DROWN MY SORROWS TONIGHT (c.) Copyright 2022 R. Fogelstrom

DROWN MY SORROWS TONIGHT (c.) Copyright 2022 R. Fogelstrom


Song Reviews

Very Smooth R&B Feel

I like the blues feel that this song gives. I love the feeling in the lyrics. Your words work well with the music in a perfect marriage of melody and lyric arrangement. I get a B.B. King influence when I hear the instrumental that is infused with the feel of late 50s love songs, like "Donna" by Ritchie Valens. That's what I sense when I listen to this song. You did an awesome job and I cannot wait to hear more. Keep it up!!!

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte

AMALA Drown my sorrows

AMALA Drown my sorrows. Here is a classic old time Chicago blues song that works perfect for the voice and look of AMALA. It sounds like someone who has been doing this awhile. But it also sounds like this is being performed on an affordable 90s keyboard which is something I can certainly relate to as I now have to go back and rerecord all my keyboards and drums from Fictitious Optimism. This song should really be performed on a Hammond right now Hammond is getting very popular again with the sk1. However this kind of cash is no longer necessary. As great sounds can be found from UVI Retro synths. Probably IK multimedia Hammond maybe somewhere in native instruments and more. How this is done is using the midi out of any keyboard including ones they almost giveaway and then triggering the notes {samples} of a very well recorded expensive keyboard or organ. But samples have changed massively since the 80s. With being able to adjust attack and delay time. The drum track can also be sent from a keyboard to trigger real drum sounds. So Imagine having the current keyboard playing real drums and possibly a less that 100 dollar midi controller being used to trigger the Hammond sounds. hmm all of a sudden the vision of our sound can be realised after all. I did use retro organs on the newer version of mountains see spotify or youtube. All that being said perhaps the goal of AMALA is to write hits for other artist as each song I'm sent is of commercial length.

United Kingdom, London

Drow my sorrows

wow nice song this AWESOME .the sounds the song has a really good lines I can share this song all the time great vibe if you are in a club this song is for you .......................................the the song was put together in a very unique way .............................just love the way instruments were spot on the were played perfectly........................can't say enough about this song ............................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thank you............................ This is steve from voodoo danceron and thank

United States, New York, Middle village

Expressive Pop-Song

Another nice release from Amala. The intro with hamond sound and short lead guitar solo gives this song a blues character, but the whol recording is more various. Harmonical accompanying piano and soft e-guitar in the backing is quite allright. The easy beat of the drums and bass-line making the song complete. Emotional vocals and lyrics with deep feelings about love making this song engaging for me. Ambitious arrangemend and unique quintessence of blues and contemporary music. It sounds like a pop dirge overall good mixed and mastered. Listen to the song and you will likewise add him. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

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