have to struggle trying to listen to what you are saying. I think the hook could be stronger because there is still something missing to make this that HIT song. I think this is a good song just missing that one element to make it a great song. Respect the power of MUSIC & "KeepTheVision" ~MVP~

United States, Louisiana, Shreveport

Making Music Review

This track is nice. It has a nice smooth funky new and old school sound and feel to it. The vocals are nice as well with a catchy hook. The track has potentials for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from this Artist.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


What good G most def feeling that banger g very amazing g keep up the great work I don't no if u have a video to this 1 but if not u should drop 1 asap g jus saying this mf banging once more keep up the great work pimping n I look forward to calab with u soon g salute

United States, Texas, HOUSTON

Simple and catchy


Making music for the people! That's quite a unique approach I mean if they don't enjoy it or are able to move or use it what is it for. The African drums are definitely a plus in my opinion. Keep it going and spread your message. Peace

United States, Connecticut, New Haven

keep it up

Just remember this if you get lost along the way: Anything worth having doesn't come easy. So don't turn back around. Don't give up. As you work to achieve your most ambitious goals, push yourself to keep moving forward

United States, Wisconsin, Beloit


Great song I love your sound is so good and hope you do more music because you have a real talent, never stop chasing your dreams and I know chasing your own dream's is not easy but I have a feeling if you believe on your self you gonna reach your dreams so keep working and keep up the good work , great things are on the way. I real love this song please don't stop doing music no matter what is going on. Hope

South Africa, East London

Fresh to my ears

I like the vibe and the message something fresh to my ears. The drumming is sick that’s what I like most I can see that played on a movie background track. Keep bringing that real to are people’s ears. One Love

United States, Missouri, Kansas City

Keep making music

All around the world people need good music sounds of life keep us living in these times of extreme measures we must stay strong and proud if our culture never letting culture vultures destroy the last if a dying breed..blessings

United States, California, San Francisco

Nice !!!!

You sound ???? Great!!! I hope you stay motivated and focused on acheiving greatness. It is bot easy being an indie artist, it takes a very strong confident person to be successful in the music biz!!! Goodluck!!

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas


U have your own sound I dig the drums on it gives me the late 80s reggae vibe need more artists that r n the own line like u r keep it up I'll keep any eye out for your latest tracks keep me posted

United States, North Carolina, asheville

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