HEROES END - Demo - (c.) Copyright 2020 R. Fogelstrom

HEROES END - Demo - (c.) Copyright 2020 R. Fogelstrom


Song Reviews

The piano!


This should be part of a TV show featuring superheros.. I can literally see the scene in my head... of a Hero, lost of their power, returning home, rain pouring on them. I love the piano. You have a spectacular voice. Well done! Makes me really sit back and think. Keep up the phenomenal work!

Canada, Ontario

nice demo


this seems to be a very sad song, the chord progression is very simplistic, ( purposefully i might add ) , and dirge like..... the feel of the music really pushes the sad mood of this tune.. Your melody is strong , and fits very well with the piano chords. The most important thing about a demo , and this is the perfect format , is simpicity. If you can get across the feel , and intent of a song with just voice and piano , or just guitar .... then you really know you've got a song .... i mean a real song.... and this demo definitely does that...i would love to hear this produced...wow

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Impressive Song

Smooth melodramatical song, but it´s worth listening. It shows that an accompanying piano is enough for a good song. The intro feels like a story. Amala has a really unique vocal projection what brings much feeling into the song. The music isn´t overly complex, but the chorus is impressive and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. The lyrics come from the heart and touching the soul. Ambitious track from talented musician and overall well done for a self-produced recording. I´m sure you will likewise add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

Good songwriting

It's totally good end product of some highly qualified creative work, and it becomes absolutely obvious that this person, Amala, has definitively got a persona, and he has his style. I personally like the harmony of the song, and guitar part is exceptionally good altogether. As is the vocal part. We all are eager to have more of such cool songs for our listening pleasure.

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Good song

This song,Amala, shows how a good song is to be done these days, i.e. to the point, lavishly and absolutely nicely arranged without excess or anything. A real and full-blooded rock guitar here is positive as well. And yes, this all comes down to the 60s or 70s. You may clearly discern some ballad touch to it as and it's great, why not? The Fab continue to control the world of music to this very day.

Poland, Warsaw

Nice song to perceive

Nice bluesy attitude here, all is in place and you can see it right away - this artist is doing well being self-sufficient and all that. We only are observing him in his cosmic songwriting endeavor. Instrumental parts are not necessarily up to date regarding musical craft and studio work as such from the point of view of modern days technology, but.... You only sit back to listen to the immaculate piece of sophisticated song performance. This where you think: can it get any better than? I don't think so...

Germany, Hamburg

Nice attitude and music at its best

It's becoming more and more psychedelic, you know. It only proves it these days folks dig for real things in music, and there's no other way to go about it, seeing it's getting obvious each day that there's nothing else to deal with. Not that there isn't anything to go for or something, but let's get honest: what's better than 60s and 70s? Nothing, i.e. nada people, and you don't need me to tell you that.

United States, Wisconsin, Green Bay

Amala review

This is an interesting song that you've done here. It is in the bare basics that you've presented here and the overall quality of the recording needs quite a bit of remixing. You can get a better sound on your vocals by dropping your high end (treble) off a bit to eliminate the real high squeaky ring on your voice. You may look into getting a compressor or compression software that would help you get what you want in your voice. The piano is nice and could use a remix as well, just to get the time right all the way through the song. As a rough demo to show what you are thinking on the song, it achieves that totally and is a good way to simply show someone what you are trying to write. Keep working on this and you may find a good song in there! Good luck moving forward with your writing.

United States, California, San Diego

Nice attitude


This kind of demo makes you think once again, that all you need in this world of music is just good lyrics, good harmony and some cute melody to glue it all together. This is exactly what's happening, you only wonder where the inspiration for something like that comes from. Being able to produce some clever lyrics and put thing to rights melodically to me is the best human quality altogether.

United Kingdom, London

great song!

Hi.very nice song,i like groove the lyrics and the emotonial singingi think the tempo is great to..its a kind of hypnotic and good messeage to .i like the soft piano to. it gets feeling to the song well done. keep this up.good work/ Roger/Borgsongs :)

Sweden, Stockholm


Anima. In questa canzone io ci trovo l'anima e anche solo col piano si sente continua a fare queste canzoni che ti fanno sentire meglio e falle ascoltare agi amici e parenti ma anche qui nel nostro sito qualcuno ti capirà

Italy, dalmine bg


Fajny numer bardzo przypomina mi David Bowie, delikatny nie rozciągnięty i przemyślany z fajnym tekstem myślę ze będę obserwował twoje poczynania, i miejmy nadzieje że takie kawałki usłyszy wiecej uszu na świecie

Poland, Koszalin

Heroes end


Hi Amala, Thanks for submitting this song. I can hear the tenderness in the vocal performance. It really needs to be more in front of tue piano. You could add a reverb at about 6% just to make it stand out a little. The vocal has a good amount of grit to it, and for me that gives it color and brings the rest of the piece to life. The piano could have been a little mire active in the more energetic parts for emphasis, but I think that's up to the producer. Overall well done

United States, Florida, Jacksonville

Shy Town

good morning shy town I grew up in Chicago on the Southside just got to listen to your song very unique song Thank you for sharing it with sorry I took so long thank you for being creative and unique out of all the other artists. Keep on sharing your music never stopped creating a writing grade music. Once again thank you for sharing keep me posted keep on sending me music for me to listen to have a wonderful day and enjoy your Sunday and enjoy your upcoming week God bless..

United States, California, Every Where


All I will say that much.. is never a good idea to send out a demo in progress..I know what You are trying to do but in order to make something happen The Recording Must be Radio Ready Quality.. if I be You.. I will invest some mony to record that song..but all Must be better.. Arrangement .. Vocal and Recording Quality.. I do like the Lyric but I will work more on Melody line.. and when all is done send It out.. as It is now .. You do nothavemuch chace to be pick up...Good Luck..

United States, California, Los Angeles


One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song vocally the microphone effects lend this to sound more distant - perhaps that's intentional. The piano haunts the melody in remembrance of a time long forgotton. Passionate.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Cool stuff


I'm digging the sound of what you've got here The mix could possibly do with some tweaking. But as a mastering engineer it's something I can nitpick over all day. The track itself is really good. I'd love to listen to more of your stuff. One of the sections of the song that really impresses me is the catchy verse. It really grooves. There's also some great rhythmic components you've made that I'm finding really captures my attention. I'm excited to hear where you go when you come to working on more tracks. Thank you for sending me the request for the review good luck.

United Kingdom, London

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