WHEN IT'S OVER (C.) 2020 R Fogelstrom


Song Reviews

Great song!!

This may be a demo, but it sounds more than that, and has the makings of a great production once its "fleshed out" I find the melody and message great, I also like your voice; it's unique and that is great. I find so much music is all the same vocally. I understand the business, (find me a singer who sounds just like _______(fill in the blank) who has a hit record right now, but different voices to me, really stand out in delivering a song and a message. (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, etc.)

United States, California, Los Angeles


Ok..first of all the vocals (which probably is ok( are distorted and that sound bad.. The tune in the verse are quite ok and the chorus is fine.. But the track is not very well produced. Try again ..

Denmark, Brande

Bop review

Amala-when it’s over this is a classic rock type of song with the sound of early David Bowie and the song proud Mary by Tina turner. This track has a unique style of hook complimenting the song into the structured position. The song is full of music and solos throughout the music genre and the music genre is catchy. The entire track is played very well through the verses,intros,choruses,hooks and so forth. Very nice track well done

United States, Pennsylvania, Nazareth

Breaking up is hard y'all!

I love the lyrics to this song, because it displays the hurt and emotions when it comes to breaking up with someone you loved. When It's Over has a good county vibe to the production and arrangement. Great work!

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

Cool groove song from Illianois

Nice warm voice. Good idea to have little break it went to the chorus. Back vocals are good too. Drummer is very good too. Recording quality is the weakest link. Vocals could be recorded better.

Finland, Kuusamo

Good song

What we hear here, is totally convincing you know. It only proves it these days folks dig for real things in music, and there's no other way to go about it, seeing it's getting obvious each day that there's nothing else to deal with. Not that there isn't anything to go for or something, but let's get honest: what's better than 60s and 70s? Nothing, and you don't need me to tell you that. This is absolutely obvious.

Germany, Hamburg

When It's Over review

This is an interesting idea you are working on. The structure of your song is laid out in a pretty traditional format, so there is nothing there that needs changing. The biggest things I can talk about with you on this is the overall production needs quite a bit of work. I am assuming that you are doing these songs in a home studio? The one thing that I can try and emphasize is a song is judged immediately the very first time it is heard by anyone. So your main focus should be to make it the very best recording you can before you start showing it. Not knowing your finances, I would suggest going to a professional demo studio and having them take your version and letting their studio musicians do the song. You will get an incredible song that is radio-ready in quality and you can pick one of their singers to make it 'pop out' at you and everyone else that hears it. I can't emphasize how happy you will be if you do this. It's a game changer... Chicago has many studios that could do it but I always use studios in Nashville or Los Angeles. Your average cost to do a great song is around $750 to $850, depending on the studio. Sometimes that may not include the singer, which is usually around $100 to $200. Let me know if you give that a shot. It's money well spent. Good luck!

United States, California, San Diego

Nice song

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South Africa, eshowe

it ain't over yet

As you asked in another of your songs , I'm not going to comment on the production.... This is another song of your with a lot of potential. A pleasant surprise is you're not that bad of a singer yourself,LOL. Ok critiquing the song, You a very interesting chord progression happening, and a very nice build up to the song finally. My biggest suggestion is about the 2:30 point you imply a bridge...I would redo the chord progression into a strong solid bridge based on your melody . You do pick up the feel, and the dynamic , and carry that out to the outro , but and actual bridge section would put it over the top , and when you come out of the bridge ( and old motown trick ) modulate the key up a half step .... So what you will achieve is the bridge is your build up and the key change takes you higher to go out , with a very emotion emoting singer ( male or female ) by the end you will create a total frenzy and the listener will definitely you mean its over ... Again this is a demo , fully produced this could go over really well.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Melancholic Pop-Song

This song characterizes conventional keyboard sounds in style of contemporary pop music. The drum-machine is used to create a straight beat. The lyrics feel like a story and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. The ambitioned chorus brings the listener on the next level. Amala has a unique dynamic voice and brings a good mood into the song. The accompany e-guitar making the song complete. This recording is not overly complex but can touching hearts. Overall creative work from a talented songwriter and some will likely add. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

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