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Song has very cool modern ambient dancehall beat but the vocals are off tune in spots. I like the lyrics. Tuning really sounds cool when the vocal is in tune but in this the engineer is doing his best to fix the tuning, but it needs work. The track has originality for sure, and I like it, and if the vocals were correctly sung and tuned it would have a Sade reggae vibe, which is a great angle and approach that I suggest.

United States, California, San Francisco


Keep on going sounding good you need a music video for this song do you have a studio or a bands to play live music and keep on promoting your music hard work paysin the in singers and players of untrue mental my springs are in thee

United States, New York, New York

reggae music in our world

This is a nice beat and lyrics also. It has a vast use of effects in it most people listen to this song and feel the vibes . cooling down the paste is the way of this song which was always good from time to time

Trinidad and Tobago, San Fernando


Il n,y pas le bonne équilibré dans l,instrumentation et la voix le rthyme peut être dix fois mieux par exemple,un bon groove dance et plus rapide. J ai resenti un peut de lassitude dans ce morceau mais on peut toujours changer. La voix est présenté comme un voile langoureu alors ça suscite des belles choses à venir dans ce style de chansons des belles au début je pensait trouver des belle couleurs vu le titre de la chansons

hello my lady i like your song very dantty

listening to your song from morning and still want to hear more of your beutiful song i am amezed to listening you again and again so nice my friend i love it party harn good bsong to the flipping world

Fellow Artist

Good work there, keep it up, you will get on the global map someday. hopefully someday we will meet and do something with an African feeling. Vaccation, every where u go someone is messing with your brain....

South Africa, Durban



United States, Minnesota, MINNEAPOLIS

Could be a top ten smash with a few adjustment

I think this is a ok song not a top ten smash but it could be put in a general radio rotation too with a little less cleshay's i probly would have a different opinion other wise. The song is deliver very well by the arust who is singing but i think the lyrics could have been more potent .

Jamaica, kingston


Blessings empress Mona great lyrics and song structure. need a little more work on the vocals mix but the overall mix i in place the riddim is wicked too i love it real original production. so if you back from this vacation feel free to holla i can't help out on the mix . oneness


I like the feel of the beat and along with the control of the voice. This is one of those songs that you will enjoy when you wan to mellow out have glass of wine the special one you adore. Well put together song I will add this to my playlist I recommend you do the same.

United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Peter Barr's review of "Vacation"

I enjoyed listening to this song it has a great feeling. In some places i think the auto tune is a little off and messes with the beautiful vibe that persists the rest of the time. Definitely could be played at clubs and on the radio, and would be a nice escape from the usual popular club/radio songs..In my opinion one more mixing session could be very helpful in securing the success of this song on the charts..

United States, New York, Brooklyn


To be honest I think the volume of the vocals needs to be adjusted. The beginning of the song is very slow but in the middle of the song the vocal tempo picks up and I think it works with the riddim. All in all after the beginning I like this song

United States, New York, New York

Nice development

Nice and attractive. You've done pretty well on your song . Keep it up and be more creative . You have all that it takes to do more! I love your chorus. I believe everyone else will love them too. Keep on blessing hearts!

Germany, Hamburg

Unique Sound.

This song has a very unique sound A'mari. I like this kind of sound because it is unique. It has a bit of 'Cher's believe sound in the vocals. Sounds quite dramatic in parts but it works with the vocals. Harmonies are great too. Keep up the good work.

United Kingdom, Greater Manchester

Great Concept

You have great lyrics ...nice concept. I think your pitch wasnt as controlled as intended. I can see the vision in this song. It can be a real big deal if you focus more on managing your pitch. Humbly your supporter Red Angel.

United States, New York, Brooklyn

go sit down 1 side

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United States, Connecticut, Hartford


I think it's dope. It has a lot of potential and a very nice vibe/sound to the production. The song and track have presence and the lyrics and subject matter are ideal in bringing the track and the song together cohesively but I think it needs to be recorded better as far as the mixing and recording of the vocals and the mixing, and mastering of the track and recording as a whole and possibly add some adlibs. It's quite different from other music I've heard. It has standout quality and a diverse feel with the lyrics and unique production imo. I can hear this song on an album,the radio, or see a video being shot. Drought Hustla

United States, Louisiana

Jah Rastafari , peace

Good day Mr !! Thank you for your friendly connection , my name is Jackson REED a Singer/Songwriter and Producer from South Africa. Can you please listen to my music on my Reverbnation page? Thank you in advance Jah guide, peace REED Jackson

South Africa, Cape Town


Wow,real smooth and touching vibes,if one is broken and hurt this is a good song to get u focus an calm,on the melody is off the chain real bad I love every line in it,so for a perfect song mad,

Jamaica, Kingston

Up and Coming

There is potential in this track, but first the vocals need to be addressed. Very nice timbre and texture to the vocals, but it's a bit pitchy at times. Pay more attention to the vocals and it will work. The music needs more definition and arrangements. All in all, not a bad concept.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

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